Homebrew-to-Pro Tour: Homebrew World Edition

What: Homebrew

When: Saturday - May 12, 2018 @ 01:00PM to Saturday - May 12, 2018 @ 05:00PM

Where: Brooklyn Brewer's Home, Brooklyn, New York
Nearly 10 years ago, Joshua M. Bernstein started doing homebrew tours, a mix of voyeurism, education and inebriation that found a fast following.

The tours inspired me to write Homebrew World, a global look at brewers that are changing their scenes from the inside out. The book travels from Thailand to Poland and Patagonia, and anywhere and everywhere better beer is being brewed.

To celebrate the book's release, we're going to run a really fun tour that'll take us into the homes of homebrewers who have made the professional leap.

We'll start the tour at Svend Lindbaek's home, meeting the man behind the Hudson Valley's Svendale Brewing Co. He'll be opening a tasting room in Brooklyn this year, and this will be one of your earliest chances to try some of his pilsners, stouts ands IPAs. From there, we'll walk over to Jason Sahler's apartment. Jason was on some of my earliest homebrew tours, and he's now the brains behind Strong Rope Brewery. After drinking beers at his house, we'll walk over to our final stop, Strong Rope, where you'll get another pint of beer--and a copy of Homebrew World.

Also: a koozie. Because everyone likes swag.

Your host will be Joshua M. Bernstein.

Tickets are $35 and will include a copy of the book (a $25 value) and so, so, so much beer.

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