What would you pair with a Tatuaje or a Don Pepin?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by davidsumner, Mar 13, 2012.

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  1. davidsumner

    davidsumner Initiate (0) Mar 12, 2012 Virginia

    These have been my consistent goto smokes. I usually prefer either coffee or a good rum or bourbon with my cigars. I'm not a big fan of having a beer with one. But I would like to try to find a beer that pairs good.

    I've been branching out with my beer drinking and I've discovered a whole new world of beers out on the market that weren't around 10 - 15 years ago. So I thought maybe there might be some styles that were more suited for cigars.

    So far; I've gravitated to oatmeal stouts. I like them better then imperial stouts. I've tried Troegs Java Head Stout and Samuel Smiths Oatmeal. They're both pretty good.
  2. gator79

    gator79 Initiate (0) Nov 1, 2008 Florida

    I usually smoke 1-2 cigars a week. I pair with either scotch, or usually a stout. Left Hand Milk Stout, Terra Pin Moo Hoo or WnB Stout, Southern Tier Mokah, Cigar City Maduro, any of the variety of Yeti's, The list could go on and on.
  3. jthahn

    jthahn Initiate (0) Jun 1, 2009 Indiana

    i agree with stouts and porters work well also. any beer with a light body just doesn't work well in my opinion. i have to say though that i find many other drinks to pair better with cigars. spirits (especially bourbon), wine, coffee and I even really enjoy a coke when i can't drink.
    my one rule with beer is to not open anything too good though as the cigar tends to dull my palate.
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