Your Top Beers of 2012

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by starrdogg, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. PittBeerGirl

    PittBeerGirl Poo-Bah (1,583) Feb 27, 2007 Ohio

    My 2012 in beer was a lot more about sharing and enjoying brews with my fiaance- who was unfamilar with the craft beer scene until he met me.

    Two beers that stood out to me this year:

    Full Pint Rye Rebellion
    Willoughby Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter
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  2. CaptainTripps

    CaptainTripps Initiate (0) Aug 8, 2010 Oregon

    Rochefort 10 (always)
    Deschutes Black Butte XXIV
    Boneyard Brewing Hop Venom
    and probably a couple others my drunkin mind is forgetting at the moment...


    add in the following:

    Goose Island King Henry
    The Bruery Black Tuesday
    Westy 12 (vintage 1998 I believe).


    The Bruery Chocolate Rain
  3. tharreld

    tharreld Initiate (137) May 7, 2010 Montana
    Beer Trader

    Summit Saga
  4. OSUBeerStudent

    OSUBeerStudent Initiate (0) May 2, 2008 Washington

    Toronado SD. It was around the 25th anniversary.
  5. luwak

    luwak Aspirant (269) Mar 2, 2010 Arizona
    Beer Trader

    Yeah ive been hearing bout that ...alot....sigh can't do it all...

    Yeah this one seems like it must have been pretty awesome from what i read
  6. Pecan

    Pecan Devotee (421) Dec 20, 2012 Arizona
    Beer Trader

    1. 3F Bourbon DL
    2. Utopias (2011 Vintage)
    3. 3F Hell's Black Intelligencer
    4. High Water Campfire Stout
    5. Alesmith Speedway Stout w/ Vietnamese Coffee
  7. vurt

    vurt Crusader (750) Apr 11, 2004 Oregon

    Logsdon Seizoen Bretta
    The Bruery Barrel-Aged Four Calling Birds
    Hangar 24 Pugachev's Cobra (Barrel Roll No. 3, 2012)
    Upright Engelberg Pils
    La Cumbre Hoppy Hippy Organic Pale Ale

    Yep, that's my Top 5. Some big beers, some small beers. I'm rather surprised to see a pilsener and a regular pale ale in there, but they sure deserve to be included.
  8. YogiBeer

    YogiBeer Initiate (0) May 10, 2012 Illinois

    Curmudgeons better half
    BCBS Coffee 2012
    Espresso Yeti
    Brunch Weasel Cognac
  9. Oneinchaway

    Oneinchaway Initiate (120) Jun 12, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    Smoking Wood (Rye Whiskey)
    FFF Rye Da Tiger
    Ruination 10th Anniv
    Conflux No.1
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  10. GhostKidd956

    GhostKidd956 Initiate (0) Dec 26, 2012

    Firemans 4 blone ale real ale
    vertical epic 12.12.12
    dogfish Imperial IPA 90 min
    Stone arrogant oaked bastard ale
    Rouge Pumpkin ale
  11. Eastba4savage

    Eastba4savage Initiate (0) Dec 26, 2012 California

    Lagunitas daytime <--super tasty
    Conflux collage
    Enjoy by
    Knee deep simtra
    RR row 2
  12. Lefty1881

    Lefty1881 Initiate (185) Dec 31, 2010 Florida
    Beer Trader

    Parabola & Meadowlark IPA
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  13. jasoncheb

    jasoncheb Initiate (177) Nov 23, 2012 Virginia

    Not sure if you have seen Terrapin Side Project #18, which is a peanut butter and chocolate porter, but it's also extremely delicious.
  14. FutureOBrew

    FutureOBrew Aspirant (203) Feb 27, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    In no particular order:

    Kiwi Rising
    Dancing man Wheat
    Apple Ale
    Birth of Tragedy
    Gandhi Bot
    Fuzzy Baby Ducks

    Hopefully will have a few more to add in the last few days of 2012...
  15. xnicknj

    xnicknj Initiate (0) May 25, 2009 Pennsylvania

    just a quick glance through my reviews so i'm probably missing some but:

    Brandy Vanilla Dark Lord
    Bourbon Dark Lord
    King Henry
    Wide Awake It's Morning
    3F Golden Blend
  16. drabmuh

    drabmuh Initiate (0) Feb 7, 2004 Maryland

    That is a solid list and would agree on all of those, except SS #5 since that one passed me by but passed on past experience I assume it was just as awesome as the rest. Also high on my list Ann from Hill Farmstead, P.E.G.S. RareR DOS and Batch 100, and Palm Ridge Barrel Aged Hunahpus.
  17. jbertsch

    jbertsch Meyvn (1,094) Dec 14, 2008 Massachusetts

    It did come out in 2011, FWIW. But if it's new to you... cheers.
  18. jbertsch

    jbertsch Meyvn (1,094) Dec 14, 2008 Massachusetts

    If I'm strict about only considering beers that were first released 2012, my list would include:

