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    Score Ratings
1Natural Light1.72,187
2Budweiser Select 551.61587
3Keystone Ice1.72739
4Natural Ice1.791,465
5Keystone Light1.812,055
6Miller Genuine Draft 641.6279
7Bud Light1.866,110
8Miller 641.8804
9Busch Light1.861,650
10Milwaukee's Best Light1.81701
11Bud Ice1.871,173
12Michelob Ultra1.92,429
13Milwaukee's Best1.87798
14Busch Ice1.76324
15Corona Light1.962,058
16Bud Light & Clamato Chelada1.85420
18Coors Light2.045,293
19Busch Beer2.031,763
20Red Dog2.01773
21Budweiser Select2.051,307
24Olde English 8002.091,079
25King Cobra Premium Malt Liquor2.06551
26Milwaukee's Best Ice2.1699
27Bud Light Lime-A-Rita2.11727
28Bud Light Lime2.172,613
29Keystone Premium1.83154
30Beer 30 Light1.65102
31Miller Lite2.24,699
32Hurricane Malt Liquor1.99243
33Michelob Light2.16880
34Budweiser & Clamato Chelada2.07335
35Bud Light Platinum2.231,905
37Keystone Lager1.9143
38Colt 45 Malt Liquor2.23904
39Miller Genuine Draft2.272,533
40Labatt Blue Light2.22660
41Miller High Life Light2.24746
42Evil Eye1.5768
43Corona Extra2.345,167
44Shock Top Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat2.25503
46Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita2.26458
47Michelob Ultra Fruit Pomegranate Raspberry2.13207
48Sleeman Clear1.8186
49Heineken Premium Light Lager2.351,011
50St. Ides High Gravity Malt Liquor2.16202
51Miller Genuine Draft Light 64 Lemonade1.7676
52Old Milwaukee Beer2.35840
53Steel Reserve 211 (High Gravity)2.391,275
54O'Doul's Amber2.24255
55Beck's Premier Light2.2207
56Tecate Light2.28296
57Lucky Lager2.03114
58Kirin Light Beer2.22196
59Michelob Ultra Amber2.34373
60Amstel Light2.441,573
61Olde English 800 High Gravity2.17153
63Kirin Lager2.34287
64Famosa (Gallo)2.34261
65Camo Black Ice1.9276
66Super Brew 151.8770
67Stroh's Light2.0494
68Beck's Light2.23150
69Michelob Golden Draft Light2.39312
71Old Milwaukee Ice2.0184
72Camo High Gravity Lager1.8867
73Dog Bite High Gravity Lager2.22138
76Carlton Cold1.6549
78Victoria Bitter (VB)2.42332
79Lone Star Beer2.5826
80Foster's Lager2.542,119
81Michelob Ultra Fruit Lime Cactus2.42294
82Black Label Beer2.31166
83Hurricane High Gravity Malt Liquor2.45354
84Ed Hardy Premium Beer1.8257
85Molson Canadian 671.8962
86Busch NA2.1293
87Molson Ice2.5506
88Molson XXX2.51572
89Iron City Beer2.51547
90Coors Light Summer Brew2.43266
91St. Pauli N. A.2.31151
92Genny Light2.43247
93Cass Fresh2.34161
94Blatz Beer2.42230
95Rolling Rock Extra Pale2.592,986
96Miller Lite Ice1.8757
97Boxer Lager2.27122
98Old Milwaukee2.1183
99Coors Banquet2.63,032
100Keystone Ice1.7447