Top Rated Beers: New

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Top Rated Beers: New
    Avg Ratings
2Double Dry Hopped Double Mosaic Dream4.64281
3Double Dry Hopped Mylar Bags4.64224
4Pirate Paradise4.7139
5Double Dry Hopped All Citra Everything4.56225
6Double Nelson4.61153
7The Streets4.51335
8Dialed In (w/ Pinot Gris Juice)4.47389
9Curiosity Thirty Two4.6599
10Double Shot - Costa Rica Montes De Oro4.7174
11Bright W/ Citra4.49244
12All That Is And All That Ever Will Be4.55146
13Double Dry Hopped Stillings Street IPA4.48258
14Curiosity Twenty Eight4.59109
15M-43 NE India Pale Ale4.44287
16Barrel Aged Bible Belt4.42299
17Even Mo Mofo4.6473
18Pow Pow4.46185
19Reaction State4.682
20Big Bad Baptista4.4355
21Fundamental Summation4.6178
22Barrel Aged Christmas Bomb4.7255
23Cutting Tiles (El Dorado)4.49138
24Barrel Aged Imperial German Chocolate Cupcake Stout4.7156
25Outside The Lines - Barrel Aged4.49132
26Foggier Window4.5595
27Firestone 20 - Anniversary Ale4.42221
28Pile Of Crowns4.5685
29Other Half / Trillium Like Whoa4.48122
30Stillings Street IPA4.39261
31Double Barrel Big Bad Baptist4.38279
32The Abyss (Scotch Barrel-Aged)4.45133
342016 Bourbon (Willett) BA Mexican Cake4.5772
35Double Shot - Guatemala Bella Vista4.5869
36Super Sap4.47112
37The Juice Is Loose4.42156
38PM Dawn W/ Cold Brew Coffee4.41164
39Double Dry Hopped Forever Simcoe4.47108
40Party Wave4.5186
42Society & Solitude #94.588
43Conflux Series 2: Collage4.44117
45Double Shot - Burundi Mpanga Kirema4.5861
46Double Dry Hopped Broccoli4.4986
47Boss Tweed4.581
48Double Dry-Hopped Tesseract4.5760
49Raining Three's Triple Dry-Hopped4.5272
50Darkness-Barrel Aged 20164.41125
51Blended 20174.5563
52Double Dry Hopped Space Diamonds4.43109
53Blowin' Up The Spot (Monkish Collaboration)4.42115
54Cutting Tiles (Citra)4.32324
56Big Bird4.43107
61Crack The Skye4.36171
62Curiosity Thirty One4.4878
64Imaginary Greenscapes4.4781
65The Abyss (Brandy Barrel-Aged)4.37150
67Dinosaur World4.4587
69Molten Mirrors4.4491
70Chaos (2017)4.6444
71AleSmith Speedway Stout - Vietnamese Coffee (Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged)4.5852
72AleSmith Speedway Stout - Mokasida4.34191
73Double Mosaic Daydream4.649
75Curiosity Thirty Six4.4583
76Mylar Bags4.36145
78Workers Are Going Home IIPA4.39111
79Veritas 0184.4770
80Fully Loaded Baked Potato4.4576
81Key Bump4.4963
82Curiosity Twenty Nine4.4473
83Trademark Dispute: Vanilla4.488
84Willett Whiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout4.37105
85Nummy Nug Nug4.3898
86Curiosity Thirty Four4.4860
87Beyond Good And Evil (Maple Syrup Barrel)4.4374
88Super Supernaut4.4761
91Pride & Purpose4.33125
92Don't Sweat The Technique4.5446
93Nelson Dry Hopped Fort Point4.29182
94Never Never Forever Forever4.5347
95Double Dry Hopped Envie4.4367
96Centaur Gardens4.5247
97Dream In Green4.4462
98Double Watermelon Milkshake IPA4.4951
99Dial Up The Seven Digits4.3977
100Arthur Puncheon4.4754
101XHOPS (Pink Label)4.4266
102Between The Dead4.4656
1042016 SPON — Méthode Gueuze4.32116
105Harry Doesn't Mind IIPA4.32115
106OJ Run4.4851
107We Ded Mon4.3780
108Jenny Said4.33101
109Curiosity Thirty Three4.3587
110La Schmoove4.4554
111Curiosity Thirty4.3777
112Master Of Oranges4.4358
113Madness & Civilization #74.465
115Double Dry Hopped Cabbage4.3966
116Thursday (2017)4.4846
117Bourbon Barrel Aged 30th Anniversary4.4649
118Cantillon Zwanze 20164.3675
119Crucial Crucial Aunt Aunt4.3484
120In Mid-Air4.3389
121Light Year4.3294
122Twice Baked Potato4.3673
124Fully Frothed4.3576
125Two Hundred Thousand Trillion4.3962
126Unchained Series Batch No. 23 - Dark Infusión (A Coffee Milk Stout)4.3384
