Why Utah Could Dump Cases of Beer Down the Drain

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by Todd, Oct 29, 2019.

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  2. JBogan

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    Anyone thinking of going Trick or Treating this year in Utah might want to drop by those liquor stores.
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  3. jesskidden

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    From the article:
    So, if there's a mandatory markup, how can they sell the beer at "discounted prices"? :thinking_face:
    Unless some of their current stock is marked up higher than 66.5%? :open_mouth:

    I don't know - seems to me most domestic beers between 4% and 5% are going to be the big AB or MC brands or macro imports. The AB and MC beers only have a shelf life of around 4 months anyway according to the brewers themselves. I'd imagine their orders in the last few months should have reflected that.
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  4. The_Kriek_Freak

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    These antiquated laws are just a joke and it seems like the US is full of them. I didn't expect anything better from Utah. Here in Pennsylvania we have our fair share of stupid alcohol laws even though things have been slowly improving (except the prices). It was a culture shock when I moved here from Chicago.
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    Utah needs to get with the times, these out dated and stupid laws are just a laugh.
  6. officerbill

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    Does this mean that, even though the stores are state owned, they are managed independently?

    Well, my father is from the the last fully dry (illegal to buy, sell, or openly possess) county in Alabama. When we visited my grandparents we had to go to the next county to buy beer and transport it back in the trunk “out of public view”.
  7. NeroFiddled

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    If I have this correct, you can buy liquor in Utah without limitation (other than the times they're open - no Sundays or holidays) at any state liquor store.

    But they still have weird control laws for what shops can sell what strength beer because...? It must be because of the cost of liquor licenses.
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  8. Oktoberfiesta

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    Which big breweries actually cater to these rules? I remember seeing some 3.2 dos Equis years ago

    Do the big macro guys need to have two different labels for say bud light? One at 4.2 and another at 4.1? One to be sold by grocery stores and another at liquor stores?

    Is craft beer allowed in Utah? I think I was at a Moab brewery years ago and everything was 3.2.
    It all seemed like a big waste of time to cater to that crowd.
  9. jesskidden

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    You can see a quite a few of MC's current (Not More Than) 3.2 beers on the last 5 pages of their NUTRITIONAL INFO PDF including everybody's favorite:
    Notice that "Coors Light 3.2" is actually higher (by a tenth) in alcohol than OE 800 380...
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  10. hopfenunmaltz

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    The draft beers are 4.0% ABV, 3.2% ABW.

    I did have an 6%ish IPA from Moab Brewing. It was from a bottle (or a can - it was years ago). They make stronger beers, but those are sold to the State Store, then they buy them back. My memory is foggy as to where I drank it, at the brewery or back in our room. You can look at their website, plenty of >4% beers in cans.
  11. MNAle

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    You can still get 3.2% ABW beer in Minnesota. That is the limitation on beer sold outside of liquor stores (i.e. in grocery stores, gas stations, etc.). Not only do the big boys still make 3.2 beer, as of a few years ago, so did some of the larger craft brewers (IDK if they still do...).

    The market (defined by law) for 3.2 beer is getting smaller and smaller, so this may change "soon". (Of course, "soon" WRT getting such laws changed in MN is measured by legislative sessions, and usually multiple ones, so... )
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  12. craigbelly

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    No one is dumping anything. At the very least the stores take a small hit by putting it on a fire sale. Depending on the customer I'm sure some distributors would take back and/or help absorb the loss.
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  13. KentT

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    That last sentence, good friends, is the BA Quotable Of The Week, my nickname for it is Olde English 380, Fine Mormon Malt Liquor.
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  14. Zorro

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    They could feed it to cows to make them happy.
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  15. ESHBG

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    Yeah next to Utah we are probably the worst in the country.
  16. Squire

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    I've found full strength beer in Utah, had to look but I found it.
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  17. eppCOS

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    Just dump it all back into the Colorado River, and you've got Utah's solution to the drought contingency plans on the river. #wateriswater #innovation
    Maybe I'm in the wrong thread. :wink:
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