Your beer consumption and the pandemic

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Since the pandemic I'm...

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  1. Drinking more

  2. Drinking about the same

  3. Drinking less

  1. RobertB412

    RobertB412 Initiate (52) Sep 4, 2020 Pennsylvania

    Definitely drinking more. When the bars were closed, I would buy at least 4/6 pack everyday from work. Now some are open and find that I am still getting a 4/6 pack everyday that I work. I don't drink all them of course, so the fridge is packed with beer!
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  2. nomisugitai

    nomisugitai Initiate (114) Mar 11, 2006 New Jersey

    I thought that I was drinking the same, but I just found out from the doctor that my liver enzymes increased.
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  3. ssascotth

    ssascotth Initiate (19) Jun 5, 2019 Illinois

    Probably more. By working at home I don’t have to get up at 4:00 AM anymore, so I can stay up later. So I have more weeknights where I can have a drink.

    I am a one beer per day man but instead of one Guinness or Yeungling, I am having higher abv treats like Expedition or Barleywines. Those can be like 3-4 times the alcohol of regular beers! So on beers, volume the same, alcohol higher.

    One thing to keep in mind, the volume for tastings is zero in the last 6 months. For some of you maybe it’s always been zero because you don’t go to tastings or they’re illegal (the horror!). But around here, Friday and Saturday tastings are plentiful. So for me, my usual Saturday afternoon is going to the store where there are typically a dozen wines, a few whiskies and beer/seltzer/others to taste. That helps reduce the overall intake.

    Also, fewer gatherings where I would be likely to drink more. So, I convincing myself that maybe it’s the same...but it’s probably still really more...
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  4. traction

    traction Defender (634) Dec 4, 2010 Georgia
    Society Trader

    Drinking more. I am buying about 25% craft and 75% cheap vodka at the moment. Prior to COVID I was never much of a liquor guy but if nothing else it is certainly more cost effective than a $20+ 4 pack. Smoking more as well. 2020 has been an absolute mess and has absolutely destroyed my mental health

    @Justonemore91 and anyone else I blackout messaged last night sorry about that. It was a liquor night last night and the vodka made me even more depressed. Seriously thanks to all my friends here who put up with my drunken emo bullshit that comes up sometimes. I don't have many people to talk or vent to so it usually ends up going into a drunken PM to keep as much of my personal drama off the main boards as possible.
  5. TinFang

    TinFang Disciple (309) Jun 20, 2011 California

    Drinking less. My business (tenant improvement/light industrial construction) had a drastic drop off in revenue because no client has the money to build that they aren't forced to. One client has a parking lot that's so empty, it looks like all the tenants left even though two of them renewed their leases in February. No revenue = no profit = see my post about drinking six year old ales.
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  6. laketang

    laketang Meyvn (1,272) Mar 22, 2015 Illinois

    Pandemic + moving to Arizona + seeking employment there = drinking more.
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  7. distantmantra

    distantmantra Meyvn (1,113) May 23, 2011 Washington

    I was definitely drinking more early on during the pandemic, but after recovering from heart surgery I'm able to run again (running 5-6 days a week with a distance of 3-4 miles per run) so I limit my drinking to Friday/Saturday/Sunday with a goal of 2-3 beers max per day. I'm also on Warfarin due to my heart valve replacement, so I need to be responsible. I genuinely feel better not drinking during the week, and I'm sure it's better for me as well.

    Last year during fresh hop season, I drank 75 unique fresh hop beers. This year I'm thinking that 25-30 max is a more reasonable number.
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  8. TheWolf

    TheWolf Disciple (356) May 26, 2015 Delaware

    Same “amount”. I usually drink 2 beers Friday night. 3-4 beers Saturday night. 2 beers Sunday. My tastes always change and I’m drinking more so now in the 5-7% abv range and less in the 9-11% range. Also staying away from the sugary fruited sours and boozy pastry stouts recently. More pale ales and drier sour wilds.
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  9. neenerzig

    neenerzig Poo-Bah (2,660) Feb 15, 2006 Ohio

    Consuming about the same amount of alcohol overall as I have for about the past 15 years now. Spending less money for sure though, since most of my drinking is taking place at home or at a friend's house for the past 6 1/2 months now, as opposed to going out to bars and breweries. My good friend Jon Passow is also turning me on to a lot of good bourbons and scotches over the past 8 months or so now, so my beer consumption has decreased a bit, as I am drinking more spirits than I used to.

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  10. Stevedore

    Stevedore Poo-Bah (5,824) Nov 16, 2012 Oregon
    Society Trader

    My consumption has trended to favor lager and lower ABV sours, less DIPAs, stouts and barleywine. So from that standpoint, it's been a wash.
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  11. traction

    traction Defender (634) Dec 4, 2010 Georgia
    Society Trader

    Reverse that and you almost perfectly describe me.
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  12. Riff

    Riff Champion (873) May 12, 2016 Virginia

    Start of the pandemic, yeah drinking more and killed down a bit of the cellar. But that was the switch to working from home, kids suddenly home all day, oh and we were in the process of closing on a house when the pandemic started so all the joys of doing that and moving compounded by the pandemic.
    As summer wore on whittled it back down to my norm of about a 6 pack a week. It's slightly more now with work stress but still only around maybe 9 drinks a week, mix of beer or bourbon.
  13. Rainintheface

    Rainintheface Champion (828) Apr 30, 2007 Massachusetts

    At the beginning, I was definitely drinking more. I'm back to my normal consumption now but I assume if there is a near repeat of Spring, it's game on again.