Whats your "go to" Beer with a steak.

Discussion in 'Beer & Food' started by USAF77, Oct 24, 2013.

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  1. USAF77

    USAF77 Initiate (0) Oct 21, 2013 Illinois

    OK you have a beauty of a steak sitting in front of you, taters, salad, good ole Yankee food.

    Pick a beer to make the meal perfect. Heck, pick two or three.

    THANAT0PSIS Defender (639) Aug 3, 2010 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    I prefer a nice, simple, Great Lakes lager: Octoberfest, Eliot Ness, Dortmunder Gold, and if not one of them, Victory Prima Pils. Anything overly complex tends to overshadow the food in my experience.

    I would take a nice wine barrel-aged stout with a steak though. I find steak to be best complimented by red wine and burgers to be more suited to beer.
  3. bnuno

    bnuno Initiate (0) Feb 8, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    I like a belgian strong dark or dubbel.
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  4. ColinStClaire

    ColinStClaire Initiate (0) Jul 31, 2012 Washington

    I'm curious as well. I'm having my anniversary this weekend at a steak restaurant and was wondering about what to have with it. I would imagine something with some roasted qualities like a good stout.
  5. kdb150

    kdb150 Devotee (456) Mar 8, 2012 Pennsylvania

    A big Cab or Amarone goes much better with steak than any beer pairing I've tried.
  6. draheim

    draheim Poo-Bah (2,408) Sep 18, 2010 Washington
    Beer Trader

    Quad or saison works for me.
  7. Skater_Rich

    Skater_Rich Initiate (0) Oct 22, 2013 Illinois

    Morimoto Black Obi Soba Ale....ROGUE!
  8. Eriktheipaman

    Eriktheipaman Savant (971) Sep 4, 2010 California
    Beer Trader

    I could see that. There are some pretty awesome beer options that go damn well with a steak though.
  9. dwagner003

    dwagner003 Poo-Bah (1,634) Jan 4, 2013 California
    Beer Trader

    Belgian Strong Pale Ale or Quad.
  10. BedetheVenerable

    BedetheVenerable Meyvn (1,023) Sep 5, 2008 Missouri

    An easy priced red Bordeaux or Zin. One of the very few foods I prefer wine with. I it HAD to be beer, IPA
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  11. Mongrel

    Mongrel Crusader (749) Feb 14, 2013 Maryland
    Beer Trader

    St. Bernadus Prior 8. Just a great food-pairing beer.

    But I also agree that I much prefer a big red wine with steak - cab, malbec, super tuscan - something like that.
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  12. Ant7780

    Ant7780 Initiate (0) Dec 2, 2012 Michigan

    If the steak is charred broiled or has blue cheese or cajun flavor or maybe a tangy zip sauce, I'd go with a real hoppy beer. There's something about hops that makes me crave sharp, tangy flavors.
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  13. dortenzio1991

    dortenzio1991 Initiate (172) Aug 12, 2011 Connecticut
    Beer Trader

    Never have paired them, but I remember drinking DFH Raison D'Etre and thinking it would go really well with steak.
  14. keithmurray

    keithmurray Meyvn (1,084) Oct 7, 2009 Connecticut

    A nice quad or a dubbel would pair nicely with a good cut of steak
  15. Treyliff

    Treyliff Poo-Bah (3,012) Aug 10, 2010 West Virginia
    Beer Trader

    Boston Lager
  16. Uniobrew31

    Uniobrew31 Zealot (541) Jan 16, 2012 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    Whatever Porter is on tap. As long as it isn't a non beer flavored porter.
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  17. dillon_1005

    dillon_1005 Initiate (0) Oct 2, 2013 Wyoming
    Beer Trader

    Red Lodge Porter or Red Lodge Broken Nail.
  18. USAF77

    USAF77 Initiate (0) Oct 21, 2013 Illinois

    I like wine dont get me wrong, even like wine with food, but for me it cant compare with Beer.

    With a steak I usually go with a quality pilsner or a Stout. I know it sounds unusual to hear them both but I like both with beef. With German sausage or pork dishes I like to go with a nice wheat, or again a Pilsner. But more then likely a wheat.
  19. Henamonster

    Henamonster Initiate (60) Feb 2, 2007 California

    The go-to with steak is always an Imperial Stout (Santa's Little Helper, Yeti, Black Betty...) Sprinkle a little Bleu Cheese on a ribeye w/sauteed mushrooms? Excellent.


