Yeast from the East @ Gordon's?

Discussion in 'New England' started by WkndatBernardus, Nov 2, 2012.

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  1. WkndatBernardus

    WkndatBernardus Initiate (0) Feb 7, 2009 Massachusetts
    Beer Trader

    I'm thinking of going to this since their other quarterly tastings have been sick but, I haven't seen a list of beers so, I'm wondering if anyone has any more details about it?
  2. BleepBloopBlap

    BleepBloopBlap Initiate (59) Aug 19, 2011 Massachusetts

    Saw this the other day - very intrigued. Hope to make it.
  3. Richard33

    Richard33 Initiate (0) Mar 21, 2012 Massachusetts

    The list is long but some highlights include:

    Hill Farmstead - Arthur, Clara, Everett
    The Alchemist - Heady Topper
    Cigar City TBD
    Captain Lawrence TBD
    Portsmouth - a new sour and wet hop
    Lawsons - Hopzilla, Maple Nipple
    Jacks's Abby - Kiwi Rising on draft
    Maine Beer - Lunch, King Titus
    Mystic - Day of Doom, Vinland One

    and some other stuff that is good for your mouth.

    Thanks for your interest in our event, hope you can make it.
  4. jraras

    jraras Initiate (0) Jan 10, 2011 Massachusetts

    Almost positive I'll be there. Anyone else going from Boston (SE/BBY)? I'm trying to figure out the best way to get there and back while still being able to drink freely. I'd be up for splitting car service w/ a couple folks...
  5. Richard33

    Richard33 Initiate (0) Mar 21, 2012 Massachusetts

    The best public transport route is the 70 bus from Harvard square. Take it to the prospect st stop and you're right there, no transfers. It takes about 40 minutes.
  6. koflaherty

    koflaherty Initiate (192) Nov 11, 2009 New Jersey
    Beer Trader

    I make most of their quarterly tastings and I'll definitely make this one. They are some of the best opportunities to try out of state stuff you won't see otherwise. Plus, Kiwi Rising on draft, that's nice.
  7. Sirencio

    Sirencio Initiate (0) May 25, 2005 Massachusetts

    The 70 comes from Central Square, via Watertown Square. 71's from Harvard and stops at Watertown Square.
  8. BChertow

    BChertow Initiate (0) Mar 7, 2012 Massachusetts

    Hill Farmstead?!?! These guys always go all out and bring the stuff i dont have the time to drive and get myself
  9. SROCKS99

    SROCKS99 Initiate (0) Nov 5, 2012 Massachusetts

    I will definitely be attending yeast from the east @ Gordons.I have been to the last few tastings @ gordons and they have been awesome. This tasting is showcasing a great lineup of brewerys, Im pumped.
  10. JohnB311

    JohnB311 Initiate (0) Aug 19, 2008 Massachusetts

    I grabbed a couple of tickets last week - definitely looking forward to this.
  11. jbertsch

    jbertsch Meyvn (1,075) Dec 14, 2008 Massachusetts

    Just got my 2 tickets. Excited to go, as I tend to prefer smaller tastings/fests as opposed to big festivals. Haven't been to one of their tastings before. See everyone there!
  12. SROCKS99

    SROCKS99 Initiate (0) Nov 5, 2012 Massachusetts

    Its always a treat to be be drinking heady topper and anything by hill farmstead on the same night. Really excited for this one. Great breweries on this tastings lineup!
  13. pveilleux

    pveilleux Aspirant (271) Feb 3, 2012 Massachusetts

    Dammit....just read about this. Hate that I missed it, but it's the wife's b-day.

    I grew up around the corner from this Gordon's location (it used to be CVS and Brigham's) and used to work at the Moody St store in college. It's how I got into craft beer.
  14. JohnB311

    JohnB311 Initiate (0) Aug 19, 2008 Massachusetts

    This is a really nice tasting. Off the top of my head this is what was poured...

    Lawson's: Hopzilla & Maple Nipple
    Alchemist: Heady Topper
    Maine Beer: Lunch & King Titus
    Hill Farmstead: Clara, Anna, Everett, and a honey saison collaboration.
    Portsmouth: Phunkin' (Pumpkin Sour) & Hop Harvest
    Allagash: Four & Fluxus
    Cisco: Monomoy Kriek & Full and By Rye
    Jack's Abby: Kiwi Risin' (draft)
    Captain Lawrence: Golden Delicious & Liquid Gold
    Dogfish Head: Bitches Brew
    Mystic: Day of Doom & Vinland One
    Enlightenment: Brute

    Also a bottle of The Bruery Fruet was brought out at the very end.

    That's all I can remember at this point, there were a few others that I missing.
  15. koflaherty

    koflaherty Initiate (192) Nov 11, 2009 New Jersey
    Beer Trader

    I have the sheet at home, but I think that captures most of it. The saison collaberation was Grassroots Sankt Hans (which I thought was interesting but I wasn't taken by it). They also had Porcine Unidragon (really good ifor those who appreciate the smoked malt) and Blue Mountain's Dark Hollow.

    Overall, a very good tasting but less epic than some of the others. The HF stuff was terrific, but it also gave me an appreciation of some of our locals. I forget how good those Cisco sours are and the Mystic beers were also good, plus Kiwi Rising is great. They didn't get any Cigar City unfortunately.
  16. jbertsch

    jbertsch Meyvn (1,075) Dec 14, 2008 Massachusetts

    Yeah I enjoyed it. First time going to one of these at Gordons. If previous tastings were more epic, what did they entail?

    My favorite surprise of the whole thing was actually Cisco's kriek, which I'd never had before. I really liked that.

    Kiwi Rising on tap was sublime. And I've confirmed Everett is still the #1 porter in my book... had it right after King Titus and it was no contest.

    I also was reminded of how much I like what Enlightenment is brewing.
    Was a little bummed there was no Cigar City, as I still haven't had any. No biggie.

    Selling Heady was unexpected. Too bad it didn't taste super fresh, but I can understand how that can easily happen for an event like this.

    Did anyone here walk away with one of the Cantillon bottles that appeared near the end for sale? Had a chance for one, but didn't pull the trigger for silly reasons I won't bore anyone with. What did they charge for it?
  17. tendermorsel

    tendermorsel Initiate (0) Oct 22, 2006 Massachusetts

    Yeah Gordon's on Main St is the shit.. They do tastings like this all the time.

    I was actually in there shopping on Friday but didn't have the coin to participate. Bummer cause it looked like Tender could have got a bunch of ticks!
  18. JohnB311

    JohnB311 Initiate (0) Aug 19, 2008 Massachusetts

    Agreed on the Cisco Kriek, unfortunately the price tag will almost always keep me away.

    Cantillon Gueuze rang up for $17 or so.
  19. koflaherty

    koflaherty Initiate (192) Nov 11, 2009 New Jersey
    Beer Trader

    I thought the last Hop tasting was pretty epic. Not only did they have IPAs from HF (plus Edward on draft - great beer) and Lawsons but a ton of west coast stuff - Pliny, HoTD, Kern's, Alpine. Their dark beers tasting included some things like CBS that I never would have tried otherwise and they opened a 'cellar beer' every hour or so (BA Blackout, Black Tuesday).

    I'd be surprised if the Heady was old. I got the impression that they had made a big drive up a couple of days before for the Heady and HF. They also had a case (or more) of Heady that they were selling. Long gone before I got to it, but it was at $20 / 4 pack so I was glad not to pay the premium.

    Missed the Cantillon. I left about 8:15.
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