Where can I find Zombie Dust?

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by badbeer, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. ravot

    ravot Devotee (426) Mar 20, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    you're right. i didn't even notice. i just looked at both and no zombie dust mentions at all. other taps yes. weird.
    i guess your best bet is the menu from their site.

    also, while researching the text above, check this out.
  2. RKP

    RKP Initiate (0) Aug 11, 2009 Virginia

    I'm just finishing off two cases of Heady Topper. When you've been drinking Heady for three months, following it up with anything is going to be a letdown, but Zombie Dust is less of a let down than most medium bodied, well hopped IPA's.
  3. ravot

    ravot Devotee (426) Mar 20, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    poor you. :grimacing:
  4. Mothergoose03

    Mothergoose03 Poo-Bah (1,656) May 30, 2005 Michigan

    The brewery has increased their production so that this beer seems to be getting more readily available, even to the point that it is showing up in Ohio, and of all places, Indiana. :wink: Your odds are better than the last times that you visited the brewery.
  5. Vav

    Vav Aspirant (288) Jul 27, 2008 Illinois

    Upland Harvest is a Citra wet hopped pale ale that's $8.99/6pk. Food for thought.
  6. jackndan

    jackndan Meyvn (1,083) Feb 25, 2002 Illinois

    Yeah, seemed high to me too.

    Thanks for the good information folks!
  7. TargaFlorio

    TargaFlorio Zealot (574) Jul 3, 2012 Indiana

    Agree with the notion that Zombie Dust is popping up more often in Indiana these days. Hopeful that this will continue as i've even seen places reducing their prices on ZD (and GBH).
  8. BeerGreg

    BeerGreg Devotee (443) May 17, 2013 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    $24/sixer in Palatine!
  9. HereforBeer

    HereforBeer Initiate (0) Nov 21, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    This is a pretty blase attitude towards BA. Zombie Dust is the number 6 rated beer on a site that is all about beer, for people that love good beer. The ratings are subjective, but put yourself in this guy's shoes, if you went to northern California would you try to find Pliny? If I was visiting from Iowa I would want to get some Zombie Dust to see if it lives up to the hype.

    Your point is valid for people that have had it already, no need to chase it around town when there are a ton of great beers to try.
  10. Beric

    Beric Champion (896) Jun 1, 2013 Massachusetts
    Beer Trader

    I just tried this one at the Upland production brewery and the tour guide said that in a blind taste test he and guests preferred Upland Harvest to ZD.
  11. quinnsi

    quinnsi Aspirant (239) Nov 22, 2008 Illinois

    For those who don't know, retailers pay the same for ZD as they do for Pride, Bruce, or any other FFF 6er. Any mark-up beyond what they sell those for is profiteering (IMO).

    It's charging more because it's rare. So, my question is this: Is there an acceptable increase when the reason is 100% driven by rarity? To be clear, I'm not asking what are you willing to pay, but rather what price above standard mark-up one that is ethically OK.

    Full disclosure: I've never had a single drop of ZD in my shop for sale - and not from want of trying. At this point I'm so physically disgusted by the gouging on that beer that I swear the first time I get it, I'm giving away every single drop for free. After that, it's lined priced with all their other beers. It won't be publicized, or done as a stunt...I won't ever even mention I'm doing it (again :wink: ). I'm just tired of shady stores profiteering off this beer when they've done nothing but hurt it. When I see it priced more than $1 or so than it should be, I don't buy it, or anything from that store. Cheers to West Lakeview, Bottles and Cans, and other places that sell this beer like they would any other.

  12. offthelevel_bytheplumb

    offthelevel_bytheplumb Devotee (447) Aug 19, 2013 Illinois

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  13. quinnsi

    quinnsi Aspirant (239) Nov 22, 2008 Illinois

    So you a have zero tolerance for this, which is fine. Does this mean any gouging will upset you enough to not purchase the beer? That would put you in pretty rarified air I would imagine.
  14. PlayaPlaya

    PlayaPlaya Aspirant (202) Sep 19, 2012 Illinois

    I do not see how you can blame anyone except FFF.

