Brawley's Black & Blue 8

What: Beer Festival

When: Saturday - March 18, 2017 @ 06:00PM to Saturday - March 18, 2017 @ 09:00PM

Where: The Visulite Theatre, Charlotte, North Carolina

Saturday, March 18th 2017

Brawley's Black and Blue 8 hosted by Michael Brawley of Brawley's Beverage in conjunction with the Visulite Theatre. Event will be held at the Visulite Theatre from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.


Ass Clown Brewing Company
--Imperial Bacon Stout aged on Scotch Barrels

Birdsong Brewing Company
--Turtles on Pterodactyls - Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout w/Cacao Nibs & Cinnamon
--Paradise City- Session IPA

Blue Blaze Brewing Company
--Black x Blue - Imperial Stout

Bond Brothers Beer Company
--Long Stride Double IPA
--Expendable Income Blonde Barleywine

Burial Beer Company
--Self Titled Album: Chorus - Imperial Stout aged on Chocolate, Coconut & Coffee
--The Melancholy of Departure Barrel-Aged Saison

District 9 Brewing Company
--Cape Canaveral Strong Sour Ale
--Systema Naturae Sour Ale (3rd Edition)

Fonta Flora Brewery
--Snug Glove Appalachian Wild Ale Brewed w/Local Blackberries
--Need a Hug Appalachian Wild Ale Brew w/Local Blueberries & Local Elderberries

Foothills Brewing Company
--Dead and Berried Bourbon Barrel-Aged Blackberry Imperial Stout
--Haven IPA

Free Range Brewing
--Abbie Stuck In The Mud Imperial Stout aged in Rum Barrels
--You Know What Makes Me Feel Good Mosaic IPA

Haw River Ales
--Mille Fleur Rustic Saison w/Orange Zest, Rosemary, Green & Red Peppercorns

Heist Brewery
--IMP Cinnamon, Maple, Vanilla, Coconut, & Coffee Imperial Porter
--Jack the S.I.P.A. - Session IPA

High Branch Brewing Company
--Yucatan Stout w/Vanilla, Habanero's & Cinnamon

Highland Brewing
--NC only NE IPA

Hi-Wire Brewing
--Sour Rye Ale w/Mangoes
--Enchanter Baltic Porter

Legion Brewing
--Devonian Raspberry Tennessee Whiskey Barrel-Aged Barleywine
--Mixed-Fermentation Peach Sour Ale aged in Oak Barrels

Lenny Boy Brewing Company
--Doc Porter's Smoke Stout aged on Doc Porter's Bourbon Barrels
--Bourbon Barrel-Aged Dark Side of the Luna Porter
--Queen City Blue's Sour Ale (NC Blueberry Kettle Sour)
--Lavenderade Kombucha (Lavender & Lemon Kombucha)

Mother Earth Brewing
--Berliner Weisse Firkin aged on Plums & Blackberries

New Belgium Brewing
--LOVE Blackberry Oscar Wild Ale
--LOVE Cherry Felix Wild Ale

Newgrass Brewing
--Philosopher's Wit aged in Cardinal Gin Barrels
--Burnin' Bridges Barleywine w/Malt That Was Smoked at Bridges BBQ in Shelby

NoDa Brewing Company
--Citra Dry Hopped Bobba Brett Wild Ale

Olde Hickory Brewery
--Olde Hickory Flanders aged in Oak Barrels

Olde Mecklenburg Brewery
--Bourbon Barrel-Aged Fruh Bock

Oskar Blues Brewery
--Rum Barrel-Aged Death by Coconut

Preyer Brewing Company
--Honorable Lunsford Imperial Chocolate Strawberry Porter aged on Tequila & Black Peppercorns
--Lewis and Krunk West Coast Style IPA

Salud Cerveceria
--FILA (IKEA Edition) Old World Brett Saison w/Lingonberry Extract
--FILA (Blase Blase Edition) Old World Brett Saison w/Red Raspberry Puree

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
--Barrel-Aged Import / Export Stout

Steel String Brewery
--Staccato Signals Sour Ale (Unoaked Miso & Yuzu Zest)
--Big Mon IPA

Sycamore Brewing
--Nightcap Imperial Chocolate Stout
--Cloudbreak IPA

The Answer Brewpub
--Piece of the Action IPA (Double Dry Hopped)
--Mouth Hug Double IPA (Triple Dry Hopped)

The Dreamchaser's Brewery
--Yard Breather IPA
--Yarrrd Breather Coconut IPA

Triple C Brewing Company
--2015 Bourbon Barrel-Aged Up All Night Breakfast Porter
--2015 Bourbon Barrel-Aged The Force Belgian Tripel

Trophy Brewing Company
--Rum Barrel-Aged Coco B Ware Coconut Porter
--Wine Barrel-Aged French Connection Saison w/Brett & Lacto

White Street Brewing
--Hoptimist Cask w/Lemon & Ginger

Wicked Weed Brewing
--Red Angel
--El Paraiso Imperial Stout

Wooden Robot Brewery
--Thicket as Thieves Blackberry Sour Ale
--Galactic Nexus Raspberry Sour Ale

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