Yazan Karadsheh of Carakale Brewing Company on Launching Jordan's First Microbrewery

Discussion in 'Article Comments' started by BeerAdvocate, Sep 28, 2017.

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  1. BeerAdvocate

    BeerAdvocate Admin (16,842) Aug 23, 1996 Massachusetts

  2. porcorosso

    porcorosso Initiate (28) Nov 18, 2012 Colorado

    Guy's got stones. How does he vet clientele at the door for anti-alcohol fanatics who will detonate a suicide vest to keep everything kos...er...Islamic and all that.
  3. bbtkd

    bbtkd Poo-Bah (8,654) Sep 20, 2015 South Dakota
    Society Trader

    Perhaps this will be a small catalyst in opening peoples minds in that part of the world. Hard to argue religious taboos where there is proof that something harms society, since alcohol is addictive. But there also should be some tolerance for moderation - which is a foreign concept in some cultures. Bravo to Yazan.
  4. rronin

    rronin Initiate (179) Jul 4, 2005 Washington

    If you Google "terrorist attack Jordan" you will see that they probably have the lowest incident of terror attacks in the Middle East, and when they do happen it's usually not carried out by Jordanians. They have aggressive anti-terror policing and Karadsheh seems to already know half the beer drinkers in Jordan.
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  5. HorseheadsHophead

    HorseheadsHophead Poo-Bah (2,155) Sep 15, 2014 New York

    I wish him the best of luck. I hope more countries have increasingly thriving microbrewery scenes.
  6. Brolo75

    Brolo75 Initiate (0) Aug 10, 2013 California

    Wow. I did not realize beer was allowed to be consumed in Jordan, let alone a Muslim majority country in the middle east. Good news. Hopefully, his brewery will thrive and allow others the opportunity to open breweries as well.
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  7. TheInsomniac

    TheInsomniac Initiate (67) Jan 11, 2015 New Mexico

    We have more terrorism in the U.S., and we probably have more prohibitionist zealots, too (at least one in the form of the Attorney General, although I think he's more focused on pot than alcohol. For now.).
  8. po90260

    po90260 Initiate (0) Oct 9, 2010 California

    It was best not to name it the 70 Virgins Brewing Company.
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