Your Beerfest Strategy?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by 19etz55, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. EddieGold

    EddieGold Initiate (0) Nov 22, 2012 North Carolina

    get drunk.
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  2. barleywinefiend

    barleywinefiend Initiate (0) Nov 22, 2007 Washington

    Word. The Toronado Bwine Festival of 2008 and the fallout afterwards taught me much....experienced I am....

    Never pass out drunk on a shitter in a Haight-Ashbury vendors bathroom with a slice of pizza in your mouth...just sayin'
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  3. jjchristiano

    jjchristiano Aspirant (259) Sep 24, 2009 New Jersey

    I look for "new" stuff I haven't had before. Don't need to "taste" anything that I have had many times even if it is excellent. I look for either a new beer from a well known favorite brewer or I look for a brewery that I have never had before. After that I look for a cool T-Shirt to buy.
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  4. vthippie

    vthippie Initiate (146) Dec 18, 2012 Vermont

    First I knock out any wants, one-offs and collabs from my favorite breweries, then I move on to new (or new to me) breweries. Also keep an eye out for any events within the event. At the last VT Brewfest they had a chocolate pairing where we got to sample 4-5 beers and got free chocolate (Heady Topper with dark chocolate covered almonds is amazing). Having a partner that you can split tasters with does allow you to cover a lot more ground.
  5. ipas-for-life

    ipas-for-life Disciple (347) Feb 28, 2012 Virginia
    Beer Trader

    The majority of big beer fests in my area aren't worth going to. It's the same old off the shelf beers that you can find any day. You might get some interesting stuff from the local breweries but that's it. When I do go I try to get there as early as possible. By the time I have tried the majority of stuff I want the lines start getting huge and I head home.
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  6. keithmurray

    keithmurray Meyvn (1,138) Oct 7, 2009 Connecticut

    1. Get food in me before hand
    2. Get water in me. Lots of water.
    3. Go to the brewery that is located at the farthest location from the festival's entrance. This way, I don't get crowded by a bunch of assholes, at least during my first 6 or 7 beers. Once I develop a buzz, only then can I deal with the assholes
    5. When I feel myself getting too drunk, get more food and water in my system
    4. Wander until I taste something that pleases my palate. Then I keep going back for said beer until I feel like trying something new.
    5. Mainly, just go to enjoy the company of my friends, drink beer and check out some good looking chicks. I was surprised when I went to TAP NY last year, there were a decent amount of hotties walking around and pouring beer samples.
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  7. PaulB

    PaulB Initiate (0) Sep 3, 2002 Massachusetts

    Get drunk fast, throw up first.
  8. keithmurray

    keithmurray Meyvn (1,138) Oct 7, 2009 Connecticut

    I never understood when a brewery gets an invite to a festival, why do they only bring beers that you can buy at any store. I can see bringing a couple of the flagship beers, but at least bring a limited release or seasonal beer with you.
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  9. NickMunford

    NickMunford Savant (978) Oct 2, 2006 Wyoming

    Eat plenty before and during the fest. Drink water between tasters. As far as deciding what beers to drink, I usually go to stations with short to no lines. If there's something I "have" to try, I might wait in a longer line, but that's pretty rare. I mostly try and sample new beers that I haven't tried before. If I find any I really like, I'll usually go back for another 1 or 2 samples of it.
  10. 19etz55

    19etz55 Disciple (323) Aug 12, 2007 New Jersey

    Sounds like a GREAT plan!!!
  11. 19etz55

    19etz55 Disciple (323) Aug 12, 2007 New Jersey

    I can relate.
  12. ColdOne

    ColdOne Aspirant (220) Jan 19, 2013 New York
    Beer Trader

    There's no science, because first and foremost it's about hanging with my friends and having a killer time. So I go with the flow. However, given the option I like to:

    1. Hit casks, barrel aged brews or anything that seems out of the ordinary, especially from breweries I respect.
    2. Along the way, I'm happy to hit beers I've already had here and there. This takes the sting away from tastes that are less than impressive.
    3. Get the buzz of the room and find the new brews that people are talking about.
    4. Return for second tastes of stuff I've loved.
    5. If Schmaltz is around, head there for a kick in the nuts before I leave.
    6. Drink the night away at the lodge. Laugh, cry, piss, repeat.
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  13. aasher

    aasher Poo-Bah (2,572) Jan 27, 2010 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    Drink your rinse water!
  14. Brewsephus

