Top Rated Beers: New

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Top Rated Beers: New
    Score Ratings
1Chemtrailmix (2018)4.7647
3Super Typhoon4.44125
4The Streets (2018)4.5370
5AAAlterrr Ego4.4671
6Bbbrighttt W/ Galaxy4.5152
7Permutation Series #38: IPA with Citra4.4561
8Curiosity Forty Eight4.5435
9Permutation Series #44: IPA w/ Galaxy4.4448
10Bbbrighttt W/ Citra4.4252
11Permutation Series #52: Imperial Stout w/ Almonds, Coffee & Vanilla4.6424
12Curiosity Forty Nine4.5827
13Trillium / J. Wakefield - Vanilla Truffle4.4835
14Permutation Series #49: Double IPA w/ El Dorado & Lactose4.4439
15Permutation Series #48: Double IPA w/ Citra4.4439
16Triple Dry Hopped Triple Mosaic Daydream4.5329
17Trillium / Other Half - All Hundred Thousand Trillion Everything4.4437
18Trillium / Evil Twin - WETSUIT4.4141
19Permutation Series #40: Double IPA with Orange Peel, Lactose and Vanilla4.4436
20Barrel-Aged Henna - Double Rainbow4.6222
21Hung Drawn N Quartered4.5625
22Single Shot - 6th Anniversary Blend4.439
23Permutation Series #45: Double IPA w/ Mosaic4.3547
25Permutation Series #39: Double IPA With Lactose4.3448
26Single Shot - Brazil Cerrado4.6219
27Space Hallucinations4.4826
28Barrel-Aged Henna - Swirl4.5621
29A Diamond In The Rough4.5421
30Triple Dry Hopped Triple Citra Daydream4.617
31French Vanilla Militia (2018)4.4921
32Curiosity Fifty4.3829
33All Royal Everything (Kings Edition)4.3433
34Barrel-Aged Henna - Vanilla Caviar4.426
35Keytar Bear4.2354
36Permutation Series #46: Double IPA w/ Nelson Sauvin4.2642
37Personvl Personvl Spvce Spvce4.4421
38Insane Wanderer: Volume 14.331
39Bring the Ruckley4.6213
40Pudding Dribbles4.6213
41Full Earth4.2247
42Spicy Meatball4.2734
43Black Magick (silver wax)4.711
44IV Hazy Pale Ale4.4319
45Softly Spoken Lies - Bourbon Barrel-Aged4.3326
46Double Shot - 6th Anniversary Blend4.5215
48Thread Count4.4617
50Trillium / Monkish - Oenobier4.3920
51Triple Citra Daydream4.5314
52Blazed Orange Milkshake4.4616
53Ritual Colors4.1755
54El Dorado Dry Hopped Fort Point Pale Ale4.2828
55J.R.E.A.M. - Blackberry Cobbler4.5313
56Staff of Asir4.3620
582018 Edition Hoptimum Triple4.1846
59Local Boy4.4117
60Citra + Idaho 74.3719
61Tom Tom4.2235
63Fated Farmer: Fruit Salad4.2332
64Double Shot - Vanilla Bean4.4216
65Fine Line4.3420
66Vision Is Lost Without Eyes To See It Through4.5711
67Cosmic Distortion Double IPA4.3817
68Horizon Loop4.3618
69Permutation Series #50: Double IPA w/ Experimental Hops4.2133
70Trillium / The Veil - Stroka4.3121
72Orange Muscat Lineage Rye4.3518
73Birth of Tragedy: Cinnamon & Cacao Nibs4.5511
74Green City 20184.4613
75Civil Disobedience #244.3318
76Social Fabric4.3616
77Four Year4.4712
78Why Go Hard When You Can Go Home?4.3815
79Push Push Struggle4.3815
80Creatures Of Magic4.3218
82Hustle Mosaic Pale Ale4.4313
83Even More Props and Stunts4.3516
84Signal To Noise4.1735
85Permutation Series #51: IPA w/ Simcoe4.2127
86Bbbrighttt W/ Simcoe & Amarillo4.2720
89Double Dreamyard4.4312
90Triple Milkshake IPA - Extra Vanilla4.3614
91Double Shot - Maple4.510
92Oh... That's Trill4.225
93Cavaleiro Of Varnov4.2718
94Three Piece Suit4.4810
95Shine & Shade4.3713
96Paul From Cloudwater4.316
97Strawberry Banana Silhouette4.2817
99Fresh Flow4.2618
100Kinda Classic4.3115
101RIP me4.2916
102State of Haze4.2221
103Ethereal Haze4.2122
104Gargoyle Love Song 20184.3812
106Resist - Berry Smoothie Milkshake IPA4.2220
107Double Shot - S'mores4.411
108Barrel Aged French Toast4.4410
109Speedway Stout - Double Barrel-Aged Lotza Vanilla4.4410
110Barrel Aged Moat Water4.3612
111Demo Tape Seventeen: IPA4.2517
112Burial / Civil Society - Death In The Distance4.2517
113Milkshake IPA - Ramos Gin Fizz4.221
114Thank You 20184.1234
116Self-Reliance #64.3811
1174th Anniversary - Quadrupedal IPA4.3711
