Troubleshooting Common Fermentation Problems (Webcast Only)

What: Educational

When: Thursday - May 23, 2019 @ 10:00AM to Thursday - May 23, 2019 @ 11:00AM

Where: White Labs, Inc., San Diego, California
Looking to gain a grasp on troubleshooting the most common of fermentation problems? After 24 years in the fermentation business we have developed in-depth knowledge on troubleshooting fermentation issues ranging from off-flavors and flocculation to problems with pitching yeast.

We are hosting a 60 minute live webcast (times in PST) with Q&A to briefly discuss fermentation issues and the best practices to resolve them.

Topics include:
- What to look for when repitching yeast from viability to pitch rates, dissolved oxygen and nutrients
- Top causes of poorly flocculent yeast and best resolutions
- Off-flavors ranging from esters, higher alcohols, phenols and an emphasis on diacetyl

This class is taught by White Labs Education & Engagement Curator, Erik Fowler. Erik has more than eight years experience in beer and wine service and education and holds his Cicerone Certification® as well as a certificate in the Business of Craft Beer from San Diego State University.

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