Belgian Dubbel Tasting

What: Beer Release / Tasting

When: Saturday - June 15, 2019 @ 12:00AM

Where: Online / Worldwide
The dubbel is a keystone style of beer that deserves more discussion than it gets. Be it Trappist, abbey, or an American “dubbel,” please join us on BeerAdvocate on Saturday June 15th for an overdue online tasting.

This online group tasting is open to any BeerAdvocate member anywhere. You provide: the beer, a picture if possible, and your impressions and thoughts on the beer while or after you drink it. Others will do the same. If you can post a beer review in your sleep or if you are new to posting about beer, your involvement will certainly be appreciated either way. Even if you don’t have a beer, feel free to participate in the discussion. Check out the thread for more details.

Here is BeerAdvocate's style page on the dubbel:

Hope to see some of you on the 15th. Cheers.

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Submitted by: zid