    Brewsephus Initiate (0) Jan 15, 2012 Massachusetts

    Don't wreck your palate. Start off with light lagers, blondes, hefes, wits, then go esb, mild, pale, hit up some browns, porters, stouts, then IPAs, then finish with sour. It's important to pace your palate, or you will not be able to taste the beers at the end of the fest. No coffee the day of, big greasy burger beforehand.
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  15. NWer

    NWer Crusader (715) Mar 10, 2009 Washington
    Beer Trader

    So much for my "serious" answer I had planned.
  16. Genuine

    Genuine Devotee (463) May 7, 2009 Connecticut

    Usually before I Have anything to eat, I'll go towards more hop forward IPA's, belgians and the like. After I have something, I usually crave stouts, barleywines, etc. Depends on what brewery is there for example would be if Sierra Nevada is there, I've had most of their offerings and like them all very much. If they have a new beer available that I haven't had, I'll go for that. Otherwise, I like to try new beers only. After I have tried the things I haven't, I'll go for the "go-to's".
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  17. RyanBeer13

    RyanBeer13 Initiate (0) Jan 24, 2011 Virginia

    I try as much as possible
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  18. cerp66

    cerp66 Initiate (23) Sep 20, 2007 South Carolina

    Find the group of girls that are drinking the most, and go out with them afterwards.
  19. Kopfschuss

    Kopfschuss Initiate (0) Aug 19, 2009 Oregon

    Haha! Don't lie, you're going to do some brawling this year at the WA brewer's festival right?

    Real response, have a good time and try not to injure my foot on a large cable like I did a couple years back at the Portland Waterfront Beer Festival. Damn that hurt :slight_frown: Over-thinking the festival makes for a hurried and less enjoyable time to me. I take it as it comes, avoiding huge line-ups for sure.
  20. GRG1313

    GRG1313 Poo-Bah (3,472) Jan 15, 2009 California
    Supporter Beer Trader

    This is a great thread. Lots of good comments (both serious and witty). Love it.

    I can tell you seriously that my first time to GABF I went alone. THAT was a huge mistake! I was overwhelmed by the size of the place and the quantity of beers available. I hated it. I didn't know where to turn first; had no idea about 3/4 of the breweries in the place so I had no idea if I was passing the greatest or worst brewery on earth. I tasted a bit; waited in lines a bit and just got discouraged while my feet continued to hurt.

    I learned my lesson. I now go to most beer events/festivals/parties with friends and family so that we can share up to 4 or 5 different beers at the same time. Sometimes we all go to one brewery and get 4 or 5 of the different choices. I drink my rinse water and, perhaps most importantly, I wear really good and comfortable shoes! I also make sure to get some food about 1/2 through the event. And, like others, I try what I really want first, if possible, but I won't pass up a good beer with no line. I also attend knowing that it is unlikely that I'll get the newest DFH since I won't wait in the line and that Allagash will probably run out of my first choice as well. Lost Abbey always brings great stuff that runs out quickly and is only available at designated times, like a few other places. Just a few examples but you get my point - you can't get too frustrated if you don't get "the beer of the day." Sometimes....shit just happens and you miss it.

    But, if you hit some of the places with no lines and that everyone else is avoiding, I'll bet you that you're going to find at least one sleeper!

    Best advice: Don't plan on drinking it all or getting a taste of everything - ain't going to happen!
  21. 19etz55

    19etz55 Disciple (323) Aug 12, 2007 New Jersey

    Nice advice. Beer on!
  22. victory4me

    victory4me Zealot (547) Oct 16, 2004 Pennsylvania

    Pretzel necklace? People actually do that? Good lord.
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  23. NWer

    NWer Crusader (715) Mar 10, 2009 Washington
    Beer Trader

    True that. Best laid plans beforehand never match what I end up doing. Short lines for sure - or wait in line while enjoying a beer. Whatever, only beers not readily available worth considering.
    "A" list for me are SIB, OBF, Belgianfest. All others not so much anymore.
    Attended Surlyfest last year - what a blast - but that was a one-time opportunity. Unlikely to repeat.
  24. Kopfschuss

    Kopfschuss Initiate (0) Aug 19, 2009 Oregon

    Ugh I'm jealous. I am contemplating if I will be attending any large festivals this year. I am so content just visiting breweries/venues and sampling numerous outstanding beers. Summer usually draws road trips and beer adventures for the girlfriend and I, so I am sure something fun will pop up.
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  25. GRG1313

