When a Brewery Loses Its Way, Ommegang Edition

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Todd, Nov 4, 2022.

  1. Domingo

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    This comes down to sales. If people aren't buying most Belgian-style beers, they either have to pivot or risk going out of business. Do I like the beers they're pivoting to? Not really. Does my opinion affect Ommegang's ability to stay in business? Not unless a few bucks a year makes an impact on their bottom line. If whatever they're doing is keeping them in business, it's smart. Simple as that. The alternative of closing due to low sales seems way worse.
  2. darktronica

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    I really do love Rosetta, just wish it was more readily available around me. Excellent value.

    I haven't tried Everything Nice but agree with the notion that Ommegang's shift in focus is damaging their brand (possibly not their sales or profitability, though, I don't know about that). I've had a few disappointing renditions of styles outside their historical wheelhouse, and that even made me hesitant about picking up a 4-pack of their 25th Anniversary Ale. I'm glad I ultimately did--it's a decent enough brew--but I do think it's much more blatant in its spicing than the more restrained subtlety I like about their original core lineup.
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  3. Gmann

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    Give me my Ommegeddon. Love their Belgian styles. They should just stick to it.
  4. JackHorzempa

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    If they only produced Belgian styles they likely would go out of business. Not enough beer consumers are buying Belgian style beers these days (unfortunately).

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    It's a shame...I love their work.... I can't get their stuff in my area anymore so I have to buy it when I'm traveling...
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  6. JackHorzempa

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    I have a couple of bottles of Hennepin in my cellar.

    FWIW I mostly drink Belgian style beers that are homebrewed since this is not a beer popularly brewed by craft breweries and the Belgian imports can be very pricey. At the moment, in my cellar I have homebrewed: Quad, Dubbel (two batches), Saison, and a clone of Orval. It makes a lot of economic sense to homebrew these sorts of beers.

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