Will the heat wave in the Northwest impact IPAs?

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    While reading the news in the past few days it got me wondering if this heat wave will be affecting the up coming hop harvest. If I am correct, this is a climate sensitive plant.
    Will our "so popular" IPAs become scarce and over priced?
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    God, I hope not! I don't want my home brewing hops to get too expensive either. I can only grow so much myself.
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    I looked before I posted, but I did not see this and I missed it when it appeared initially.
    To add to it, the heat dome has not broken as it persists and is affecting other things as well. Mussels and clams are suffering. This is what got me thinking.
    I don't believer it's a matter of amount of water, bur of temperature/climate.
    Of course, I could be wrong. That is why I ask.
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  5. JackHorzempa

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    As Jeff (@hopfenunmaltz) posted in the above linked thread:

    "Drip irrigation is used in the Yakima Valley, the hops will be ok."

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    After the big heat wave a couple weeks ago, temps have been pretty typical here in the PNW. The raspberry crop (my county produces over 60% of the nations raspberries) here got hit hard, but they don't really use irrigation, as the the farmers of all types over on the Dry Side of the state do. The hops should be fine.

    And, we're only about a month out from the beginning of harvest. It's almost Fresh Hop time!!!!
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    Perceived scarcity and the marketing thereof is more likely to be a thing than actual scarcity.

    I want to say that hits harder in the craft beer world than even oil, lumber or energy.
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    Might be some increased pest pressure and possibly some reduced yields on some plots but, like @BBThunderbolt mentioned, as long as the farmers had sufficient water for their irrigation they should be fine.
  9. BBThunderbolt

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    Well, there's still plenty of Amarillo on the market for cheap, so those beers will be fine. :wink:

    I do kinda wonder how all the newer, less well established varieties fare vs the the long time varieties. Would how long a "classic" rhizome has been in the ground (maturity) give it an edge over the newer, hip varieties?
  10. hopfenunmaltz

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    Portland's highs this week is high 80s going down to high 70s around Friday. That is 25+ degrees cooler than the record heat in June. Eugene is only a few degrees warmer this week.

    Yakima is 100F, then drops into the 90s. Not that unusual for July as it is high desert. The 115F in June was unusual, and the heat may have affected the formation on the burrs and cones on some early varieties.

    Germany has had some hot summers of late, 40C or so. Not much irrigation there. Yields were down and AA was down.

    Not all hops mature at the same time. The late varieties might be fine. Time will tell.

    There are surplus hops in storage, I don't think there will be a huge problem
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    That would make them hip hop varieties. Who says craft beer isn't diverse and inclusive, huh?
  12. crazyspicychef

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    Maybe we'll see less of them and more refreshing styles of brews.
    One can dream, right?
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  13. moodenba

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    This could be an interesting tight market for hops -- but not too important in the long run. I'd say we'll get good beer that might taste a little different. Ron Pattinson's blog (http://barclayperkins.blogspot.com/) describes the dire effects of WWII on beer on the continent and in the British Isles. Malt was in short supply, and the profiles of some of the Dutch beers (July 16 post) show initial gravities in the range of 4 degrees. Maybe worry about the malting barley??
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    They already are. And they'll act like there is a shortage of hops just to drive the prices up even higher.
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    Well, looks like my cavalier attitude may have been misplaced. From Stan Hieronymous' Hop Queries newsletter;
    went on to single out citra as likely hard hit as well as some early and newer types like cashmere, sabro, strata, and Idaho 7
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    There's still a lot of last years Citra around, so that's not terrible. Not sure how it's gonna affect the varieties that go into the newer, trendy styles.
  17. unlikelyspiderperson

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    Ya the folks he spoke with addressed that as well. The basic idea is that the newer the variety is the more likely its yield is to be effected due to younger plants suffering more. There has been 2 years in a row of surplus hops so its not the end of the world or anything but the concensus seemed to be that hop contracts were likely to go unfulfilled
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    Most folks don't know that Kiribati is high desert. I learned this truth by travel, school, and Von Humboldt. Them danged white whales are elusive devils (illusive). I like eastern Washington. I am rereading Moby Dick.. It was 94 here yesterday, but it was a humid heat! My dogs refused the afternoon walk.....And cheers to you!