FUNK Boston: June 14 & 15, 2019, Boston, Mass. Illustration by Michael Hacker:
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Help / FAQ

Have a question about a BeerAdvocate (BA) fest? We probably have the answer. Check out the following frequently asked questions and resources.

Upcoming Fests
By purchasing fest tickets, or attending the fest, you agree to any and all rules, restrictions, and forfeit any claims of liability as outlined below or as contained in any and all related fest materials.

This FAQ thread may be updated without notice, so please check back prior to attending the fest.

All attendees must be 21+ with a valid ID. No minors. No exceptions.


How many beer fests has BA hosted?
Nearly 70. Learn more:

Does BA pay for the beer?
Yes. Unlike most events, BA actually pays for all of the beer served. We also waive booth fees to further support the brewers. To date we've spent over $2 million on beer poured at our fests.


Where are my tickets?
Please refer to Eventbrite's help page. We also recommend that you check your spam folders or other email accounts that you may have used.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
Yes, or on your phone via email or the Eventbrite app.

The name on my ticket doesn't match the actual attendee. Is that okay?
Yes, so long as the ticket is valid when scanned at the fest.

Can you tell me if a ticket is valid before the fest?
No, which is why you should use great caution if buying from a reseller.

What if I bought my ticket from a reseller and need ticket help?
We can't help you, or guarantee entry, if you buy from a reseller. You've been warned.

What's included with the ticket price?
Please see the specific event/ticket page.

Can I get a refund?
Can I transfer/switch my ticket to another session or event?
I saw discounted tickets elsewhere. Can I get a refund?

All sales are final.

Do you offer discounted pricing for bulk tickets?
We don't.

Can I apply a promotional code to tickets that I've already purchased or get a partial refund?
Promo codes (if any) may only be applied at the time of purchase, and we don't offer partial refunds.

Session & Times

What are the fest times?
See the appropriate fest page.

Note: Your ticket doesn't guarantee entry exactly when doors open, but we'll do our best to get attendees in the venue as quickly as possible. Those looking to get in early should queue up early.

When is the last beer poured?
Last call is 15 minutes before the end of each session.

Are there any differences between sessions?
For the most part the beer line-ups will be the same, however, all beers are subject to change and availability.


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?
21+ with valid ID. No minors. No exceptions.

Are passports acceptable?

Is a temporary license/ID acceptable?
Generally, however, security will review and have the final say.

Entry Line
Designated Drivers

Do you offer a Designated Driver ticket/program?
We don't. We feel that these programs promote abstinence versus responsible drinking. We recommend that all fest attendees plan accordingly, drink in moderation, and use public transportation to get to your final destination safely.


Are children allowed?
No. All attendees must be 21+ with a valid ID. No exceptions.

Hotel Accommodations

Do you have any hotel discounts or codes?
We don't.

Can you recommend a hotel?
There are a lot of hotels in the area and prices can range from reasonable to outrageous. Your best bet is to use a website like

Coat & Bag Check

Will there be a coat or bag check?
No; unless otherwise noted on the fest page.
Beer & Brewers

When will the beers be listed?
We typically begin listing beers one month before the fest with numerous updates leading up to the fest.

Are the beers the same for each session?
That's the goal, however, all beers are subject to change and availability.

Do brewers run out of beer?
It depends on the popularity and quantity brought by the brewer, but brewers are advised to ration beers for each session. Regardless, there are plenty of other beers to try.

Why don't brewers bring enough for everyone at each session?
That would be impossible and result in too much beer and wasted beer.

Do you have a floor plan listing where the brewers will be?
Yes. We'll post one in the forums prior to the fest, and our official fest guide will have a map with a list of brewers and their booth numbers. The guide will be available at the fest, for free and while supplies last.

Plastic Cups?!

Yes. We use high-quality drinkware from Govino, which doesn't impact beer aroma or flavor.

Two Ounce Pours?!

Yes. As dictated by Massachusetts State Law for our Boston events. Otherwise that's just how we roll.

Food Vendors & Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Will there be food at the fest?
While it's not the focus of the event, there will be food available for purchase.

Will there be non-alcoholic drinks?
Some vendors may opt to sell water and soft drinks, otherwise there are portable water coolers positioned throughout the venue for rinsing and drinking.

Do vendors accept cash or cards?
Typically both, but bring some cash just in case.

Can I bring my own food or beverage?
Outside food items and beverages are prohibited. You may be asked to discard these items prior to admission.


Where are the restrooms?
Restrooms are typically noted in the fest guide. Restrooms close 15 minutes before the end of each session.


Is smoking allowed?
No. It's illegal to smoke in the venue. Offenders may be asked to leave.

Is vaping allowed?


We promote responsible beer tastings to ensure an enjoyable and safe time for all guests. Any guest who is intoxicated prior to the fest will be denied entry without a refund. Any guest found to be intoxicated and causing issues during the fest may be asked to leave, or escorted from the fest without a refund. Additional consequences may also occur. Any guest who witnesses intoxicated behavior should report the incident to security or fest staff.

Prohibited Items
The following items may not be brought into the venue or fest line:
All items are subject to search upon entering the venue.

Event management reserves the right to handle each occurrence on a case by case basis. Depending on the item, a guest may be asked to remove or dispose of the item, ejected from the venue, or subjected to questioning by law enforcement.

Industry & Trade

Do you offer trade passes for the industry?
No. But buying a ticket is a tax write-off for you.

Marketing, Soliciting & Sponsorship

Can I distribute info or products at your fest?
No. Any form of soliciting will result in your immediate removal from the fest and disposal of any related materials.

Can I sponsor your fest?
Feel free to contact us with your interest.

Can I purchase a booth/become a vendor at your fest?
Feel free to contact us with your interest.


Can I get a media/press pass?
Complete this form for consideration:, but please note that applying doesn't guarantee approval. We'll contact you if you're approved.


Where can I volunteer or find more information on volunteering?
We no longer use volunteers at our festivals.

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