FUNK Boston: June 14 & 15, 2019, Boston, Mass. Illustration by Michael Hacker:
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Discover creative beers from top brewers.

Whether fruity or sour, sweet, dry, or oaky, funky beers are uniquely complex, and these nuanced and highly drinkable creations provide something truly interesting for everyone. You may have heard people use terms like horse blanket or sweaty, Band-Aid, banyard, gym socks, body odor, or simply funky when describing styles of beer in this category. Sure, none of those words sound overly appealing in a beverage, but they're all wonderful flavor and aroma components contributed by yeast, bacteria, and hops that many geeks can't get enough of. Trust us, and give FUNK a try.

Expect upwards of 35 brewers pouring over 125 beers ranging from American ales introduced to wild yeast strains like Brettanomyces to expressions of traditional European styles such as Lambic or Gueuze.

Please check back often as we're still in the invite process.

Brewers: 31 | Beers: 0

Arclight Brewing Company
Watervliet, Michigan
Armada Brewing
East Haven, Connecticut
Blackberry Farm Brewery
Walland, Tennessee
Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Boulevard Brewing Co.
Kansas City, Missouri
Brasserie Dunham
Dunham, Quebec
Brewery Ommegang
Cooperstown, New York
Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn, New York
Burley Oak Brewing Co.
Berlin, Maryland
Cambridge Brewing Company
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Carton Brewing Company
Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey
Casey Brewing & Blending
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Common Roots Brewing Company
South Glens Falls, New York
Normal, Illinois
E9 Brewing Co.
Tacoma, Washington
Four Quarters Brewing Co.
Winooski, Vermont
Hoax Brewing Company
East Haven, Connecticut
Honest Weight Artisan Beer
Orange, Massachusetts
Idle Hands Craft Ales
Malden, Massachusetts
Jack's Abby Brewing
Framingham, Massachusetts
Nod Hill Brewery
Ridgefield, Connecticut
Overshores Brewing Co.
East Haven, Connecticut
Russian River Brewing Company
Santa Rosa, California
Springdale Barrel Room
Framingham, Massachusetts
The Lost Abbey
San Marcos, California
Transmitter Brewing
Queens, New York
Two Roads Brewing Company
Stratford, Connecticut
Upland Brewing Company
Bloomington, Indiana
Väsen Brewing Company
Richmond, Virginia

Respect Beer®

We only extend invites to independent craft brewers, whose attendance is required to ensure the highest level of representation and education for our attendees. And, as always, we pay for their beer and waive booth fees. To date we've spent well-over $2 million to help support independent beer. Learn more...

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