Top Rated Beers: Australia

Beers from Australian brewers.
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Top Rated Beers: Australia
    Score Ratings
1Hop Hog4.21149
2Little Creatures Pale Ale4.02333
3Murray's Wild Thing Imperial Stout4.1751
4Best Extra Stout3.84683
5Pacific Ale3.94102
6Knappstein Reserve Lager3.9584
7Karma Citra4.142
8IIPA Imperial IPA4.2230
9Watermelon Warhead4.2727
10Boris Imperial Stout3.9844
11Clout Stout4.223
12La Sirène Saison4.1226
13Barrel Fermented Hop Hog4.3118
144 Pines Dry Stout3.8661
16Aftermath : Double India Pale Ale4.3614
17Mornington Peninsula Imperial Stout4.1120
18Pale Ale4.1418
19Ace Of Spades3.9725
20Jamieson Beast IPA3.8243
21Murray's Punch & Judy3.8243
22Ramjet Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout4.1915
23Extra Strong Vintage Ale3.64379
24War Hog4.1815
25The Former Tenant4.1815
26Southwark Old Stout3.8633
27Red Duck The Ox421
28Alpha Pale Ale3.7461
29Black Giraffe3.8928
30India Pale Ale4.0916
31Sheaf Stout3.63242
32Grand Ridge Moonshine3.7745
33Road Trip3.8728
34Murray's Icon 2IPA3.7840
35Kooinda Black IPA - Full Nelson3.8331
36Temptress Chocolate Porter3.7257
38Chevalier Saison3.7740
39Red Hill Imperial Stout3.8231
40India Red Ale4.3110
41Hop Thief Ale3.6968
42Raging Flem3.9718
43Red Ale4.1612
44White Rabbit Dark Ale3.6498
45Mornington Peninsula Pale3.8128
46Sparkling Ale3.58651
47Mountain Goat Rye IPA3.829
48Murray's Heart Of Darkness3.8623
49Seeing Double3.8722
50777 Imperial IPA4.2210
51Red Hill Hop Harvest Ale3.8820
52Tasmanian Wild Ale3.8422
54Murray's Best Extra Porter3.8521
55Mountain Goat Fancy Pants Amber Ale3.7237
56Growler American Brown Ale3.8421
57Galaxy Single Hop IPA3.6943
58Bling India Pale Ale3.6941
59Hop Zone3.8519
61Seventy Seven IPA3.8419
63La Sirene Wild Saison3.8617
64Bridge Road Pale Ale3.6936
65Wicked Elf Pale Ale3.6936
66Harvest Pale Ale3.7822
674 Pines Pale Ale3.6263
68Murray's Shawn's Fault3.820
69Hargreaves Hill Pale3.6933
70Nail Stout3.7425
71Mountain Goat Rare Breed Before The Dawn Black IPA4.0410
74Sly Fox3.6829
75Murray's Punk Monk3.8514
76Hopped Out Red Ale3.9311
77Vale IPA3.6148
78Holgate ESB3.6436
79Throwback IPA3.8613
804 Pines ESB3.6533
81La Sirene Super Saison3.9610
82Moo Brew Pale Ale3.6532
83Holgate Nut Brown Ale3.8513
84Mornington Peninsula Brown Ale3.722
85Murray's Angry Man3.7418
86Freshie Salt & Pepper Gose3.6140
87James Squire Porter3.54121
88Murray's Grand Cru3.6431
89Murray's Fred West Coast IPA3.8512
90Hop Ale3.8512
91Hangman Pale Ale3.6626
92Mornington Peninsula IPA3.6626
93Dark Red IPA3.7516
94Forty Four American Amber3.7615
95Black Lung II Whisky Barrel-Aged Smokey Stout3.8511
96Hop Bomb IPA3.719
97Skunkworks Double IPA (Cognac Barrel Aged)3.7118
99Enigma Pilsner3.7614
100Mountain Goat Australian Pale Ale3.718