    Firestone Walker - Wookey Jack
    Smuttynose - Durty
    Jack’s Abby - Lashes
    Jack’s Abby - Fire in the Ham
    Lawson's Finest Liquids - Hunger Mountain 40th Anniversary Ale
    Maine Beer – MO
    Lagunitas - Day Time IPA
  19. ThisWangsChung

    ThisWangsChung Poo-Bah (2,722) Oct 15, 2011 Maryland
    Beer Trader

    New to me releases:

    1. Terrapin Wake-N-Bake
    2. Rochefort 10
    3. 2012 BCBCS
  20. Schwantz

    Schwantz Initiate (0) Dec 16, 2012 Florida

    This was year 1 for me. More like 6 mos but I'm trying to catch up. So much to do but this site has been a huge resource..thx.
    No particular order.
    BCBS 2012. Coffee2010. Coffee2012
    The Abyss 2012 & 2011
    Pliny the balanced/Cigar City JAI ALAI
    Abacus says 2011 cap said 2010
    Hunahpu/Marshall Zhukov
    Ok ok I know fuzzy math..... Cheers!

    PS. My brother says since my son in college turned me on to craft beer his funds need to be dialed back. Best money I've ever spent.
  21. gklover1

    gklover1 Initiate (102) Oct 18, 2009 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    No particular order except #1:
    Vanilla Bean Dark Lord
    Uncle Jacob's Stout

    Honorable Mentions:
    BCBS '12 and BT '12 were both AMAZINGLY drinkable fresh
    Wynkoop Chancellor BB Barleywine (PLEASE bottle this!!)
    AC Golden Ctayt (Stranahan Whiskey Barrel Aged RIS - so under the radar. :grinning: )
    Oskar Blues BB Gubna (A friend ordered it, I never would have. Blew BB 10-50 out of the water. :grimacing: So glad I tried it. Has to be honorable mention tho, because I have 0% chance of getting it - $, trade, etc. - only if I am lucky to be around for a tapping.)
  22. CA_Infidel2o9

    CA_Infidel2o9 Initiate (0) Dec 1, 2012

    Abyss & Dissident, the only bombers i drank multiples of this year.
  23. LegalBrew87

    LegalBrew87 Initiate (0) Mar 6, 2012 California

    Soceite The Pupil
    Alpine Keene Idea, Hoppy Birthday & Bad Boy
    Pizza Port C-bad Poorman's IPA and Bagby's Last Stand
    Stone Enjoy By & Ruination 10th
    Russian River Row 2/Hill 56
    Lagunitas SF Fusion
    Kern River Citra & Class X
    Heady Topper
  24. Rob-P

    Rob-P Initiate (41) Feb 29, 2012 Iowa

    Here are my favorites from this year.

    Zombie Dust the rest aren't too close
    Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue
    Surly Abrasive and Furious
    Hill Farmstead Edward
    EnjoyBy 12-21
    Founders Imerial Stout and Breakfast Stout

    Pliny was very cool to try but not on my best-of list
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  25. norcalhophead

    norcalhophead Initiate (49) Jan 28, 2010 Wisconsin

    Belll's This One Goes to 11
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  26. Rin

    Rin Initiate (0) Mar 22, 2012 Ohio

    Evil Twin- Freudian Slip
    Stone- Ruination 10th Anniversary
    Hof ten Dormaal- barrel aged project (cognac)
    Evil twin/Brewdog- I hardcore you
    Stone/Iron Fist/Ken Schmidt- Mint Chocolate Stout

    No particular order and there are a ton more but these were the ones sticking out the most right now!
  27. bstave

    bstave Initiate (0) Aug 21, 2008 Washington

    Wisdom Seeker DIPA
    Humulo Nimbus DIPA
    Ruination 10th Anniversary DIPA
    2012 The Abyss IMP Stout
    2012 Mother of All Storms Eng Barleywine
  28. JerryM1984

    JerryM1984 Initiate (0) Apr 19, 2012 Florida

    BB Batch 9K, King Henry and Rare
  29. BeerBlondie

    BeerBlondie Initiate (0) Aug 7, 2011 Colorado

    These were not necessarily all released in 2012 but they are the top beers I discovered & enjoyed in 2012 (in no order):

    Willoughby Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter
    Schlafly Pumpkin
    Boulevard Chocolate (on tap only)
    Oskar Blues Deviant Dale’s IPA
    Stone Enjoy By
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  30. BradtheGreat7

    BradtheGreat7 Defender (621) Jul 22, 2011 Ohio

    I'll do my top 10 and some of these I have every year or year round given the fact we only have some great breweries available here. We don't get them all.

