Top Rated Beers: Alaska (US)

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Top Rated Beers: Alaska (US)
    Score Ratings
1A Deal With The Devil4.521,055
2Arctic Devil Barley Wine4.361,365
3A Deal With The Devil (Double Oak Aged)4.7146
4Berserker Imperial Stout4.331,200
5Bitter Monk4.321,036
6Love Buzz Saison4.25815
7Bar Fly (Bourbon Barrel Aged)4.3193
8Sloth - Belgian-Style Imperial Stout4.34122
9Darkest Hour4.18346
10Alaskan Smoked Porter4.152,077
11The Tide And Its Takers4.15520
12Anchorage / Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Boreal4.16326
13Alaskan Baltic Porter (Pilot Series)4.14394
14Mosaic Saison4.14295
15BREWtality - Espresso Black Bier4.14209
16Big Woody Barley Wine4.3339
17Termination Dust4.1978
19TREAT (Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter)4.08744
21Monk's Mistress4.05323
22A Deal With The Devil (Cognac Barrel-Aged)4.515
23Within Us4.3719
24Galaxy White IPA4.02948
25Patterns Triple IPA4.2921
26Triple IPA4.5511
27Darkest Hour (Glenmorangie Barrels)4.4214
28Spruce Tip Ale4.1245
30King Street IPA4.0658
31A Deal With The Devil (Rum Barrel-Aged)4.3912
32Tundra Wookie4.3314
33Pie Assassin4.1823
34Smoked Russian Imperial Stout4.2120
35A Deal With The Devil (Woodford Reserve Double Oaked)4.3413
36Crazy Rays IPA4.2915
38Whiteout Wit3.97428
40Specialty Beer XXX Black Double IPA3.97178
41Twister Creek IPA3.98107
42Osculum Infame4.1816
43Beam Stout (Jim Beam Barrel Aged)4.3210
44Darkest Hour (Whiskey Barrel Aged)4.2114
45A Deal With The Devil (Apple Brandy)4.2811
46Alaskan Mocha Milk Stout (Pilot Series)4.0339
47The Ghosts In Their Eyes4.2113
48Nobility Barley Wine4.1516
49Black Fang4.1615
50Alaskan Hopothermia3.93888
51Matt Porter4.2510
52Smoked Märzen4.1712
53Fallen Angel3.94125
54Modern Romance3.9577
56Son Of A Berserker!3.9562
57Buffalo Head Barley Wine4.1710
58Breakfast Beer4.0125
59India Pale Ale3.9470
60King Street Hefeweizen4.0418
61Fairweather IPA3.9460
62Solstice IPA3.9734
63Cohoho Imperial IPA3.9260
64Alaskan Smack Of Grapefruit IPA (Pilot Series)3.9443
65Golden Dahl416
66Dubbel On Tundra4.0610
67Panty Peeler3.89278
68Alaskan Heritage Coffee Brown Ale (Pilot Series)3.89227
69Prince William's Porter3.9619
70Imperial IPA4.0111
71Alaskan Imperial Red Ale (Pilot Series)3.88266
72HooDoo Stout411
73Darth Delirium3.9517
74American IPA3.9810
75Arctic XPA3.9314
76Medvejie Stout3.925
77Amber Ale3.8929
78Easy Evil3.8924
79Hard Apple Ale3.918
80Chuli Stout3.8761
81King Street Pilsner3.914
82Irish Gael3.911
83Odyssey Oatmeal Stout3.8815
84Alaskan Husky IPA3.85131
86Raspberry Wheat3.8715
87Pipeline Stout3.8623
88Sunken Island IPA3.8531
89Moose Point Porter3.8525
90Irish Stout3.8517
91Meltdown Double IPA3.84161
92Polar Pale Ale3.8412
93The Big DIPA3.8311
94Devil Made Me Do It IPA3.8210
95Alaskan Big Mountain3.83181
97Roughneck Stout3.8227
98Double IPA3.815
99Coldfoot Pilsner Lager3.8125
100Alaskan SMaSH Galaxy Single Hop3.8293