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Top Rated Beers: New
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2Permutation Series #32: Double IPA with Galaxy4.5757
3Human Condition4.577
4Bright - Galaxy4.44102
5LGA 2 LGB4.5251
6The Streets (2018)4.5642
7Roll for Initiative4.4952
8Last Week, F$#@*D Around and Got a Triple Double4.5436
9Chemtrailmix (2018)4.7721
10Curiosity Forty Six4.3961
11Single Shot - Sumatra Mandheling4.4447
12Curiosity Forty Five4.5531
13Flora Pear4.4640
14Permutation Series #33: Double IPA with Vic Secret & Citra4.4541
15Peanut Butter PM Dawn4.4637
16Single Shot - Burundi Jean Clement4.4436
17LAX 2 JFK4.4929
18Rocky Road - Bourbon Barrel-Aged4.6818
19Yeah, From the Chairlift!4.3155
20Grand Cru4.357
21Double Tapped Double IPA4.7614
22Tart Strawberry M-434.4327
23Other Half / Equilibrium - Einstein’s Daydream4.4426
24Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Hunahpu's Imperial Stout4.5818
25ME-MI Triple NEIPA4.3731
26Curiosity Forty Seven4.2944
27Double Barrel Popinski - Bourbon and Maple Rum4.5617
30Star Chamber4.4720
32S'Mortal Kombat4.614
33Barrel Aged Fionn4.4321
34Universal On All Planes4.2350
35Triple Dry Hopped Triple Mosaic Daydream4.5316
36Coconut Assassin4.7211
37Shred Stick Annihilation4.3131
38Permutation Series #31: IPA With Experimental Hops4.3229
39Evil Twin / Lervig - Big Ass Money Stout 34.3922
40Never Gonnagetit³4.613
41Imperial Smells Like Bean Spirit - Bourbon Barrel-Aged4.5315
42A Diamond In The Rough4.5514
43Flora - Cherry, Raspberry And Northern Kiwi4.4517
44Fated Farmer: Nectarine4.328
45Imperial Smells Like Bean Spirit Cafe Con Leche4.4716
46Citra + Azacca4.3920
47Fascination Street4.249
48Willful Delusions of False Perception4.2145
49On One4.4218
50Permutation Series #27: Double IPA Aged On Peaches And Apricots4.1856
51Color & Grain4.2731
52Never Forever³4.4715
53Black Mettle4.2238
54Houston Hazier4.4914
55Beer Geek Vanilla Maple Cocoa4.4615
56Trillium / The Veil - Macaroon4.2630
57Speedway Stout - Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee - Bourbon Barrel-Aged4.5213
59Sand City / Civil Society - Shut it Down4.4316
60Even More Unbalanced4.3818
61Fat Mango4.513
62Thread Count4.513
63Trying To Get My Aroma, Bro4.2628
64Lush Life4.3718
65All In4.323
66Passion Berry Tastee4.4314
67Within Us4.415
69Powder Dreams - Simcoe Lupulin Powder + Mosaic4.2427
71Yeah You Know Me - Chilis, Cinnamon, Chocolate and Coffee4.5610
72Tom Tom4.2426
73Hand It Over4.3417
75V. Latte4.4313
76Spicy Meatball4.3218
78Wednesday (2018)4.4911
79Tuesday (2018)4.4811
80Citra + Idaho 74.3615
81Barrel Aged Liquid Spiritual Delight with Maple4.4711
82Even Mo Hygge4.4312
83Péché Latte4.3316
84Whole Lotta Ruckus4.2819
85Permutation Series #38: IPA with Citra4.4212
87Legal Tender4.2521
88Battle Of The Lords4.2323
89Permutation Series #30: Double IPA with Galaxy4.4511
91Fated Farmer: Blueberry4.3813
92Mosaic + Galaxy4.3315
93From the Morning4.3315
94Wizard King4.2520
95On the 64.412
96Simcoe + Idaho 74.3713
97Secure The Bag4.1927
98I’m Derek Jeter4.2619
99Hustle Mosaic Pale Ale4.4311
100J.R.E.A.M. - Blueberry Cobbler4.4311
101Nimbly Bimbly4.3414
102Osprey's Fresh Catch4.1926
103Push Push Struggle4.4211
105Clean Living (CLN LVN)4.2916
106Slice Joint4.3812
108What Do We Call It? Hipsterish Or Is That Too Obvious!?4.2717
110Mellow Tone N' Juice4.3214
111Sunday (2018)4.3612
113Pie Assassin4.2121
114Signal To Noise4.1530
115You’re Derek Jeter4.2418
116Huki Idol4.1923
117DDH Noise Pollution4.3512
118All Royal Everything (Kings Edition)4.314
119Oscillation 0124.4110
120Rake It Up4.221
121Visions Of A Valkyrie4.2219
123Awaken, My Love4.3412
