What would you like to see at a BeerAdvocate Virtual Fest?

Discussion in 'BeerAdvocate Talk' started by Todd, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. MadtownMaltman

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    I haven't attended a virtual fest, but have attended what seems like an endless number of Zoom meetings. During virtual meetings it is very easy for my mind to wander and check out/ multi-task. Now there is beer involved here so that's a plus (hey, maybe this is what's been missing from my work meetings?!) so you can always reflect on another sip... but I would try to incorporate polls or quizzes of some sort --something to keep the sessions interactive. Chat boxes can be tough to keep up with while trying to actively listen to a speaker. Good luck with everything on this @Todd and I look forward to what you come up with! Do you have a ballpark target date in mind?
  2. Giantspace

    Giantspace Champion (803) Dec 22, 2011 Pennsylvania

    I like the idea of the brewery taking us through a tasting of their beers and explaining the process and ingredients as well.

    I stopped going to fests a long time ago As they are too crowded, getting a 2oz pour is not Something I’m really interested in, I hate standing in lines with a bunch of people only interested in drinking as much as they can to “get their monies worth” , most times the person pouring has no idea about the beer and is only interested in moving the line along.

    Getting a box of beer from a single brewery and then drinking them along with the brewery would be my choice, I would want to be able to re watch at a later date so I can enjoy all the beer at my pace.

    I don’t know how the shipping law works in PA anymore. Some places will ship others won’t. No understanding about why wine is fully legal to have shipped but beer is only sometimes.

  3. p025757

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    That's actually a tremendous idea - and could even be used as a separate business model. Line up breweries to provide <whatever quantity> of their various beer flavors to be shipped out. And have them record a webex/zoom meeting for the detailed tasting/brewery-history experience. Instead of "beer of the month club" it would be "Brewery of the Month Club" - like a virtual Brew Bus tour - without having to travel across the country and to be enjoyed at your own pace. So when you purchase the box, you receive the secured link to view the recorded session.
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  4. bwarner2015

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    Same with CT. As I understand it, CT law prohibits shipments of out of state beer into CT. CT does allow wine to be shipped though. I'll have to look further into that.
  5. ovaltine

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    I'll get straight to the point: sign me the flock up!!!
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  6. StoutElk_92

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    The company might have a special license to distribute to more areas. Wonder if it is a loosening because of the pandemic like how some breweries can deliver to residences now? Maybe if we just pretend it is direct wine shipments everything will be fine.
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  7. bwarner2015

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    Maybe have brewers talk about some food pairings with a local chef for each particular beer? A local establishment here in CT used to have Food and Beer pairing nights, where a local brewer would come in to the restaurant with 4 or 5 offerings, and the chef at the establishment would pair each beer with a separate dish. Between each course the chef and brewer would discuss the next pairing and what their inspiration was for how it worked.
  8. JayWhitson

    JayWhitson Crusader (779) Feb 25, 2015 Montana

    Couldn’t have the Untappd box sent to Montana. Yet I can order from multiple online beer shops in CO, CA and WA that I know of. So I suppose this counts me out.
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  9. Bitterbill

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    Colorado shops? Tell me more.
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  10. Lisa_B

    Lisa_B Initiate (68) Mar 31, 2014 California

    1) Just do it. You are beer fest organizing royalty - it will be awesome.

    2) I did think that the Untappd fest was quite well done. Virtual is definitely Greg's space, and the flow of the day, the brewer talk + Q&A, the chit chat, the highlighting of the Black is Beautiful stout campain, the interruptions to show participant pics... all of that was really good. On that note, I like the idea of interaction - so maybe using PollEverywhere or some other app in which people can make a quick reply, answer beer or brewery trivia or register an opinion to be shown live on screen. This way every participant who registers their reply can see it.

    3) EBF is hands down my FAVORITE IRL beer fest I've ever attended. If you do more than one session, I would love an EBF session with maybe 10 really crazy, edgy beers but each attendee chooses 6.