    What are they doing to solve this problem of retailers price gouging ZD? Or rationing it unfairly....??

    Seems like FFF is not doing anything, so why should you be mad at the stores simply making money off of a opportunity? Go and yell at FFF for not trying to correct the problem. It's a solvable problem that involves not selling to retailers who refuse to sell at MSRP. I can think of at least 1 or 2 (LOL or 20 or 30) bottle shops who would love nothing more than to get ZD on the regular and sell it at no more than the minimum MSRP. Any decently smart retailer knows bringing in customers for anything will surely raise sales in one way or another.
  15. tsauce2

    tsauce2 Initiate (0) Oct 12, 2011 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    I heard they have some on the shelves in Kentucky...
  16. quinnsi

    quinnsi Aspirant (239) Nov 22, 2008 Illinois

    I agree with almost everything you say here. I agree that FFF could police the issue more vigorously. I've yet to hear of a store getting blacklisted for selling brewery-only bombers, etc. Not that it hasn't happened, But I've yet to hear about it.

    But it's the 'why should you be mad and store simply making money off an opportunity' part I disagree with. Would it be OK for a store with huge purchasing power like Binny's to take advantage of the opportunity to make ZD exclusive to them, then charge $25 per sixer? Is it OK to charge more for bottled water before a hurricane? It's a slippery slope. Perhaps it's philosophical differences, but I think fleecing your own customers ain't cool.
  17. DLDlulz

    DLDlulz Aspirant (213) Feb 15, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    I emailed FFF to report of a store selling War Mullet, Tiberian, and Razor Hoof as well as ZD for $19. They actually responded to my email and saying they are looking into it. Due to the words I had with the owner have not been back in store to see if anything was actually done about it though. This was 2 weeks ago.
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  18. ravot

    ravot Devotee (426) Mar 20, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    acceptable? i don't think so, but will i pay a higher mark-up? hell yes. You're other post in red below is accurate as well

    the only time i do end up buying up at mark-up is when i know something will be difficult to get, is seasonal and more 'work' has been done for that beer to be created versus other beer (not that other beer is easy and no work is done). i'm talking more like the barrel aged things which consumes space and time for a brewery.​
    For example, BCBS Cherry Rye was pretty difficult for me to get in Chicago and when I found it there was a two dollar mark-up. i bit the bullet.​
    a shop i frequent, via my GF, always had BCBS COffee. In 2011 he sold it for 7.99 or 8.99. Fast forward a year, the price doubled(mostly because of GI) and a few bucks on top of that. I bought the hell out of it. I know if i miss out on it, i won't get another opportunity.​
    so what's an ethically ok mark-up price? For me, borderline is around 4 dollars on a bomber/750/765.​
    a 12oz bottle? maybe 2 bucks, such as the KBS' ,backwoods bastard.​
    As far as Dekalb up there saying the fault is at FFF? BS. it's on the consumer as well. the first page, a member posted he paid 20 dollars for a sixer of ZD a few days ago. not that i can read into people's comments but it sounds like he didn't even bat an eye or got sticker shock. he picked up that beer and ran the hell out. i the hell will NOT do that. ​
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  19. offthelevel_bytheplumb

    offthelevel_bytheplumb Devotee (447) Aug 19, 2013 Illinois

    I worked at a liquor store for a year, and I know the distributors that come to the area as well as the prices for most beers that liquor stores pay. At the liquor store I worked at, I know they jacked up the price from time to time. They doubled the price of Black Note when that came in, and I bought it, if that answers your question. I do buy certain beer even if I know the price is unfair, but that doesn't make it ok in my eyes.
  20. Vav

    Vav Aspirant (288) Jul 27, 2008 Illinois

    Alright, i'm going to chime in because Binny's was mentioned specifically.