    (The wife was away, so my evening consisted of Black Betty, bleu cheese ribeye and a little Skyrim.)
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  20. USAF77

    USAF77 Initiate (0) Oct 21, 2013 Illinois

    Gawd that picture is like Porn to a beer and steak nut.;)
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  21. Henamonster

    Henamonster Initiate (60) Feb 2, 2007 California

    You ain't kidding. Creeping out from the left is also a chunk of hot homemade bread. I slept well that night.
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  22. strangebrew321

    strangebrew321 Disciple (313) Feb 18, 2009 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    Gotta go with a roasty stout, Plead the Fifth is a favorite. As much as I love Belgian quads, I haven't had good luck pairing them with steak. I save my IPA's for pizza\nacho night.
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  23. USAF77

    USAF77 Initiate (0) Oct 21, 2013 Illinois

    Yeah Ive always been fond of Millers draft. Even the light is pretty good and its about the only light I enjoy.
  24. inchrisin

    inchrisin Defender (654) Sep 25, 2008 Indiana

    I've yet to find a beer that WON'T go with steak. It'd have to be a bad beer.
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  25. zookerman182

    zookerman182 Zealot (594) Oct 8, 2013 Alabama
    Beer Trader

    Duvel duvel duvel.......always and forever duvel

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  26. cwehr13

    cwehr13 Aspirant (204) Aug 4, 2011 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    I can say I never really drank beer with steak, normally a red wine goes great.
  27. MichaelGV

    MichaelGV Initiate (0) Apr 2, 2008 California

    Any Alpine IPA
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  28. pep

    pep Initiate (0) Jun 3, 2012 Pennsylvania

    I like a porter myself. But not a super heavy one, like a yuengling porter.
  29. azorie

    azorie Initiate (0) Mar 18, 2006 Florida

    porter as always/
  30. Democritus

    Democritus Initiate (0) Oct 29, 2012 Pennsylvania

    Always the imperial stouts with steak. Take a nice nap afterwards!? Wake up wash your face then have a cigar and another stout haha.
  31. USAF77

    USAF77 Initiate (0) Oct 21, 2013 Illinois

    I agree. Beer and steak are naturals together.

    Give me a good cut of meat, I love a saratoga, done medium rare. And a simple side like a baked potato with REAL butter, and a nice salad, and a really nice smooth stout.....oh man it just doesnt get better.

    Pepper and garlic are my two "absolutes". I like some olives in the salad and maybe grilled onion with the steak too. Oh yeah and some mushrooms.

    A really good hot bread with natural butter can substitute for potato. Im finding a arrogant B-stard Ale to be a nice steak pairing as well. a complex ale seems to bring out the flavor of good beef.
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  32. raczkowski

    raczkowski Disciple (322) May 16, 2011 Florida
    Beer Trader

    i love ipas with stouts...although lately i have been drinking some red wine with steak and that hits the spot...wine just hits me hard and i drink more than i should by accident...

    any type of beer with hops though, IMO goes well with steak. i know people say stouts, but i dont knwo ikf i could stomach a heavy stout with a heavy meal like steak and potatoes...guess i shoudl try that this weekend!
  33. xbrettfavrex

    xbrettfavrex Initiate (0) Nov 21, 2013 Pennsylvania

    I usually like a light, dry stout with low carbonation to go with a steak. I'll have to go with Murphy's.
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  34. NeedBeerHere

    NeedBeerHere Initiate (0) Nov 21, 2013 Minnesota

    In a perfect world it would be a good porter or Russian imperial stout.
  35. skivtjerry

    skivtjerry Zealot (522) Mar 10, 2006 Vermont

    Flemish brown ale.
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  36. FATC1TY

    FATC1TY Moderator (1,228) Feb 12, 2012 Georgia
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    I like a nice pilsner myself, or a sour.

    IPA aint a bad choice when ya don't wanna drag a bunch of shit out.
  37. brewmandan

    brewmandan Initiate (0) May 10, 2010 Iowa

    choice #1 = a cold one
    choice #2 = a cold one that's free
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  38. DAShaw

    DAShaw Initiate (0) Jan 15, 2014 Ohio

    A good steak deserves a beverage that will cleanse your palette between bites and be different enough from the steak to keep the taste buds from fatiguing. I'm a big trappist fan and something like Duval is a winner. Recently, however, I have discovered a Mexican line of beers that are darn near as good. The brand is "Day of The Dead" and their blond ale or larger is great with a steak. The porter is great while the steak is cooking. :-}
  39. Elfastball7

    Elfastball7 Disciple (322) Oct 7, 2007 New Jersey
    Beer Trader

    Besides a Red Wine(Cab/merlot/Bordeux blends/etc) a Belgian Quad/Belgian Strong Dark Ale such as St Bernardus ABT 12, Rochefort 8/10, Chimay Blue, and Ommegang 3Phil. I have also had luck with Imperial Ambers such as Port Shark Attack and Oskar Blues G'Knight.
  40. TheEvilOnionKnight

    TheEvilOnionKnight Initiate (0) Oct 8, 2013 California

    I usually just open a big cab for my steaks. Then if I' up for it, a stout or porter with dessert. I save the big imperial stouts to drink with my beer snob friends

    I just don't think beer pairs with food the same way wine does. I was a wine guy before beer though, so that's probly why
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