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Yards Beer School

What: Beer & Food

When: Friday - August 09, 2013 @ 07:00PM to Friday - August 09, 2013 @ 10:00PM

Where: Salt Studio, Andover, New Jersey
Ladies and gentleman, SG Events is proud to bring to you, in association with Salt and Salt Studio, and with the help of Yards Brewing Company, coming to you live on Friday, August 9, from the Studio in Andover, New Jersey, it's our next edition of Beer School!

"Lets get ready to DRIIINK BEEEEEEEEEER!"

Your beer brawlin' instructors for the evening:

In the red corner, representing Yards Brewing Company in Philadelphia, with 24 wins all coming via knockout, "The Golden Boy of Craft Beer"....Ron Johnson!
And in the blue corner, representing Salt Studio in Andover, weighing in at 190 pounds of pure beard, "The Irish Pac-Man".... Mike O'Shea!

Come join these two, and the rest of the Beer School crew, as they present to you five of Yards finest brews paired up with five courses that are sure to knock your tastebuds down for the count!
Drink, eat, listen, laugh...learn!

Friday :: August 9 :: 7:00PM

Round 1:
homestyle Brawler peanut butter BBQ sauce, honey cornbread muffin

Round 2:
-Extra Special Ale-
Philly-Style Soft Pretzel
soft pretzel, coarse salt, extra sharp ESA cheese “whiz”

Round 3:
-Cape of Good Hope-
Beer-Battered Cheesesteak Bites
hanger steak, sriracha beer batter, more cheese “whiz”

Round 4:
-Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale-
Tommy’s Pork Belly
cured & slow cooked crispy pork belly, maple braised kale

Round 5:
-Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce-
“Revolutionary” Rhubarb Ice Cream
homemade rhubarb ice cream, oatmeal crisp “chip”

Price includes tax, gratuity & service charge

If you have any questions, please call Salt Gastropub @973.347.7258 or just drop us a message on Facebook: Salt Studio. Cheers!

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