    Apples and Oranges. Water is a necessity, beer is not. It's not a slippery slope at all, and it does us all a disservice to say otherwise.
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  21. quinnsi

    quinnsi Aspirant (239) Nov 22, 2008 Illinois

    Well then chime in about Binny's :relaxed: Is it OK for Binny's to take the opportunity (if given) to get an exclusive then charge higher markup as a result? I must admit, that's a tough one.

    The water thing was extreme, sure. But I do think it's a slippery slope. How about, charging more for water on the eve of Y2K? - basically playing off people's fears. Or things that are not necessity, but close? I dunno....
  22. quinnsi

    quinnsi Aspirant (239) Nov 22, 2008 Illinois

    And some people (economists) don't feel it's wrong to charge more before or after a disaster: http://www.slate.com/articles/busin...ouging_laws_make_natural_disasters_worse.html
  23. Vav

    Vav Aspirant (288) Jul 27, 2008 Illinois


    I'm not sure what you're driving at, are you just kinda going for general business practices conversation?
  24. quinnsi

    quinnsi Aspirant (239) Nov 22, 2008 Illinois

    I got involved when I saw people saying what they felt was or wasn't an acceptable markup for ZD, which is I guess a discussion about business practices for craft beer retailers.

    You chimed in when you saw Binny's mentioned, but didn't reply to my reference to Binnys :relaxed: In the future when I want your input on something, I'll just drop "Binny's" randomly in my post!

    I wasn't slamming Binny's...I could (Should?) have mentioned them in my original post as one of the retailers charging line pricing on FFF sixers. I was just trying to say that Binny's certainly COULD push around their weight in an attempt to control pricing if they put their mind to it....But they don't, which is why I more often forward customers to Binny's than some other places. Your store particularly in fact.

    Aaaaaanyway, there's just as much argument for me being an idiot for not charging more when I could. But in the end it's just beer, and I need to sleep at night.
  25. quinnsi

    quinnsi Aspirant (239) Nov 22, 2008 Illinois

    In related news, what's the hoppiest beer anyone's ever drank?
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  26. sbxx

    sbxx Initiate (0) Mar 21, 2011 Illinois

    I blacklist stores that overcharge for year-round beers like Zombie Dust. I understand cases of ZD are few and far between for retailers, and if they can sell it for $20 a pack, well, whatever. I just won't be shopping there. And I'm sure plenty of others agree with me.

    In terms of something limited like a BCBS variant, if I can't get it at a reputable shop, I won't even bother. It's just beer and I don't need it that badly. I'll probably get to try it at a bottle share at some point anyway.
  27. Mothergoose03

    Mothergoose03 Poo-Bah (1,656) May 30, 2005 Michigan

    One could make the argument that something that is in short supply can be justified to have a higher price in our capitalist society. However, Three Floyds doesn't do it so the stores should follow their lead and not do it either.

    Most stores don't get much ZD to sell, thus a marginal markup won't increase the profits very much and may not be worth the ill feelings from the customer although most of us are going to buy it anyway. The stores that take a large mark-up risk a lot of ill will from their customers. Just look at the flame throwing that is going on in this thread.
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  28. DarkMagneto

    DarkMagneto Initiate (176) Apr 17, 2007 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    How about those Bears!?!
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  29. quinnsi

    quinnsi Aspirant (239) Nov 22, 2008 Illinois

    There's a lot of good beer out there.... I say vote with your pocketbook. Does it really matter if you don't get that whale? I mean, there's always SOMETHING rare out there. Rare beers as a whole aren't really that rare.
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  30. offthelevel_bytheplumb

    offthelevel_bytheplumb Devotee (447) Aug 19, 2013 Illinois

    Have you tried Black Note? I'll pay for that any day. I don't buy Zombie Dust unless I see that it's $10.99 for a six pack.
  31. aasher

    aasher Poo-Bah (2,515) Jan 27, 2010 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    They would have said the same thing about Dragonfly...
  32. quinnsi

    quinnsi Aspirant (239) Nov 22, 2008 Illinois

    Have you tried BA B.O.R.I.S.? It's a shelf beer that won gold at the World Beer Cup :relaxed:
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  33. offthelevel_bytheplumb

    offthelevel_bytheplumb Devotee (447) Aug 19, 2013 Illinois

    Ha! I have tried that, and it is excellent. Very good point sir.
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  34. quinnsi

    quinnsi Aspirant (239) Nov 22, 2008 Illinois

    I'll say this. Let's not forget the name of the site we are all posting to is Beer ADVOCATE. As stupid as that may sound, I take this very seriously. I see my job as an advocate to be more than treating beer as a commodity to be sold for as much as the market will bear.

