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  1. sinkas

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    Boston Brewery Devilslide Red IPA is well worth a look, much better than their other pretty crappy offerings, its like 90% as good as Cheeky monkey Imperial monk,
    with a 1%abv less and quite well priced at $30 a sixer ( atleast herein WA)
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  2. Ostpies

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    Anything worthwhile that's bottled or canned in NSW at the moment? Wife is heading over for work this weekend.
  3. Narkee

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    St Henry at Wildflower. The latest Amber is also fantastic.
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  4. Mountain_high_book

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    I'm not a big fan of the current trend of brewers trying to make imperial stouts taste like a dessert or coffee rather than a beer by adding all sorts of adjuncts but the Prairie/Evil Twin Bible Belt Imp Stout that is doing the rounds at the moment is amazing and successfully avoids this trend.

    Tastes like a big, decadent and complex imp stout but with a balanced and subtle use of cocoa nibs, chilli, coffee, vanilla, so it still tastes like a stout and avoids being too sweet. Drinks way easier than 13%

    Bought a can of Liberty 'Yakima Monster' pale ale today and noticed the can said it was brewed in Australia. You guys may already know but I found it interesting that New Zealand brewery Liberty are now brewing beers from Hawkers brewery in Reservoir, Victoria!
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  5. Twinathon

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    Sixpoint's Alpenflo and the Weihenstephaner/Sierra Nevada collab. Both outstanding.
  6. Ostpies

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    Thanks for the suggestion, really enjoyed this.
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  7. hawthorne00

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    Is the Weihenstephaner / Sierra Nevada Braupakt going to be a permanent addition to the range? It seems widely available. Didn't love it myself, but I can see why people would.

    I've wondered a bit where Where Strides the Behemoth has been, but it is back and in cans. Still fun.

    A few hazy and hoppy things I've liked recently: Collective Arts The Mothership, Revision Gimme da Loot, Dainton Blood Orange New England Rye IPA. Not at all sure that the Dainton one is an IPA of any sort let alone a NEIPA, but it's a lovely drop.

    A couple of recent disappointments: Little Creatures The Fuggle is Real is gutless; BrewDog Indie Pale Ale is a credibility buster.

    A few things I liked - a couple of pricey small glasses of Hill Farmstead/ Grassroots saisonish things were enough to convince me that yes, they are pretty good. And the De Ranke Vielle Provision (their component of Cuvee de Ranke) and their unusual Back to Black (it's strong, dark, sour, woody and bitter) were very lovely.

    Bridge Rd continues to crank out lots of beers, most of which I think are pretty good and quite interesting.
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  8. Gasc0igne

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    Brewdog still had credibility?
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  9. Gasc0igne

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    Finally gave the Old Pumping Station from Mornington Peninsula a go.

    Had quite a bit of time to sit, bottle 423/750. I'm pretty darn happy with how this thing ended up. Super chocolate-forward, lots of roast (but not super bitter/overpowering like Murrays), nice hint of dark fruit/berry, a little thin but more than made up for it with the creaminess of the mouthfeel. No aroma or taste of the ABV.

    Probably not worth 30-40 bucks, but it's very clearly Mornington Peninsula Imp Stout amped up and barrel aged. Certainly approachable and enjoyable, worth grabbing for a good price.

    In comparison, why was Hawker's BBA Stout so disappointing the three times I tried it over 2 years? Fads seem to be more and more pervasive nationally.
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  10. Twinathon

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    Mornington Imperial stout is one of my go to local RIS'. It hits all the marks of a RIS without focusing too much on one aspect.

    Could not agree more on Hawkers' BBA RIS. Huge let down last year.