Zwanze Day (2021)

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  1. M-Fox24

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  2. KevSal

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    Hoping Sante adarius does a big event this year again like in 2019 in my area.
  3. swid

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  4. dcotom

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    That's my on-call weekend. Unless I can switch with someone else, I'm screwed.
  5. ima-geuzer

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  6. DucksFan16

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    Very interesting. I’m sure the flavor profile with the oranges/citrus must be very unique!
  7. zac16125

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    Never done a Zwanze Day in person. I think historically Orlando has been the closest place to be that has had a Zwanze event. May do the drive this year, it’s not that far!
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  8. rolltide8425

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    Same, and I have no excuse because I'm an hour from Monk's. I'll get there for it eventually!
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  9. Squire

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    I'll raise a glass in long distance support.