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What: Beer Release / Tasting

When: Saturday - May 05, 2018 @ 12:00PM to Saturday - May 05, 2018 @ 11:00PM

Where: FERMÆNTRA, Denver, Colorado
Our fellow craft beer lovers, we are proud to present to you “Brut Li”, our version of the Brut IPA. And wow, this one is a very welcomed addition. Coming in at 7.1% alcohol by volume, Brut Li is the most refreshing, effervescent, and perfect platform to showcase hop aroma and flavor.
On Saturday May 5th we welcome Brut Li – Brut IPA to the family. This isn’t your typical IPA, though none of our beers really are. You see, we’ve been working on something for a little while, and whilst everyone has been chasing the haze, we decided to look beyond the horizon. Hazy beers and all of the variants thereof will always be a part of Fermaentra. We were there back in the beginning of 2016 with Aesop, when it was just a handful of us in Colorado producing them. And we were there in 2017 with the Lactose IPA with Ghost Hand, when most of our customers thought we had lost our mind. Now it’s 2018 and we are here again offering you a brand new take on IPA that only a handful of breweries, particularly from San Francisco, are currently pursuing...Brut IPA.
The use of “Brut” in the name of the style refers to the fact that we have left no sugar behind in the fermentation process. But make no mistake, this beer is not bitter like a run-of-the-mill West Coast IPA. While we have designed the beer to contain no residual sugar, all of the hop additions are done in a manner to reduce bitterness, accentuate flavor, and the hop additions themselves add some perceived sweetness on their own.
Bright, bursting with aroma and flavor, effervescent, and yes… it’s dry. We will be introducing numerous variations of this new style of IPA as 2018 continues. We are excited to experiment and toy with this style as we have yet to break the surface on variations of this new and exciting style. Stay tuned for more variant and canning releases in the near future.

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