    GRG1313 Poo-Bah (3,472) Jan 15, 2009 California
    Supporter Beer Trader

    Here's the bigger question: Why, after 2 to 4 hours at a beer festival, do the people with the pretzel necklaces leave with seemingly as many pretzels as when they entered?!!? Truthfully, enquiring minds want to know!
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  26. Kopfschuss

    Kopfschuss Initiate (0) Aug 19, 2009 Oregon

    Got drunk and forgot :slight_frown:
  27. GFG

    GFG Initiate (0) Oct 24, 2012 North Dakota

    I make it my goal to try every single beer as long as its not BMC
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  28. UCLABrewN84

    UCLABrewN84 Poo-Bah (12,229) Mar 18, 2010 California

    I will usually walk around and try to get tastes of things I think will kick first. After that, I just make sure to try everything I haven't had before. This strategy has given me some rough nights though.
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  29. BrewTasting

    BrewTasting Initiate (0) Dec 8, 2010 Nevada
    Beer Trader

    The breakfast burrito in the morning is what makes or breaks it.
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  30. Bildo

    Bildo Initiate (0) Jan 24, 2013 Minnesota

    Get there early to scope out the beer list. find the ones that sound interesting esp from breweriesI havent had the pleasure of tasting before. then hit the limited or special casks of beers i enjoy. after that try to go back to ones i truely enjoy at the same time grabbing a beer from he booths with no line.
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  31. kelvarnsen

    kelvarnsen Devotee (401) Nov 30, 2011 Ontario (Canada)

    If there is an option to buy a souvenir glass get it. The last few beer festivals I have been too, beer gets served in little 4 oz plastic cups. And since they can only hold 4 ounces there is no way to get any more of that in your glass. But the souvenir glass usually holds more than 4 (with a fill line somewhere to indicate 4 oz). But usually the guys pouring aren't really that accurate and will almost always pour higher than that line.
  32. Rion

    Rion Aspirant (265) Jan 30, 2013 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    I try to eat as much as possible and drink lots of water so I'm not the guy stumbeling around all over the place.
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  33. kemoarps

    kemoarps Meyvn (1,027) Apr 30, 2008 Washington
    Beer Trader

    Good suggestions so far. One I figured out today was: if it's really warm where you are, wear a hat. And put ice in it. It melts and cools your scalp and offers a miniscule hydration.
  34. SammyJaxxxx

    SammyJaxxxx Poo-Bah (1,800) Feb 23, 2012 New Jersey
    Beer Trader

    I like to give a quart of blood right before I go.
    That way the alcohol kicks in quicker.
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  35. hoptualBrew

    hoptualBrew Defender (617) May 29, 2011 Florida
    Beer Trader

    Camelback. Of water.
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  36. TheNightwatchman

    TheNightwatchman Zealot (512) Mar 28, 2009 Pennsylvania

    I usually make it a priority to go to breweries I haven't had beer from, or have only had a few beers from. I'll still stop by the places that I'm extremely familiar with, but they aren't my top priority. I tend to go to beerfests to get exposed to new beers.

    I'll usually grab a beer from someone close to the entrance of the venue, and then walk around the entire place to see what else is available before deciding what to target first.
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  37. haknort

    haknort Initiate (0) Apr 10, 2013 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Which is exactly why my friends and I show up wearing matching Team XYZ shirts made out of pretzels.

    The awkward moment comes after we've sampled forty or so beers and then begin gnawing on each other.

    Also, we BYOB. Usually something they don't have at beer fests, like Coors Light.

    As for necklaces, ours are made of Advil and Tums.
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  38. willbm3

    willbm3 Initiate (0) Feb 19, 2010 Massachusetts

    A quart?!? Christ
  39. FEUO

    FEUO Disciple (327) Jul 24, 2012 Ontario (Canada)

    Hit a couple places up, eat, a few more, eat, several more, eat.
    I'd rather be a tad bloated and buzzed than the alternative.
    Oh, and lots of water in between everything. Cleans palate, hydrates.
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  40. tinypyramids

    tinypyramids Initiate (0) Jul 19, 2012 Illinois

    it's not gonna help absorb the booze (and i've never done one for myself), but i imagine pretzel necklaces are more for palate cleansing than anything else. my palate starts to get completely screwed around beer #15, and some neutral flavoured bread or chips or something would help a lot.
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