Where to Drink in Brisbane, Australia

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    The sudden popularity of craft brewing in Brisbane reflects the national trend. In 2018, the Australian beer industry had 420 independent brewers, up from 30 in 2006.

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    Hehe, I'd drink anywhere in Brisbane if I could get there! It's a long trip for me, and therefore deserves a long stay. It's been my dream to visit AUS since I was about 6 years old. One day. Maybe 2021?
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    Hi Robert, enjoyed your article and have been to and enjoyed several of the venues you mention. But your article should have been more accurately titled "Where To Drink Craft Beer in Brisbane, Australia" because you make no mention of the many great places to drink big brand beers, which these days almost always have some representation of craft beers. I will mention a few of my favorites - XXXX Alehouse, Port Office Hotel, Hotel Orient and Kedron Park Hotel. I don't mention the XXXX Alehouse because I rate XXXX highly, but it is an iconic and historic part of Brisbane's beer culture. Hope you enjoy one of these places soon!
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    Thanks for reading and chiming in with a few suggestions of your own. Our Destination articles tend to focus on smaller breweries as well as highly regarded beer bars and restaurants with noteworthy beer selections. But every city guide—ours or another publication's—is bound to leave out somebody's favorite watering hole. Cheers!
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