Your first drain-pour

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by LCB_Hostage, Apr 17, 2013.

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  1. gasanesthesia

    gasanesthesia Initiate (0) Oct 23, 2012 Georgia

    WHAT?? Thats one of my all time favs! Send em this way!

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  2. gasanesthesia

    gasanesthesia Initiate (0) Oct 23, 2012 Georgia

    TOTALLLY agree!
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  3. Seanhand_atl

    Seanhand_atl Initiate (0) Mar 29, 2014 Georgia

    I enjoyed the donut maple bacon, however I have a bomber of the rouge voodoo pretzel raspberry chocolate ale in my fridge,and I am hesitant to try it.
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  4. jivex5k

    jivex5k Initiate (0) Apr 13, 2011 Florida

    I must have been 12 at my uncles, he gave me it to try. I secretly dumped it out on the ground near the campfire while pretending to drink it. Wanted to fit in with the adults lol.
  5. SteveB24

    SteveB24 Initiate (0) Aug 29, 2013 New York

    sam adams winter lager. tasted like seltzer with a dash of pumpkin spice, except, that actually sounds more appealing then the beer I tasted. sorry to say it but pumking also went down the drain.
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  6. SteveB24

    SteveB24 Initiate (0) Aug 29, 2013 New York

    really? I thought storm king was on the lower side of the intensity spectrum, compared to other stouts.
  7. SteveB24

    SteveB24 Initiate (0) Aug 29, 2013 New York

    unfortunately or not, we are the minority in that regard, my friend, not him. I don't get it either.
  8. supernatural_skeptic

    supernatural_skeptic Initiate (0) Apr 16, 2014 Texas

    Jester King's Commercial Suicide. Everything else they make is great, but that one tasted like an ashtray - no thanks.
  9. TongoRad

    TongoRad Grand Pooh-Bah (3,826) Jun 3, 2004 New Jersey
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    Booooo! Most wrong post on this whole thread^

    @Droogins - never mind that guy, it's definitely one of the best Pils around.
  10. RStang13

    RStang13 Initiate (0) Jun 22, 2011 New Jersey

    Prima Pils is the best domestic Pils I've had, pretty boring style on all fronts if you ask me (which you didn't, haha)
  11. TongoRad

    TongoRad Grand Pooh-Bah (3,826) Jun 3, 2004 New Jersey
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    Hold on a second- are you and Rstang19 part of a series of clones or something? If that's the case, then no wonder- I bet most things would seem boring to you guys.:wink:

    Agreed on the first part, though :grinning:
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  12. RStang13

    RStang13 Initiate (0) Jun 22, 2011 New Jersey

    My much newer to the site cousin who didn't realize my handle with the same first initial is rstang19 haha
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  13. TongoRad

    TongoRad Grand Pooh-Bah (3,826) Jun 3, 2004 New Jersey
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    Well, if he's new to the site then I shouldn't have been so unwelcoming, so I'll apologize to @Rstang19 for my tone in that post.

    But, it's just so difficult for lagers to get much respect around here (and there are plenty of poorly made ones around which doesn't help matters), that we don't need the best ones getting badmouthed as well.
  14. threeviews

    threeviews Initiate (0) Apr 18, 2011 Florida

    >Ruckus Brewing Hoptimus Prime...great name, terrible beer (and I've had it from a bottle and on draught).
    >Stone 2010 Double Bastard (aged under proper conditions) and consumed roughly 3 years later...ages nothing like Old Guardian (not to mention that Stone ranks as one of my Top 10 breweries)
    >Weyerbacher Double Simcoe past its prime (over six months old) wonder it was on sale! (not to mention that Weyerbacher ranks as another one of my Top 10 breweries)
    >Sierra 2013/14 Celebration Ale...the 2012/13 batch bordered on being astringent, but held up...this year's batch was just OFF.
    ...I could think of others, but this is a pretty immediate and impressionable list.
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  15. Rstang19

    Rstang19 Initiate (0) Mar 3, 2014 New Jersey

    No worries @tangorad just a difference of opinion, no offense taken. I should of mentioned that i'm not the biggest fan of pilsners to begin with. I was not trying to insinuate that it was a drain pour (although if probably came off that way). It is just an average beer in my opinion.
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  16. byronic

    byronic Initiate (0) Nov 8, 2013 Canada (ON)

    Nickel Brook Maple Porter, wasn't the first but the most memorable!
  17. kegnation

    kegnation Initiate (0) Nov 19, 2013 Virginia

    What a waste...... you just weren't ready for the Lord
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  18. jayhunter357

    jayhunter357 Initiate (0) Apr 29, 2013 Massachusetts

    Stone owes me $18 plus punitive damages for "drinking" Crime. That piece of shit is criminal itself.
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  19. MaltMilkshake

    MaltMilkshake Initiate (0) Feb 9, 2011 California

    Verhaeghe Duchesse De Bourgogne
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  20. Petey_the_Quiet

    Petey_the_Quiet Initiate (0) Jan 16, 2014 Florida

    Only drain poured BMC beers once they got warm and undrinkable. Ever since I've gotten into craft beers I've had the good fortune to never have had a skunky/flat/infected brew that I've had to drain pour and I sure as hell haven't drain poured a good one.

