Yuengling Accuses Bud Light of Trampling on Trademark

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    It's interesting to hear that Flight is selling so well, as in my area it has been more expensive than their other products, including their Light beer.

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    :thinking_face: So, kinda the way the system is supposed to work. (Well, step #2 anyway - step #1 should have had AB's legal dept. checking the USPTO's TESS site).

    ABInBev hasn't (so far) put out social media posts - "We're a new company created only in 2008 and run mostly by non-Americans and this nearly 2 centuries old company is pickin' on us!"
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    Well then. Thank goodness that war is over. Imagine the casualties......
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    Can we get you a gig running ABs social media? At least for the week around April 1st?
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    Oh Look. Merit.
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