124Mad Fat Mofo4.3412
125Morning Smack4.2914
126DDH Voltage4.2516
127Soleil - Sour IPA4.3611
128Surely You Can’t Be IPA4.3312
129Neon Party4.3312
130Lupulin / Barrel Theory - Operation CoHoperation4.220
131Super Saiyan4.3910
132Never Aloha³4.2814
133Milkshake IPA - Ramos Gin Fizz4.3212
134Barrel Aged Worthy Adversary (Port/Madeira)4.3212
135Leaves Of Grass: September 18, 20154.3212
136Double BURST4.3810
137Power of 24.2714
138It Takes A Village4.2913
139Underverse - Hazelnut Tiramisu Bourbon Barrel Aged4.3411
140Swipe Right4.2614
141This Is Your Brain On Hops : Citra & Waimea4.3311
142E Pluribus Lupulin 7: Vox Populi4.2415
143Other Half / CR/AK Panna e Fragole4.2216
144108 Mics4.3211
145Triple Dry Hopped Juicy Bits4.2713
146Hailstorm / Transient Artisan Ales - Boat Socks4.2713
147Outside Worlds4.1819
148Cin City4.3410
149Broz Night Out³4.3410
150Hip 2 The Hops #34.2613
151Mad Fat Fresh4.2613
152Who Cooks For You4.0840
153Fated Farmer: Asian Pear4.311
154Velocity of Light4.1719
155Double Dry Hopped Re-Raise4.2314
156D2H3 - Citra4.216
157Resist - Pina Colada4.2612
158Orange Colored Malcontent4.1817
159Control Voltage4.1916
160Fated Farmer: Peach4.2811
161Which Will4.2114
162Resting Brew Face4.2711
163Feels Like Outerspace4.1717
164Full Grown Scallywag4.1816
165Waimea Waves4.1223
166Mutiple Ectogasms4.2412
167Fated Farmer: Red Currant4.2412
168Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Beam Me Up Stouty4.2910
169The Jewels4.1321
171Death Posture4.0640
172Sand City / Kent Falls - Oops! I Sparkled My Sweatpants!4.1617
174Other Half / J. Wakefield Florida Plates 24.0928
175Flava in Ya Ear4.2810
176I Predict A Riot - Mosaic Dry-Hopped4.2810
178Vanilla Option #24.2511
179Heavy Is The Crown4.1914
180Bam Bam4.2710
181One More Wave - Citra4.2212
183Wax Off4.213
185Chaos Therapy4.0926
186Special Combo #24.1814
187Dare Mighty Things - Lemon Drop4.2112
188Social Fermentation4.1417
189Broken Spoke/WATA DIPA4.0827
190The Crystal Spirit4.2510
191Smell That Smell4.2510
192DDH Chromoscope4.1219
193Double Blue Hast Mich4.1813
195Financial Irresponsibility4.1515
196The Dog House4.1515
197Monday (2018)4.2111
198Can music4.1713
200Taste That Taste4.211
201Quickly Open in Portland4.2210
203Super Crush4.1911
204Never Never Backdown Backdown4.1216
205Burial / Creature Comforts - GoldenFeather4.1315
207A La Carte Reality4.118
208Finback / Noble - Nave Nave Mahana4.210
209Triple Haole Punch4.1612
210Fly On4.1413
211This is How We Chill From 2018 Till4.1214
212Head Full of Dynomite: Hazy Columbus & Vic Secret IPA4.1313
213Mood Ring w/ Strawberries4.1313
214DDH Strong Hand4.1810
215J. Wakefield / Other Half Bye Bye Bye4.1412
216Bucket of Gloves4.0719
217Coffee Vanilla Black4.0426
218E09 Airhorn Double4.1312
219EX-1 Pale4.0522
220Carton / Barrier / Other Half / Interboro Raise4.0718
221Double Dry Hopped Pulse Wave4.0915
222Dreamtime Haruspex4.0915
223Crushed in the Mail (Beerbuddies Series 003)4.0816
224Untitled Art / Mikerphone - Raspberry Sherbet4.1212
225Never More4.1212
226Citra Blanc4.1510
227Bourbon Barrel Aged Oat4.1510
230Big Silly4.0815
231Strange Illusion4.1410
232I Am IPA & Don’t Call Me Shirley4.1211
233Watch Out Now4.1211
234Astronomical IPA4.0617
235Hop Butcher / Miskatonic - The Beer That Should Not Be4.0814
236Wavvy (Batch 7)4.112
237VT IPA4.0130
238Hey Brother4.1111
239MadTree / Fat Heads - Lupulin Effect4.111
240Fog of War4.0320
242Evil Incarnata4.0812
243Make IPA Clear Again4.0911
244Far, Far Aweigh Galaxy IPA4.110
245Von Lüne Pilsner4.0712
246Other Half / Equilibrium - Bad Hair Day4.0415
247Elvis Juice4.0415
248Blueberry Smoosh4.0612
249Dawn of the Dunkel4.0711
250Bright Pale Ale4.0513