    1. FFF Dreadnaught - I always buy this when it arrives every other month or so
    2. Founders KBS - I always get a 4 pack the day it hits the shelf.
    3. Founders Imperial Stout - same as with the KBS though I may get 2-3 4 packs
    4. Bell's Hopslam - first time having it and won't be my last
    5. Weihenstephaner Vitus - always here in winter months
    6. FFF Alpha Klaus - the 3rd best porter I've ever had. My all time Christmas favorite every year
    7. Stone IRS - I buy this by bulk. Damn it's ridiculously tasty
    8. Founders Breakfast Stout - maybe my all time fave stout every year
    9. Stone 12.12.12 - please make this a December regular
    10. Sierra Nevada Narwhal - man this is a sleeper. It holds its own in the imperial stout world and will be a good release for SN from here on out. An instant classic
    Honorable mention - stone ruination 10th, ommegang three philophosers, Sierra Nevada Bigfoot aged 2 years(2010 I had stored), dogfish head Indian Brown ale, FFF apocalypse cow/Broo doo/black heart/arctic panzer wolf, founders porter/backwoods bastard/curmudgeon/bolt cutter, harviestoun ola dubh 12 and 16, duvel original, an imperial stout from brewdog and a smoked ale from brauerei heller... Names are in my notes but I can't nail off the top of my head.

    Let's hope 2013 is full of more great brews
  31. decimator

    decimator Zealot (572) Jun 1, 2009 Ontario (Canada)

    My favourites that I've tried for the first time this year:
    1 La Trappe Quadrupel Barrique (Oak Aged)
    2 La Terrible
    3 Innis & Gunn Canada Day 2012 Scottish Oak
    4 Kipling South Pacific Pale Ale
    5 Beau's Farm Table Beer
    6 Brooklyn's Black Chocolate Stout
    7 Craftsman Oatmeal Stout
    8 Mikkeller Fresler
    9 La Chouffe
    10 Old North Porter

    There's a few more that deserve honourable mentions. I've had a lot of good beer this year.
  32. Whimpers

    Whimpers Disciple (387) Dec 17, 2010 New York
    Beer Trader

    Drove home from work in this snowstorm...immediately cracked a Founders Imperial Stout from the new batch upon arrival. soo bitter and hoppy right now. The Flower Power ( fresh ) I'm drinking now is now is nowhere near as bitter.

    great song by these guys. relaxing.
  33. SubpoenaDeuces

    SubpoenaDeuces Initiate (0) Feb 3, 2011 California

    I liked this thread the first 6 times it was deleted.
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  34. axeman9182

    axeman9182 Initiate (0) Aug 5, 2009 New Jersey
    Beer Trader

    Not sure whether to ascribe the fact that none of my ten highest reviewed beers are from this year to a more discerning palate, or that I also had lots of great beer in 2010 and 2011. Nonetheless, my top five reviewed beers from this year are:

    Southampton Black Raspberry Lambic
    Bruery Melange #3
    Cantillon Fou Foune
    Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek
    Russian River Pliny the Younger

    with an honorable mention to Bourbon Vanilla Dark Lord. I didn't get to try nearly enough to do an actual review, but judging by the little bit I had, it almost definitely would have made this list.
  35. Durb777

    Durb777 Initiate (0) Nov 30, 2011 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Bourbon County Coffee
    Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Bean Dark Lord
    Revolution Anti-Hero
    Pipeworks Citra Ninja
    The Dissident
  36. nc41

    nc41 Meyvn (1,491) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    Only two brews this year that rate the "Holy Shit That was Great" award.


    Honorable mention: Maine Lunch, and HF Susan, both of these were really good brews, and very close to HS status.
  37. TheJollyHop

    TheJollyHop Initiate (0) Sep 2, 2009 California

    Bigfoot 2012. Only Bigfoot vintage I have ever tried that I loved fresh. Also, it's the only beer I purchased multiple 6-packs of this year, other than Ten Fidy of course...
  38. LE_FEESH

    LE_FEESH Initiate (0) Mar 30, 2012 North Carolina

    Founders/Green Flash-Lynchpin

    Deschutes/HotD- Collage

    Foothills-Jade IPA

    Stillwater-Debauched (brunello barrel aged)

    Olde Hickory- Southern Cross

    I'm not sure that the last 3 were actually released for the first time this year but all were absolutely phenomenal.
  39. Beerdudenumberone

    Beerdudenumberone Aspirant (293) Dec 9, 2012 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    1. Three Floyd's/mikkeller- Risgoop (wish they would make this year round)
    2. Stone- 10th anniversary Ruination
    3. Schlafly- Tasmanian IPA
  40. DocJitsu

    DocJitsu Devotee (477) Dec 28, 2009 Florida

    I'm only going to indicate one simply because it would take too long to go back through my list, figure which ones were 2012 releases, and determine a top five:
    Firestone Walker Double DBA
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