Founders Tap Takeover

What: Beer & Food

When: Monday - March 26, 2018 @ 07:30PM to Saturday - March 31, 2018 @ 04:00AM

Where: Sunnyvale, Brooklyn, New York
1. Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout 2017
2. Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout 2017
3. Founders All Day IPA
4. Founders Centennial IPA
5. Founders PC Pils
6. Founders Solid Gold Lager
Fruit & Flowers is an imaginative Art Punk/Surf Noir 4-piece based out of Brooklyn, NY.
Formed in the summer heat of 2015, Fruit & Flowers creates kinetic and melodic rock and roll with a strong personality. The band has been extremely active in New York’s music scene and has become known for unpretentious and electric performances, heavy bass, searing guitar solos, warm and psychedelic rhythm guitar, hypnotic drumming and distinctive three-part harmonies. Chaotic and captivating, dynamic and driving; Heartbreaking Bravery writes that Fruit & Flowers are “drawing near to the cusp of becoming a breakout band.” Fruit & Flowers’ debut EP, Drug Tax, is set for release in late 2016.

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Submitted by: Sunnyvale