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What's wetting the whistle P.2

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand' started by danieelol, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. danieelol

    danieelol Jun 15, 2010 Australia

    not strictly related but I am enjoying a "Young Henry's beer beef brisket pie" from Black Star Pastry in Newtown. Delicious.
  2. danieelol

    danieelol Jun 15, 2010 Australia

    Now I'm drinking Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted. Hard to beat this one for bang for buck.
  3. sinkas

    sinkas Jul 9, 2008 Australia
    Beer Trader

    had Gage Roads "london Best" long neck the other day,
    actaully quite good, first time I have ever considered buying a second bottle of a GR product,
    tasted likk they actually used a english malt and yeast this time
  4. scmorgan

    scmorgan Apr 5, 2005 Australia

    Rocks La ... La ... Lager .... and in a bottle ... (was a bitch getting the New labels off) ..
  5. Lukie

    Lukie Jun 16, 2007 Australia

    My casks of lambic, and my 2008 vintage 3F just rocked up. WOO

    Tried Gunnamatta at the shop. The tea leaves made it taste like soap.
  6. brendanos

    brendanos Oct 29, 2005 Australia

    Thought about grabbing a mixed pack of those GR long necks - might go back for it now. Kinda looking forward to the new Sail & Anchor "craft" range and extremely curious about the Pumpkin Ale (if only in a sadistic kinda way).

    Shameless, I know, but I really enjoyed the Bridge Road Bar Series "Revolution" Australian Pilsner tonight. If anyone gets to try it please post your thoughts! It's currently on tap at The Scratch, Beer DeLuxe, BBC Eureka aka Terrace Bar & Josie Bones. Should be on at all of the participating venues now or very soon...
  7. sinkas

    sinkas Jul 9, 2008 Australia
    Beer Trader

    new Sail & Anchor "craft" range

    when is this due?
  8. brendanos

    brendanos Oct 29, 2005 Australia

    Pretty soon I would think Case, they just packaged a heap of Pale, Amber, Kolsch & Golden. Probably exclusive to Dan's but maybe also BWS?
  9. heygeebee

    heygeebee Aug 6, 2010 Australia

    Baird Saison Sayuri.

    Jeez, don't you just jump for joy when you have an 'off' bottle at the $20 price point....:mad:
  10. danieelol

    danieelol Jun 15, 2010 Australia

    ok so on wednesday I had epic pale (great pale), mexas ranger (great porter) and 3F oude gueuze (grrrrrrrrreat gueuze)

    last night I tried the BrewDog IPA is Dead range (delicious!) and the To Ol IPA and DIPA, which are great too.
  11. Lukie

    Lukie Jun 16, 2007 Australia

    How good is the 3F stuff. So clean compared to the really complex Cantillon. My favourite regular gueuze.
  12. danieelol

    danieelol Jun 15, 2010 Australia

    I reckon that Gueuze blows Cantillon's out of the water. It's much sourer and as you say, cleaner.
  13. MordeciaFunk

    MordeciaFunk Feb 14, 2012 Australia

    Sadly nothing is wetting my whistle. A second open-close shift in a row means no beer time at the moment. However, when I get home I will be trying some MOA Methode, Pale Ale and Blanc. The labeling looks like they're aiming for the hipster market, so I guess we will see. Oh, and a 4yr old bottle (judging by dates on the bottle) of Lit. Creat. Bright Ale I found cleaning out one of our storerooms at work. It will be interesting to see how the old girl holds up.

    Advice request: I'm having some drinks with people who are new to craft beer next week and I need to give them something that will wow them, isn't the usual W.A suspects and will not blow their heads off. Mikk. US Alive is as wacky as they've been able to enjoy so far. Style doesn't matter. I've become jaded and de-sensitized and have come to believe that Old Rasputin is a session beer, so I don't trust my picks anymore. Any suggestions?
  14. MordeciaFunk

    MordeciaFunk Feb 14, 2012 Australia

    Craft launch will be around late Oct, early Nov. Prob W/end Nov 7th. You might see it in stores before then, but that's the official date.