118Hiding Place4.3711
120Nelson’s Mosaic4.410
121Cherry Vanilla Frappe IPA4.3312
123Pancake House4.3611
124Barrel Aged Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter4.2814
125Tavern Cut4.2814
126The Incident4.2217
127Grafted Oblivex4.2515
128Shared Brewing IPA4.2316
130Mystic Topaz4.3112
131Cashmere + Galaxy4.3112
132Raspberry Biere Du Pays4.3112
133Fatamorgana - Quadruple Dry Hopped4.218
135Timewave Zero4.2614
136Bloom - Double Dry-Hopped4.2614
137Mikkeller / Barrier / Thin Man - See Delight4.2813
138Still Striving Vol 24.3311
139Drink Me a Lot of Peaches4.3311
140Radical 24.3610
141African Queen + Mosaic4.2514
142NOLA / Hi-Wite - Flippy Floppy4.2912
143Pina Colada Silhouette4.2912
144Mandarina Punch4.2414
145DDH Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S.)4.2414
147Worst Behavior4.3111
148Double Milkshake IPA - Apricot Chamomile4.2215
149Skadoosh XXII: Motueka4.3410
150Resist - Pina Colada4.2513
152Onsight IPA #54.311
153Motor Oil No. 24.3310
154Johnny Cash'd4.3310
156Kinda Sorta4.2712
157Double Dry Hopped Oh That’s Trill4.2712
158MadTree / Fat Heads - Lupulin Effect4.0930
159Jelly King - Raspberry And Peach4.2214
160Wander On4.2214
161Mosaic Pop!4.2612
162Midwest Vice4.2612
163Social Fermentation4.1223
164Deftones Digital Bath IPA4.1223
165St. SixSixSixer4.1420
166Item Box4.3110
167Silhouette - Honey And Meyer Lemon4.2512
168Oat - Bourbon Barrel-Aged4.0733
169Collective Project: Sour Dry Hop Ale - Passion Fruit And Peach4.310
170High Tripper4.2213
171Bearded Iris / Modern Times - Money Trees4.2412
172Permutation Series #47: Gose w/ Strawberry, Banana, Cherry, and Sea Salt4.0635
173Black Out Tastee4.2910
174KCBC / Northern Monk - Sohei Scissor Kick4.2910
175Fractal Galaxy4.2611
176Thunder Lizard4.1815
177Burden Of Pungitude4.1418
178Permutation Series #53: Gose w/ Raspberry and Peach4.2810
179Dreamtime Haruspex4.0924
180Because Stout #03: Thanks A Latte4.2710
181Revision / Device - Revice4.2411
183J.R.E.A.M. - Acai Bowl4.2610
184Umm Yea4.2610
185Class Sick4.2311
187Orbital Tilt - Galaxy4.0824
188It Was All A Meme4.1317
189Green Phantasms4.1813
190Special Combo #34.1515
191Pipeworks / Marz - King of Borgs4.2211
192Every Day, Once A Day, Give Yourself An IPA - Double Dry-Hopped4.0434
193Action Bronson's 70004.2410
194Peddocks Island4.1912
195Oops! I Guavaed My Pants!4.2111
196077-19148 - Citra4.2111
197Vito, The Beer Whale Cat4.0336
198Whereof One Cannot Speak, Thereof One Must Be Silent4.0920
199Gettin' Down (Hop Dust) Double IPA4.211
200DDH 7554.211
201Peach Endoused4.2210
202Never Never Scared Scared4.2210
203Air and Light4.0919
204The Dog House4.0919
205Mercury Rising4.0429
206State of the Art 2964.1811
207Powder Dreams - Citra, Centennial And Bravo4.0819
208Barrier / Sand City - Watch the Throne4.0720
209Demo Tape Sixteen: India Pale Ale4.1611
211Shake, Rattle, & Roll4.1810
212J.R.E.A.M - Piña Colada4.1412
214Free Fall4.115
215City Slickers 24.1710
216Green Visions4.1312
217Pulp Daddy4.1411
218Lupulin / Odd13 - Operaton CoHoperation4.1610
219Double Ponyboy4.1510
221Apricot Soak4.113
222Carton / Magnify - Delight4.1112
223Friday Night Dice4.0518
224Wild Berry Smoothie4.0518
226Today’s Special4.1410
228Hornswoggler Double Stuffed Oreo Stout4.0715
229Industrial Arts / Two Roads - Bloomerang4.0714
230Mmm... Fruit (Plum)4.0813
231Definitive Ale4.0615
233Super Villain4.111
235Cloudy Boyz4.0812
236Peach Short Stack4.1110
237Far, Far Aweigh Galaxy IPA425
238Mango Cart3.9927
240Palapa Of Your Dreams4.0811
241Neon Nightmare4.0910
243XPerimental Series Batch No. 164.0910
244Hop Troll: Amarillo4.0119
245Not A Collaboration3.9733
246Lucky You4.0810
247Head Full of Dynomite v.34.0810
248G'Day Gummy420
249The Hanging Garden4.0512
250Super Session #74.0710