Would you travel 200 miles for a beer?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Ultrarunner2018, Jan 25, 2023.

  1. Ultrarunner2018

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    Hey guys;
    I was drinking a Flying Dog 'The Truth' Imperial IPA with supper, and somehow I had the thought of searching for a Monty Python beer. I found that the Black Sheep brewery in England brews a beer labeled "Monty Python's Holy Grail" amber gold ale (tempered over burning witches?) Maybe that's why the closest place I can find it is 200 miles away, in Massachusetts USA.

    My go-to store for beer is Total Wine. The store near me doesn't have any Monty Python's Holy Grail Golden Ale, but their store in Natick MA does. So, what I'd like to know; is Monty Python's Holy Grail Golden Ale worth a 400 mile round-trip?
    I would probably take Amtrak from NYC to Boston, then a commuter train to Natick.
    I ran through there twice while running the Boston Marathon. Might be fun to go up that way again.

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  2. TheIPAHunter

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    There are beers worth going that distance (and more) for, indeed. Save your miles for something that meets the criteria.
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  3. Ultrarunner2018

    Ultrarunner2018 Initiate (165) Aug 3, 2018 New Jersey

    You've got a point. But if I could find a way to get into the Boston Marathon this year, I will be running right past Natick MA anyway...
    I am generally an IPA man; my favorite all-time brew being Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA, immediately followed by Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, and then Flying Dog Double Dog IPA.
    But I like to try beers just for their name, and Monty Python was my all-time favorite TV programme while I was a young adult.

    Maybe eventually the state of NJ will relax the laws prohibiting beer from being shipped from an out-of-state brewery into the state. Wouldn't that same law prohibit the state from importing beer from other countries?

    Edit: I think I've got something wrong with my perception of the law which prohibits beer from an out-of-state brewery from being shipped into the state: I believe the point I missed is 'direct from brewer to customer'. I don't know how this law affects large retailers like Total Wine, as I never have trouble getting my Dogfish Head or Flying Dog brews at their NJ stores.
    The fact that their store in Natick MA cannot ship to me, remains a mystery to me; after all, they (Total Wine) are not the brewery, so I (the customer) am never receiving anything directly from the brewer.
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  4. bret27

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    Did you misspell go-to?
    Or is this some sort of groovy dancing beer?
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  5. TheIPAHunter

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    Do what makes you happy. I can think of myriad beers that don't have novelty names that would blow that Monty Python out the water. I love you. Cheers!
  6. Ultrarunner2018

    Ultrarunner2018 Initiate (165) Aug 3, 2018 New Jersey

    Yes; sorry. Meant 'go-to' store. I'll see if I can still edit that post now.
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  7. Beersnake

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    Edited for you
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  8. micada

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    Don’t take that guff. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!
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  9. micada

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    I do about 250 round trip to pick up Tavour orders I can’t get shipped to my house any more. I usually try to coordinate with a Voodoo lottery win, if I can.
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  10. rgordon

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    The Knights of Ni wish for a shrubbery. It is a small wish after all.
  11. The_Kriek_Freak

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    I have traveled some stupid distances for beer. Same-day flight to VT for some SoS? Done. Same-day flight to Albany for a drive over the VT border to get Second Fiddle? Done. A 6 hours drive to Decorah and back for some DDH King Sue? Done. Twice. Funny that all of these beers are now in distro in my area, haha.

    But to your question: In all honesty I don't think that this particular beer is worth the trip. If you are an IPA man, then go to MA and get some of the amazing things they make locally there and then look for this beer too.
  12. cryptichead

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    It's the journey not the destination. Definitely true in this case but can still be a fun adventure.

    Also you should call ahead to make sure they actually have it
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  13. Giantspace

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    Would it not be easier to get a trade in place.

    I was staying in western MA when Treehouse was out there. They were around an hour away and I did not make that trip. I did drive to Stowe a few years back when I was in NE NY. That was almost 1.5 hours. Worth the trip and we had a nice day and had a few beers at Von Trapp as well.

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  14. zid

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    The question isn’t: “Is it worth it?” The question is: “Is the inventory list for this store accurate, and if so, is this beer years and years old?”
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  15. mmmbeerNY

    mmmbeerNY Maven (1,333) Mar 5, 2014 New York

    No. Just because it's different does not mean it's better or worth more than the beer you can buy off your local shelf locally in most areas.
  16. BBThunderbolt

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    Will you have fun and enjoy the trip?

    If so, go.
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  17. dcotom

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    Maybe the MA store could ship it to your store. It couldn't hurt to ask. Alternatively, you could search Untappd for "Monty Python" and use the Find It feature to locate any of the myriad beers that will show up in the search results. It may be closer than you think.

    Me? If I lived that close to Massachusetts, I'd make that drive in a cold minute. Then I'd go to Tree House.

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  18. MistaRyte

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    90-120 miles is my max for day trips to hit breweries (and the occasional beer store)... 200 miles, I'm gonna stay for a weekend and hit EVERYTHING near there.
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  19. beerluvr

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  20. LarryV

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    I would definitely call ahead since the stores show Limited quantity so if you make make the trip you may not be able to get it. I wouldn't do it solely for that beer - I would pick up some other beers to make the trip more worthwhile and fruitful. My guess is that it's not likely very fresh either.

    As for me - no, I wouldn't drive 200 miles for beer unless there was some other reason I was driving that far like work, vacation etc. Good luck!
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