    Pumpkin Ale is pretty good. It drinks like a lager. It's pretty subdued. You can smell the pumpkin and taste a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. You could drink it all day and not feel too pumpkin-ed out.

    On tap, or bottle? It was pretty good when we had it on tap. No soap, just big tea smell and typical IPA flavours. Bitterness was a bit long at the back end though.
  15. revdrjbob

    revdrjbob Apr 20, 2004 Australia

    Cheers for the feedback on the Sparkling. As seen here and elsewhere, she's not a goer. We sadly tried to tap into the non-craft market with it as a "step-off" beer, but it just didn't stand up to our standards in the end. For those interested, it's not being brewed anymore, and we have a new ale replacing it which will be back on form - if not a bit off kilter.
    With the CoD: the version on tap at Taphouse is left overs still from the original batch we brewed for the GABS, and has some serious age on it now. The bottled version is obviously fresher, and is NOT barrel aged. We didn't and don't have barrels for it ATM.

  16. sinkas

    sinkas Jul 9, 2008 Australia
    Beer Trader

    is the GR pumpkin ale available in bottled form?
  17. MrKennedy

    MrKennedy Dec 29, 2006 Australia
    Beer Trader

    Yep, about 4.5% and sold in large format bottles (640ml or 750ml or something, will check and confirm exactly)...saw one bottle at my local Woolworths Liquor store late last week.
  18. danieelol

    danieelol Jun 15, 2010 Australia

    Actually one thing I wanted to ask about...When I opened my 3F Oude Gueuze the other day, I finally undid the last twist on the muselet (cage over the cork); and the cork and cage literally shot right out at that point and hit the ceiling, before I'd even taken the cage off (lucky I wasn't pointing it at my face lol). Should I be worried about these bottles exploding if there was that much pressure? I'm guessing not but I'm slightly concerned.
  19. MrKennedy

    MrKennedy Dec 29, 2006 Australia
    Beer Trader

    They're pretty thick glass, but I know bottles exploding is the reason Cantillon don't bottle their Faro.
  20. Lukie

    Lukie Jun 16, 2007 Australia

    They use champagne bottles (all lambic is in champagne glass except some of the smaller guys like De Troch), that hold high carbonation. 3F carbonates a lot of their stuff quite high, and they are all exploding like that, so please be weary of it.

    They are tasting amazing though.
  21. goodbyesoberday

    goodbyesoberday May 12, 2005 Australia

    That would be ... interesting. Please do let me know how you fare.

    I wouldn't mind knowing the best before on it too. From that I can chase up the batch number, and tell you if I had a finger in it ;)

    Right now I'm wetting the whistle with a white rabbit white ale with a squeeze of lemon. The vitamin C makes it healthy.
  22. danieelol

    danieelol Jun 15, 2010 Australia

    Ah, thanks. They do indeed taste amazing. And I will be careful when opening the others. And it's nice to know that the best lambic producer in the world indeed does not make bottle bombs :)
  23. Lukie

    Lukie Jun 16, 2007 Australia

    I don't know why you brought the name of Rene Lindeman into this.

  24. MordeciaFunk

    MordeciaFunk Feb 14, 2012 Australia

    The labels been pretty much destroyed, from what I can make out of the barely discernible, mostly rubbed out date put on it, it was either bottled in August 08 or it's a best before of August 08.

    It had some very nice acid undertones, with a strong back drop of hate and no carbonation. I didn't know hate was a flavour until then. Oh well. Reperio caveo, I guess.

    I picked up a growler of Colonial Porter for my washing day (clothes, not me) yesterday. It made my least favourite job very enjoyable. It really is a very nice porter.
  25. danieelol

    danieelol Jun 15, 2010 Australia

    Last night I had some good stuff

    Tried Temple's beers for the first time- Saison and Bicycle Beer. Both were nice and hoppy.