    I've had ones that at the time were too much for me, but I powered through them. For instance in my early craft beer days, I tried Old Rasputin at a local craft pub, I was completely out of my element as I was totally unaware of what a Russian Imperial Stout was, but I sipped it until I finished it. Refuse to waste a craft beer, unless I ever have the misfortune to run into a infected brew.
  21. myuncle

    myuncle Initiate (0) Mar 17, 2012 Illinois

    mango magnifico... not really in the drain but on the ground in my backyard
  22. SlightlyStoopidG

    SlightlyStoopidG Initiate (0) Jul 22, 2012 Ohio

    a De Molen beer. Was supposed to taste like whiskey but tasted like rust.
  23. kerry4porters

    kerry4porters Initiate (0) Dec 31, 2012 Arizona

    overly sweet syrupy flavor on that
  24. Comparison_Ford

    Comparison_Ford Initiate (0) Apr 4, 2014 New York

    Some memorable drain-pours:

    Mango Magnifico
    Habanero Sculpin
    Oude Gueuze Tilquin a l'Ancienne

    Confession: I drain-poured the last few ounces of my 2014 Hunahpu. Great beer, just a little too heavy on the cinnamon. Became unbearable towards the end.
  25. J_Dub

    J_Dub Initiate (0) Apr 22, 2013 Texas

    Stone Double Bastard. I wasn't ready at the time and even now I have no desire to go back.
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  26. bigtoe71

    bigtoe71 Initiate (0) Apr 20, 2014 Illinois

    I was ready, just not willing.

    Different strokes my friend!
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  27. dman127

    dman127 Initiate (0) Jul 11, 2011 Illinois

    FFF Tiberian Inquistor. And I think I have another bottle of it in the cellar!
  28. B-Nut-GoBlue

    B-Nut-GoBlue Pundit (878) Apr 22, 2014 Iowa

    I'm a year and a half, maybe more, into this whole hobby, and I've always wondered how in the hell I'd ever come across something I "just couldn't finish". It happened over Super Bowl Sunday. Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout. I don't know how, I just could not enjoy that beer. Finished 2/3 and had to rid of the rest (maybe that isn't a true drain pour, drinking most of it versus having only a few drinks and discarding it).
  29. StoryOfTheGhost

    StoryOfTheGhost Initiate (0) Nov 14, 2011 New Jersey

    Brooklyn's Monster- the Barley Wine. Tasted like metal and band aids

    That Dog Fish chai beer, not even worth looking up, was the only other beer that I drain poured.

    So, I have had 2 in all my years of drinking beer. I can still taste the Monster when I think of it. So bad
  30. nprpbs

    nprpbs Initiate (0) Feb 16, 2014 Florida

    Expecting to be bad: Wild Blue. Shouldn't even be called beer.

    Expecting to like: Left Hand Milk Stout
  31. kegnation

    kegnation Initiate (0) Nov 19, 2013 Virginia

    DFH Theobroma...opened it with three friends and nobody finished their glass. Too much going on, just didn't mesh well with the chocolate and chilies. Can't believe the ratings on here
  32. RummyRedbeard

    RummyRedbeard Initiate (0) Mar 8, 2013 Colorado

    OE 40oz. Poured one out for my homies.
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  33. RummyRedbeard

    RummyRedbeard Initiate (0) Mar 8, 2013 Colorado

    No worries, it seems as though I'm following in your footsteps. I never understood these threads... and a new variation of the same thread pops up every week.
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  34. Iamjeff6

    Iamjeff6 Initiate (0) Sep 9, 2013 Virginia

    I think I’ve only poured out one beer- It was Lost Rhino 2200lb of sin Barley wine, maybe I’m not a fan of barley wines. Even if I don’t like a beer I try to finish everything and hopefully change my mind about it.
  35. HRamz3

    HRamz3 Initiate (0) Feb 9, 2010 Pitcairn

    Next up: Post your DPing of your Latest Haul!
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  36. pat_usher

    pat_usher Initiate (0) Mar 27, 2013 Pennsylvania

    Victory Helios. Thinking it was just a bad bottle kept too cold and too long in a bottle shop, but I'm hesistant to try it again.
  37. punxsybob

    punxsybob Initiate (0) Mar 9, 2014 Pennsylvania

    Sweet Baby Jesus had to be "modified" with 50% home made Mead to be drinkable. Almost a drain pour.
  38. beersdmf17

    beersdmf17 Pundit (845) Jun 26, 2012 Illinois

    It was either Souther Tier Creme Brûlée or Sixpoint Apollo. Can't remember which but both were early on in my craft beer interest.
  39. needMIbeer

    needMIbeer Pooh-Bah (2,178) Feb 5, 2014 Virginia
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    I honestly thought I would never drain pour a beer until today. I opened up a Southern Tier Farmers's Tan thinking it'd be a good way to start out a rather long day of wedding festivities and was significantly underwhelmed. I typically try to do at least some minimal research before purchasing a beer and this one definitely bit me in the ass.
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