    - beyond those comments, I think Snaotheus' synopsis of the good and the not as good of the Untappd fest were spot on.

    I look forward to drinking great beer virtually together with this community!!
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  11. JayWhitson

    JayWhitson Crusader (779) Feb 25, 2015 Montana


    They have it as a membership, but you can make an account then cancel and just order from their list.
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  12. duceswild

    duceswild Meyvn (1,135) Feb 8, 2010 England

    For me the fests I’ve attended in the past have been about being able to sample a large number of different beers and having a lot of options for what I could choose to try as well as socializing with other attendees.

    With the move to a virtual format the ability to sample a large number decreases any way I see it unless I’d be getting a box of 50+ 4oz tasters...which while I’d be down for that it is not likely a feasible option.

    Having some ability to select the beers I’d want to receive for the virtual fest would be some incentive for me to want to do one, but honestly not sure it would be enough. Certainly more limited beers would sway this decision.

    What else then is the virtual fest offering me versus buying a mix of beers online or at a local store...content. That content needs to be stellar in my opinion to justify paying any premium over buying the beers or similar beers individually. Hearing a brewer explain their process, business story, sales strategy, growth struggles, or beer may be okay content, but how different/new is what they’d be saying for the virtual fest than what is already available elsewhere (YouTube, articles, etc.). What about considering content outside beer (I.e. comedy, music, virtual games with prizes in between segments). The other point to me for any successful virtual fest would be user engagement just watching and drinking sounds depressing. Again why would I choose to pay for and watch this content over other alternatives available.

    As for the box don’t get me started on the including of a gift card/credit in the box. Sure it makes it seem like you are getting more as it increases the perceived box value, but the majority of times I view these as junk and a ploy to get attendees to purchase something they would not have. If something truly has a $10 value I don’t need a voucher to tell me that I can only spend it or use it for X.

    Lastly, while I did not participate I did like the fact that for the untappd fest they offered an ability to just get the content. Seems dumb not to do that given you are already producing it. Frankly they should be allowing people to buy it after the fact if they want access to maximize the value from it.
  13. fadokv

    fadokv Initiate (20) Dec 31, 2018 Texas

    I would love to have a virtual event that showcased beers we could purchase ahead of time and join in! Also, maybe the brewmasters can take a video of their facilities and show that as they talk about the beers they submitted. Guided tastings are just so impactful for me.
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  14. teromous

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    I think that a Virtual Fest can offer many opportunities that could make it even better than an in-person festival. Not only does it allow for more content, because it is digital, but it can be more approachable for people who wouldn't normally attend a festival due to the cost of travel or other scheduling conflicts.

    Here are some ideas:
    • Grain-to-Glass Videos: Brewers walk through brewing one of their beers, then sit down and show the finished beer and give tasting notes, keeping it conversational.
    • Brewery History: Videos or text with photos. The history of how a brewery came to be, maybe a story about a crazy event that happened, or a story about a popular beer they make.
    • Virtual Brewery Tour: 360 panoramas of a brewery from various angles inside.
    • Homebrew Recipes: This might not be for everyone, but 5 gallon clone recipes direct from a brewery are very popular.
    • Pairing Recipes: Recipes with photos, or even videos, on cooking food to pair with certain beers or styles. It might even be possible for BA to join with one of those companies that mail complete recipes to your house (BlueApron, HelloFresh, etc).
    • Swag Bag: A small package full of coasters, stickers, koozies, etc from various breweries that participate in the event. It's always fun to take home swag; this time it's just mailed to you.
    • Beer Shipper: This is a big one for people who can't get access to certain breweries. What would be even cooler is if the could ship off crowlers of small-batch stuff that participating breweries make. One of the things I like about some beer festivals is trying a beer that isn't in wider production.
    I hope the BA team can make a virtual event work. I will be following it closely and cheering you on!
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  15. Zambezilover

    Zambezilover Initiate (0) Feb 10, 2020

    Hi Tod. Definitely. I'd love see one. It would be great to share our different local offerings. I'm game!