127Peak Oil Imperial IPA4.4548
128Leo V. Ursus: Fortem4.19526
129Red Wine (Napa Cabernet) Mexican Cake (2016)4.4645
130Fire Skulls & Money4.3190
131Double Dry Hopped Stacks On Stacks4.3379
132Oak-Aged Vanilla World Wide Stout4.3379
133R&D Pommier Sauvage4.3958
134Barrel Aged Mexican Achromatic4.3474
135Mikerphone Check 1, 24.4251
136Double Dry-Hopped Workers Are Going Home4.4153
138Cheddar Broccoli4.3473
139Green Down To The Socks4.3473
140The Nameless4.4545
141There Are Rules4.4446
1422016 SPON FRUIT — Peach & Apricot4.4249
143Double Homestyle4.4249
144Magnetic Tape4.3470
145Present Perfect4.25135
1463 Way IPA (2017 W/ Great Notion & Reuben's)4.3760
147Nice Relationship4.3662
148Double Dry Hopped Bon Bon 2X TNT IIPA4.4346
150Burial / Other Half I Left My Wallet In Bed-Stuy Juice Bar4.451
151Saison Du Fermier - Foedre Fermier4.3466
152Double Dry Hopped Suparillo4.3178
153Southern Passion/J-17 DIPA4.3952
154Board Shorts4.24133
155Hair Raiser4.23148
156Even More Jesus Bourbon Maple Syrup Barrel-Aged4.3658
157Skadoosh V: Citra4.4147
158Throw Some Mo4.3367
160Permutation Series #11: American Sour Blonde Ale Aged On Peaches4.3461
162Mosaic + Waimea4.4145
163Industry Vs. Inferiority4.3655
165Civil Disobedience #194.3362
166Blissful Ignorance #44.3169
167Basement IPA4.2696
168Nelson Sauvin/Motueka DIPA4.3947
1692016 SPON FRUIT — Raspberry & Cherry4.445
170Jigsaw Jazz4.24111
171EXTRA Vanilla Milkshake IPA4.2881
172Windy Hill4.2880
173Zipper Ripper4.3554
174Biere Blanche4.3749
1751st Meal (Barrel Aged)4.3553
176Ibex Series: Imperial Coffee Stout4.3455
177Ibex Series: Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout4.3455
178Double Barrel Bolita Double Nut Brown Ale4.3260
179Hop Marauder Imperial IPA4.3454
180Cherry Raspberry Pop!4.22121
181Marshal Zhukov (Vanilla Hazelnut)4.17249
182#NO FILTER IPA4.21133
183Funky Gold Citra4.2591
185Clear & Present Dankness4.3258
186Blackberry Orange Pop!4.23104
187Thick Mint Imperial Stout (Blackwater Series)4.18182
188Small Bird Series: Pipsqueak Penguin4.2138
189Fresh Pick4.2869
192Forever Simcoe4.22104
193Double Dry Hopped Softly Spoken Magic Spells4.2866
194Morph 1/26/174.359
196The Bruery Hoarders Cuvee (2016)4.3448
197Broken Spoke4.18153
198Farnsworth Street IPA4.356
200Goblin Rock4.2862
201Springdale Good N' You?4.3348
202Apricot Sour4.2293
203Four Seam4.3445
206Forcefield (2017)4.2956
207Roll Away IPA4.2475
208Field Rotation4.2570
209Death By Coconut (Rum Barrel Aged)4.2287
210Flora Peach/Pear4.2955
211Caffé Corretto4.2665
212Daydream In Green4.2569
213Leo V. Ursus: Adversus4.15194
214Weihenstephaner Kristallweizenbock4.17140
215Free Flow IPA4.14228
216Effective Dreams4.2953
217Curiosity Thirty Seven4.2280
218Are You Ready Steve?4.2661
220Stormy Oat IPA4.2854
222Maine Event4.3244
223Single Brothers4.3244
224I'll Have What She's Having4.2562
225Works Of Love: Tired Hands4.3145
226Pulling Nails Blend #64.2754
227Nuttiest Professor4.2754
228Manta Ray Double India Pale Ale4.11390
229Extra Pulp4.3144
230Byzantine Vision4.2368
231Monday (2017)4.2948
233Ain't Nothing Nice4.2752
234Even More Coco Jesus4.14155
235Space Diamonds4.1894
236Short, Dark & Wired4.2363
237Aún Más A Jesús (Brandy Barrel Aged)4.2847
238Mash & French Toast4.2458
239Double Dry Hopped Cheddar4.2749
240Free Rise - Motueka Dry Hopped4.2456
241Pappy's Porter4.14132
242Triton Project4.2166
2432017 Edition Hoptimum Triple IPA4.2746
245Premiere IPA4.2648
247Lush IPA4.13141
248Imperial Biscotti Break Raspberry Umami4.267
249Brewer's Reserve Bourbon Barrel Quadruple Ale4.12162
250Dank Meme4.2646
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