Wil Wheaton makes videos to promote Newcastle

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by Todd, Nov 15, 2014.

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  1. Todd

    Todd Founder (6,146) Aug 23, 1996 California
    Staff Moderator Fest Crew Society

    Just ran across this video of Wil Wheaton promoting Newcastle Scotch Ale (a collaboration between Newcastle (Heineken) and Caledonian Brewery (Heineken)) via a promoted tweet.

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  2. Hanglow

    Hanglow Champion (811) Feb 18, 2012 Scotland

    Well that's any respect he previously had in the craft beer community utterly fucked then. What was he thinking?
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  3. Roguer

    Roguer Poo-Bah (5,236) Mar 25, 2013 Georgia
    Moderator Society Trader

    I don't love Newcastle. I absolutely do love Newcastle commercials. They're brilliant. And, yes, that means I'd try this Scotch ale.

    Seriously: now there's a big brand branching out. "Hmm, let's make something crafty. Yet another pale lager? Who do you think we are, Budweiser? No, no, no, let's actually make a style that craft drinkers might actually enjoy."

    Hey, maybe it'll suck. But I maintain that their commercials are awesome, and I won't mind giving it a try.
  4. Hanglow

    Hanglow Champion (811) Feb 18, 2012 Scotland

    Lets just get this straight, this is Heineken collaborating with Heineken, to give you a Heineken beer.

    It's like Bud collaborating with Busch to give you Stella. But presented by Geordi La Forge.
  5. Can_if_you_can

    Can_if_you_can Crusader (793) Mar 15, 2012 Minnesota

    Well Wil Wheaton....ya screwed the pooch on that call. Since when does Newcastle make great beer?? I think it's a weak example of a brown ale and im sure it's a weak example of a scotch ale, even if they are supposed to be "English/british" versions. Lame! Go back to Stone Wil, your Farking Woot Stout was AMAZING, wish I had more than one bottle of that glorious beast left!!
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  6. chriltz

    chriltz Initiate (0) Mar 21, 2010 Illinois

    That needs to become a thing. I would drink it.
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  7. Tpain518

    Tpain518 Initiate (0) Oct 23, 2013 New York

  8. ONovoMexicano

    ONovoMexicano Poo-Bah (2,831) Jun 14, 2012 New Mexico

    I don't know shit about Wil Wheaton other than he "collaborated" or otherwise got his name on a Stone beer that I quite enjoyed, so I couldn't tell you how to interpret his choice to hawk a Newcastle product. However, before shitting on the guy or his decision, let's give the beer a shot. If it's trash, then you can give him shit for his taste, for selling out and all that jazz.
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  9. timotao

    timotao Disciple (311) Sep 16, 2013 New York

    The kid from star trek and stand by me
  10. Boca-X

    Boca-X Zealot (529) Jan 21, 2014 Missouri

    Agree...they are very funny and have no problem trying one to make a rational decision on it's taste.

    The fan boy bashing on BA is tiresome and predictable.
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  11. Providence

    Providence Crusader (708) Feb 24, 2010 Rhode Island

    This. I see this dude's name mentioned every time I come on beeradvocate. I googled him and still don't understand why he is a topic of discussion.
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  12. creepinjeeper

    creepinjeeper Defender (661) Nov 8, 2012 Missouri

    Newcastle was one of the tastier beers on the road to where we are today. Have no problem trying this.
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  13. cookiequiz

    cookiequiz Aspirant (257) Apr 15, 2013 California

    I suspect it's because he's moderately famous and entertaining, and he likes to do things that involve beer (which is all we're allowed to discuss here).
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  14. bluehende

    bluehende Poo-Bah (2,428) Dec 10, 2010 Delaware

    In the immortal words of Sheldon Cooper

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  15. DannyS

    DannyS Initiate (0) Sep 20, 2007 New York

    Wil Wheaton's the kind of public persona you really like at the outset, but then he starts doing things that disappointingly chip away at that admiration, like saying unbelievably stupid things (like his recent article on anonymity in videogames/internet) or having anything to do with that abomination of a show they call The Big Bang Theory.

    I'd say this is another mark against him, but it's Newcastle; it could be way WAY worse. Wil can still be a raging schmuck in other ways as well, so ultimately I'm neutral on this one.
  16. cookiequiz

    cookiequiz Aspirant (257) Apr 15, 2013 California

    Are you talking about this article? I'd say he's not quite on-target, but he's not firing into the crowd either.