    Also had a bottle of Wet Nurse Tonic (tastes like tabasco), Perverse Sexual Amalgam v2 (really nice beer, reminds me a bit of New Glarus fruit beers) and Children of Darkness again.
  26. terryg75

    terryg75 Sep 23, 2012

    Just polished off a North Coast Old Stock ('12') and then a Skullsplitter. Nice evening....
  27. terryg75

    terryg75 Sep 23, 2012

    And I almost forgot..the last 2 nights was a growler of Columbus Brewing's Bhodi IPA and FBS.
  28. Parrotshake

    Parrotshake Nov 29, 2008 Australia

    Bottled Gunnamatta tastes different to how I remember it on draft. I might be remembering it wrong, but I don't think so. Regardless, I am drinking more Black Marlin. Since it dropped to $7 a pop I have bought about 2 dozen bottles to keep in the fridge as beer for whoever drops by.
  29. MrKennedy

    MrKennedy Dec 29, 2006 Australia
    Beer Trader

    I had a Little Creatures Pale Ale last night...my first one since de-listing...and just like how you can taste rarity in beers, this didn't seem to taste as good since Lion took them over. Could well have been the pub i was at though;)
  30. hopswiller

    hopswiller Jul 17, 2011 Australia

    must be the pub, takeover has only been approved and they aren't going to jeopardize an investment just like that - thats my thoughts anyway

    after what has seemed like an eternity i have finally got my sense of taste and aroma back after back to back colds and celebrated with dinner at Feral. Gotta love the friday specials, $20 for a chicken curry that kicked arse with a regular beer (i had a fantapants which goes for $10 anyway)

    back on track tonight has consisted of:
    feral white hog - new 10th anniversary brew combining ferals two main brews, really enjoyed this
    feral amber ale - didnt realise this was a mid, tasty neverless
    feral fantapants - was informed that the new fantapants will be replacing the rye ipa which was disappointing, still a good brew although reminded me too much of a lighter razorback
    la sirene farmhouse and wild - preferred the wild by far
    lonely kooinda black ipa - yummo!!!
    finishing off with nail and coopers stout
  31. Lukie

    Lukie Jun 16, 2007 Australia

    Be there Monday for Warhead!
  32. Darwin553

    Darwin553 Jan 5, 2009 Australia

    Celebrating Oktoberfest here in rainy Brisbane with the best beer in the world (for me) Schneider Weisse Aventinus. Not as fresh as the last one I had when I was in Dublin but still really good...
  33. Parrotshake

    Parrotshake Nov 29, 2008 Australia

    Bacchus Pomme Berlinerweisse, Barrel Fermented Hop Hog, Temple Smoked Weizen, Mikkeller Big Worse and Brewtal Coffee Porter at Tippler's Tap this afternoon. Good food at that place too. Boy that Hop Hog is nice.
  34. danieelol

    danieelol Jun 15, 2010 Australia

    had a nice tasting at mine yesterday with spicelab and MrKennedy

  35. Lukie

    Lukie Jun 16, 2007 Australia

    Feral tomorrow! *copious amounts of hip thrusts in all directions*
  36. MrKennedy

    MrKennedy Dec 29, 2006 Australia
    Beer Trader

    I couldn't get my hands on any Doctor's Orders Purple Barleywine, so I had to settle for BA Blackout '09, 2012 BA Ruffian, Outer Darkness and a few other ticks ...while listening to to Notorious BIG
  37. Lukie

    Lukie Jun 16, 2007 Australia

    Stacks of warhead. So much warhead, that I am warheaded out.
    MrKennedy likes this.
  38. danieelol

    danieelol Jun 15, 2010 Australia

    Last night was Hoppy Feet 1.5 (not great), MoonDog 7 P's (OK but concept was questionable), Boon Oude Kriek Vieille (weird, tasted like mulberry pie kind of), Beer Geek Brunch Cognac (enjoyable but I'm really finding that Cognac barrel-aging cannot rival Bourbon).
  39. foles

    foles Jan 28, 2007 Australia

    Bought a carton of little creatures pils and really enjoying it (its improved greatly in recent times). Probably my favourite of theirs at the moment.
  40. Krankyfw

    Krankyfw May 31, 2012 Australia

    I just ordered some Westvleteren XII from http://www.belgianshop.com/ who are doing free shipping until tomorrow. Hopefully the free shipping isn't by sea. Really looking forward to trying this beer.
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