Why are there so many four packs?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by chuckstout, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. JackHorzempa

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    I agree with you here.
    Maybe more economical in its home state? My local Wegman's Supermarket (PA) got a drop of Heady Topper (and Focal Banger) a few weeks ago. I did not buy any but they were priced at $17.99 a 4 pk.

  2. miamichael2

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    Most excellent avatar!
  3. rugene

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    Only craft beers are in a 4 pack here. My only explanation is that they don't want to put the price too high for the customer. It's like potato chips, they have kept the price but you don't get as much in your bag...
  4. 2beerdogs

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    I love 4pks.
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  5. PrimustheOne

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    Why are there so many four packs? Because they provide the brewer, and everyone else in the distribution chain a higher margin.
  6. Ahonky

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    Lots of reasons that go beyond your very simple outlook which says a bigger number is better than a smaller number.
  7. miniditka77

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    I like 4-packs because the beers are normally the exact right serving size. 16oz for most beers, 12oz for heavy stouts/barleywines.
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  8. Claude-Irishman

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    Jai Alai is really good. Most Cigar City is good. Is it available in California?
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  9. unlikelyspiderperson

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    We see jai alai, guayabera, and sometimes maduro up where I live. They seem to come and go.a bit but I agree evwryrhing I've tried has been tasty and fresh jai alai on draft was a really nice ipa
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  10. CB_Michigan

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    Well, they’re not even putting it in a barrel. They use white oak spirals as a form of infusion. Personally, I love that beer and can deal with the per ounce up charge. It’s 9.99 locally for 4x12oz cans, which is a bargain compared to a lot of $13-15 mediocre 4x16 oz on the shelves.
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  11. nomisugitai

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    I remember a lot of $9.99 six pack beers becoming four packs instead of breaking that ten buck barrier for a six.
  12. BeastOfTheNortheast

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    Picked up a 4 pack of DFH 90 Minute in 16 oz cans for around $10 this past Summer at their store in Rehoboth. Now that was a solid price!
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  13. Giantspace

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    I have seen it at TW in DE for under $9, a good price considering the 4x12 bottles are more.

    Never had the cans though because I did not buy either package that day.

  14. Giantspace

    Giantspace Champion (821) Dec 22, 2011 Pennsylvania

    Just fooling around and I see on the Southern Tier site they have some odd prices.

    NuJuice IPA

    4x16 $9.99
    6x12 cans $9.99
    6x12 bottles $8.98
    12x12 cans $15
    24x12 $32.40


    4x16 $11.99
    6x12 can $8.98
    6x12 bottle $8.98

    2x IPA

    4x16 $12
    6x12 bottle $11
    12x12 can $14.99
    24x12 $32.40
    Case of 22 oz bottles, $39.60

    Their mixed spirits are
    4x12 $6

    Crazy prices all over.

    Anyone ever have their 2x Hopped Whiskey?

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  15. pro100

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    4 packs of cans are life