    I don't know anything about TBBT.

    And to keep it about beer: Newcastle's alright.
  17. Todd

    Todd Founder (6,146) Aug 23, 1996 California
    Staff Moderator Fest Crew Society

    As far as beer goes, Wil is a fairly avid homebrewer, who wrote great article for BeerAdvocate magazine #77, and has his own kits with Northern Brewer. He's friends with @StoneGreg so he made a collaboration with Stone Brewing Company, and he once hosted a Saison du BUFF hangout with Dogfish Head, Victory, and Stone. You can also find him here as @wilwheaton, but as of this post his account remains inactive.

    And now this.
  18. bluehende

    bluehende Poo-Bah (2,428) Dec 10, 2010 Delaware

    I will try the beer before I tar and feather him.

    Of course I like Wil Wheaton. I like the Big Bang Theory. I like Wesley Crusher. I love Stand By Me. I like home brewing. And I believe a person has a right to use his modicum of fame to make a living.
  19. craft_is_king

    craft_is_king Aspirant (264) Jul 24, 2014 California

    I would not expect this after woot stout which seemed like a great success but Newcastle has a ton more money.

    Will there be any Woot stout next year? or will newcastle collaborate with stone europe?
  20. MrWilliams

    MrWilliams Initiate (0) Nov 24, 2013 Arizona

    This pretty much where I stand. I thought the first clip was pretty good and I'm willing to give the beer a shot before I make any opinions on Wils' judgement in working with Newcastle.
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  21. evilcatfish

    evilcatfish Defender (627) May 11, 2012 Missouri

    Kind of douchey? Sure. Though I gotta say if I was any kind of celebrity below A list I would sell out like a mofo trying to ride the fame and make as much money as possible promoting anything. I'd probably even have a sex tape when my stardom began to wane.

    Good for you Wil Wheaton

    (and I will try the beer)
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  22. ChurchofPayton

    ChurchofPayton Initiate (0) Oct 16, 2014 Massachusetts

    He was probably thinking that Heineken pays a whole lot better than Stone does and that he could probably cover a few mortgage payments and some other bills with the paycheck.
  23. Hanglow

    Hanglow Champion (811) Feb 18, 2012 Scotland

    Yeah fair enough

    the beer could be great too, although that would be surprising
  24. jesskidden

    jesskidden Poo-Bah (2,089) Aug 10, 2005 New Jersey
    Society Trader

    People bitch about the dumbing down of beer over the previous two centuries - the use of corn and rice as adjunct, then the use of corn syrup, 6-row malt instead of 2-row, hop pellets and hop extract, high gravity brewing, rapid fermentation processes, ever-decreasing lagering time, higher attenuation rates and a constant lowering of IBU's...but for many*, commercial beer reached its nadir when machines started weighing the hops!

    @#$% automation!

    It took Heineken (of all brewers) to respond to the Luddite market!


    The classic era: Hops being weighed by hand on a manual scale
    (yeah, technically a "machine" but...whatever).
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  25. TongoRad

    TongoRad Poo-Bah (2,825) Jun 3, 2004 New Jersey
    Society Trader

    Yeah- I had no idea it was held in such disregard. Maybe those who remember those days have a different attitude. I bet I'd still find it pretty allright if someone handed me a pint.

    I'm sure this new beer is more of the same- nothing bad/nothing great, but a serviceable $11 12-pack when you need it.
  26. creepinjeeper

    creepinjeeper Defender (661) Nov 8, 2012 Missouri

    I liked Werewolf as well. I wish they did a variety pack. I think it would be worth exploring.
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  27. DannyS

    DannyS Initiate (0) Sep 20, 2007 New York

    Yup, that's the article. personally I think it's ridiculous and massively short-sighted, but that's a discussion for a different website.
  28. SensorySupernova

    SensorySupernova Initiate (0) Mar 21, 2014 California

    Newcastle Brown Ale is not my favorite beer anymore, now that my beer horizons have expanded. However, it still played an important role in getting me into craft. The rough chronological order for me was BMC -> Blue Moon -> Newcastle -> Guinness -> craft.