    As a retailer, I am a link between the brewer and the customer. A lot of these brewers dump their heart and soul into these beers, and if I'm to claim myself as a craft retailer, then I need represent them in a way they can be proud of.
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  35. danimalarkey

    danimalarkey Initiate (0) Mar 3, 2008 Illinois

    A. This site isn't actually about beer advocacy;
    B. In a broader sense, I saw $15 6-packs of ZD at Noble Grape and walked out. That's an obscene mark-up for a year-round beer. As mentioned above, there's a difference between charging a premium for a BCBS variant (as an example) versus a beer that is nominally available year round. I get it -- and this isn't a knock against your store at all -- but it's a tough market and if you can eke out a little more profit on a particular 6-pack (or single bottle - I think Noble Grape advertised $10 bottles of KBS?), I can't fault a store for going for it -- I just won't shop there ever again.
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  36. Vav

    Vav Aspirant (288) Jul 27, 2008 Illinois

    True that. I think the real problem is that there seems to be this egalitarian feeling about beer pricing...personally i'm of two minds about it...on one hand, why not take the margin? On the other, you dont want to drive customers away by charging TOO much. Also as you well know Chicago is a very competative market and the pricing here reflects that, from the biggest Binny's to the smalled mom & pops. e're starting to see the top end of what customers are willing to pay too (See: Virtue's Sidra de Nava :grimacing:)

    You know someone made a Vav signal .jpg :stuck_out_tongue:

    I know you were not slamming Binny's, but the exclusivity question was just kinda nebulous. Is it "OK" is a loaded question. I think it's perfectly reasonable to charge an appropriate markup on a product, exclusive or otherwise. And i think we can all agree that we dont set our pricing, our customers do. They're the ones that will tell us if the price is appropriate or not.

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  37. AstronautMikeDexter

    AstronautMikeDexter Initiate (0) Feb 14, 2013 Indiana

    LOL. Yeah, no.

    I picked up some Upland Harvest this weekend. Average at best.
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  38. craigo19

    craigo19 Aspirant (217) Oct 12, 2009 Michigan
    Supporter Beer Trader

    I will go with Odd Side Citra instead of Zombie Dust unless I can get it for MSRP or maybe $1 more. If you see a ridiculous mark up on a beer then vote with your wallet and let the store know they are gouging.
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  39. PHBoiler

    PHBoiler Meyvn (1,305) Jan 14, 2013 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Any store that charges more than typical retail for special releases or rare beers will not get my business outside of those releases. That said, I paid $20 for a FW Parabola this year. I've never had it, don't truck chase, and got the bottle at a store that people don't frequent as much 5 days after most places got it in. It was the only store I stopped at based on a tip from a friend that they had it. The time I saved was worth the $5. Paying the upcharge is simply opportunity cost to me. My time is valuable, so saving that time was worth the $5 on that particular annually released beer. On the same token, $9 bottle of KBS...keep it. Is it probably good enough for me to pay $9? Yes. After I got two bottles at another store for $5.50/each? No. People remember their beer buying experiences. I travel a decent amount around Chicagoland for work. At least every two weeks, I'm near a store that values their customers. I'll buy their beer frequently. That's where the real profit is.
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  40. Hodge0914

    Hodge0914 Initiate (139) Sep 1, 2013 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    $5/bottle at a store in Bucktown. They were selling it for $3.50/ bottle a couple weeks ago. I asked why the increase and got the "rare" and "in high demand" answer.
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