Where’s the Beef? Pub Food Takes a Healthier Turn

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    Full disclosure: I'm a butcher at an independent grocery store and also run the beer department.

    So yeah...

    Give me a burger, brisket, chicken wings, a pint of great beer and get off my lawn!
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  3. mjwellman

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    As a long time vegetarian and beer lover it has been very frustrating to go to breweries and pubs and find a menu that is predominately meat based. It's rare for me to be able to have a nice beer and be able to eat any to the food at these establishments. I hope what you are saying is true.
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    Pig Minds is now on my bucket list. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, but my daughter-in-law is, so I pay attention to things like that now. This place sounds wonderful!
  5. DrumKid003

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    I pity all of you who live this whole vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. Nothing goes better with beer than beef, chicken, pork, venison or lamb. If my BBQ "Chicken" pizza comes to the table with tofu, or some other garbage on it, it goes right back to where it came from, and I will find somewhere else to eat and drink.
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    In general I enjoy a vegetarian (or even vegan) meal but I'm generally not too fond of faux meats... That being said, Freeman's Pub & Grub in Greensboro, NC has a Caribbean Jerk Faux Chicken that keeps me going back.
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  7. Dan_K

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    I reject the notion that meat is unhealthy for you. It's largely been debunked by studies over the last 10 - 15 years. However, it's great for vegetarians to have options should they choose to eat this way. I've heard the sofritas at Chipotle are really tasty.

    Here's just one of hundreds of stories about this new way of thinking (or rather, a rejection of the old way).
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  8. waughbrew

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    Many people who choose to eat vegetarian diets don't do it because they think meat is unhealthy for them.
    While I agree with the doctor in this article who says that fat is not the enemy, the article doesn't exactly help your argument. In fact, it says that "Adopting a Mediterranean diet largely based on vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, olive oil and fish after a heart attack is almost three times as powerful in reducing mortality as taking a statin...".
  9. Warren2621

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    Lol at claiming these vegetarian options are healthier. Pasta is way worse for you than meat.
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    I like how the "healthier turn" picture accompanying the article has a bun made from bleached white flour and deep-fried potato chips as an example of health food. :slight_smile:

    Mediterranean diet is not a low-fat diet. Rather, it focuses on healthier fats. It also gets rid of a lot of processed food, food additives, chemicals, etc. Olives, olive oil, cheese, nuts, and fish can all be relatively fatty foods- but the source of that fat is often Omega-3 fatty acids in the case of the Mediterranean diet.

    Pretty much any diet that rejects processed foods, bread, and excessive sugar while promoting more fruits and vegetables will be an upgrade from the standard western diet.
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    Pub grub needs to do 2 things for me: 1) taste flavorful and, dare I say, comforting and 2) help me manage my alcohol metabolic rate. Meat or no meat, I am looking for a great beer-food combination.
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    My brother and I tried Hop Pig from Sanctuary at GABF this year and were very impressed.

    Also- I love meat.