Craft Beer 102, World Brewing Traditions, Part 3: Belgium

What: Beer Release / Tasting

When: Thursday - June 24, 2010 @ 07:00PM to Thursday - June 24, 2010 @ 08:30PM

Where: Gordon's Wine, Waltham, Massachusetts
The follow-up to our popular "Craft Beer 101," "Craft Beer 102: World Brewing Traditions" is a four-part series focusing on unique brewing traditions of the world's finest brewing cultures. History, methods of production and brewing philosophy will be discussed alongside seven beer samples exemplary of the featured brewing tradition.

Part 3 - Belgium. The current craft beer movement, while containing many disparate elements of global brewing cultures, owes its philosophy and soul to the Belgians. Belgian brewing has remained cheerfully unregulated, unrestrained and under-industrialized over the years, allowing for a cornucopia of lavish and complex styles to spring up across this tiny country. More than anything, the Belgian brewing tradition emphasizes an "if you've got it, throw it in" mentality that makes for some dazzling results.

We'll sample some of the classic beers of Trappist monasteries, venture through the Flemish countryside to sample some farmhouse ales, and finally end up with samples of the enigmatic (and classically Belgian) style of lambic. Bon santé!

Classes can be purchased individually at $20 each or as a package for a discounted $70.

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