Hermosillo Brown Bag Night - "Best of 2013"

What: Social Gathering

When: Saturday - December 21, 2013 @ 05:00PM to Saturday - December 21, 2013 @ 08:00PM

Where: The Hermosillo, Los Angeles, California

On Saturday, December 21st, Hermosillo Club is organizing a loosely structured double-blind tasting of beers within a set theme-- this time, "Best of 2013". The idea behind this concept is that it is an open-invitation bottle-share where all of the beers are covered in a brown bag and served in a random order, so that none of the participants have any knowledge of the beers we are drinking. It’s a fun, unpretentious way to circumvent any preconceptions you may have, and to challenge and educate your palate about the flavors and aromas you experience.

Starting at 5:00PM, we will do the "Brown Bag" tasting of various beers in small pours, and you can evaluate, rate, savor, and compare the beers to one another as part of the tasting. Price of admission? Just a bottle or two of your favorite beers of the year, that you bring in for the occasion. Any beer of your choice, provided you think it is "worthy" of "Best of 2013" consideration. As always, if you’re bringing a 22 oz. or 750 mL bottle, one should be enough. If it’s a 12-ounce bottle or can, please bring two (if possible-- if you only have one, just bring the one).

These events are open to any and all interested participants, and will be conducted on a monthly basis at The Hermosillo, on the third Monday of every month.

This special year-end wrap-up is going to be the best Brown Bag of the year (duh), and we will also be tapping some special kegs and serving up other special treats during and after the event, like beer floats and Woodshop leftovers (The Bruery Grey Monday, Lost Abbey Churchill's Finest Sour, several other awesome beers ON TAP). Come on out and celebrate a fantastic year of craft beer!

Happy holidays, and thanks for another great year!

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Submitted by: cquiroga