    So look on the bright side. Maybe Wil Wheaton endorsing Newcastle's Scotch Ale will help more newbies realize that there are tons of different styles of beers out there, not just brownish-yellow lagers and yellowish-brown ales.
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  29. ohiobeer29

    ohiobeer29 Defender (653) Feb 2, 2013 Ohio

    Hard to turn down money if they are paying you to promote it right?looks like it worked people are now going to try a beer they otherwise never would can't knock the hustle
  30. DarkDragon999

    DarkDragon999 Aspirant (258) Feb 13, 2013 Rhode Island

    This is not their new winter seasonal since its a collab ? Cabbie Black Ale was "Newcastle's" winter seasonal last year but it says its retired :confused:
  31. creepinjeeper

    creepinjeeper Defender (661) Nov 8, 2012 Missouri

    I just saw 12 packs Cabbie in a bulkstack with Blonde at the local grocer. Wonder how old that is?
  32. Blueribbon666

    Blueribbon666 Zealot (515) Jul 4, 2008 Ohio

    Always HATED the taste of Newcastle...but I'd give this a try.
  33. Tsar_Riga

    Tsar_Riga Poo-Bah (2,561) Sep 9, 2013 Indiana

    Anyone who thinks this blows Wil Wheaton's credibility regarding craft beer takes this whole thing too seriously. Wil Wheaton likes what he likes, does what he does, and got paid to make a commercial. I don't care what he says here any more than I cared that Cindy Crawford was in Pepsi commercials or that Kate Upton ate a Hardee's/Carl's Jr. burger. If he wants to shill a bit, it hardly impacts whether his next collab with Stone will be something I'd seek.

    As for Newcastle, it was something I drank back in the day, but is something I've not had in a while. If this turns out to be solid, I'd give it a try, but most likely I'll skip it in favor of a scotch ale I know and like.
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  34. JimKal

    JimKal Zealot (511) Jul 31, 2011 North Carolina

    Well, at least I thought the ad was funny. And yes, I'll probably try this one if I see it on the shelves. I, like many of you, had NCBA in the past but don't pick it up anymore. The last time I had one was at an airport food stop where it was the best they offer - NC vs BMC. It is still not a bad beer IMO. I also think when the bigger players in the beer business make something other than a pale lager we might want to consider encouraging them to do more of the same. Note that while I'm not a fan of pale lagers, I thing it is perfectly fine for those who like them to continue to like them. In my younger life I thought they were great and still remember many of the words to the Schaeffer jingle.
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  35. Joshmistake

    Joshmistake Initiate (0) Sep 4, 2012 Minnesota

    I'm assuming that Newcastle wanted him because he's funny, he loves beer, and he has credibility amongst Craft Beer drinkers to some extent. You can't fault them for wanting a person who's been visible within the "scene" to promote a new product. Does it make me want to purchase a Newcastle product? No...but that's my own choice on where I spend my beer money.
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  36. RockAZ

    RockAZ Disciple (338) Jan 6, 2009 Arizona

    Some others above summed this up well and I hope this beer is tasty. Won't change my opinion of WW if it isn't because he is someone who is obviously having a laugh and doing something he loves. Newcastle adverts are the bomb. And his wife is a brewer as well, it just doesn't suck to be WW !
    Going out now to see if I can find any of this, one of my favorite styles anyway,...
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  37. Hanglow

    Hanglow Champion (811) Feb 18, 2012 Scotland

    Mildly disappointment by the reasonable and measured responses to this. :grinning:
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  38. Hanglow

    Hanglow Champion (811) Feb 18, 2012 Scotland

    I didn't but it's probably different for me in the uk - I had things like maclays, mcewans (when it was a tad better) Deuchars (again it was better then than now)

    Newky broon is known as dog for a reason :open_mouth:
  39. gibgink

    gibgink Champion (886) Oct 27, 2014 Missouri

    @Todd thanks for the viewing. That made me chuckle first thing this Monday.

    Gotta love people bashing an actor they've never met, or a big beer company for brewing a new beer.
  40. IsisInfidel

    IsisInfidel Initiate (0) Nov 18, 2014 England

    Newcastle brewery shut an age ago, how Heineken can get away with conning the public using the cities name to plug beer is a disgrace. Tadcaster Brown anyone?
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