Wheatwine (re-thread)

Discussion in 'Mountain' started by Dtapeski, Jan 30, 2013.

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  1. Dtapeski

    Dtapeski Initiate (86) Oct 26, 2012 Colorado

  2. chicano4craft

    chicano4craft Initiate (0) Apr 18, 2009 Colorado

    Fort Collins Brewing makes a wheatwine. It's a summer seasonal I believe.
  3. Domingo

    Domingo Poo-Bah (2,247) Apr 23, 2005 Colorado

    Yup, and I really like that one in spite of the so-so ratings. The Bull & Bush has also made a couple, their most notable one being the 40th Anniversary seasonal. They have a similar Rye Wine on right now, although it's a little on the fiery side.
  4. schlegelmeister

    schlegelmeister Initiate (0) Oct 19, 2011 Massachusetts

    If it's still on shelves, Boulevard's Harvest Dance is one I like a lot.
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  5. Steve_0

    Steve_0 Initiate (181) Mar 14, 2012 Colorado

    Big Sky has one as well - Five Valleys Wheat Wine
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