Top Rated Beers: Alabama (US)

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Top Rated Beers: Alabama (US)
    Score Ratings
1El Gordo4.51115
2Snake Handler Double IPA4.24582
3Bourbon Barrel-Aged Laika Stout4.3171
5Cabernet Barrel-Aged Laika Stout4.24170
7Unobtanium Barrel-Aged Old Ale4.17252
9Coffee Oatmeal Stout4.08451
10El Gordo (Barrel Aged)4.4722
11Take The Causeway IPA4.08114
12Double Stuff Pinstripe Stout4.1552
14Velvet Evil4.0981
15Laika Russian Imperial Stout4.04178
16Downtown North Porter4.2129
17Tesserae Double IPA4.2920
18Raspberry Berliner Weisse4.0587
19Trade Day Cuban Coffee Stout4.0668
20Chocolate Oatmeal Porter4.0399
21Strongman Belgian Strong Dark4.1924
22Candy Bar Pinstripe Stout4.0747
23No Joka Mocha4.0554
24Mumbai Rye4.0360
25Peanut Butter Pinstripe Stout4.0357
26Hopbursted IPA4.0350
28Druid City Lamplighter IPA4.0726
29El Gordo Olé Mole4.213
30Snipe Hunt IPA4.2511
31Ryezome Rye Stout4.0623
32Mr. Todd's Double IPA3.9943
33Brettanomyces Fermented IPA4.1512
34Fraxinus Maximus3.9933
35Pillar To Post Rye3.9559
36Hellfire Belgian Strong Ale3.9649
37Wheat With Peaches4.0125
38Vern's Wheat Wine Ale3.9642
39Judge Roy Bean Coffee Stout3.9299
40AstroNut Brown Ale4.0319
41Oka Uba IPA3.9454
42Imperial Stout4.0612
43Oktoberfest Bier4.0413
44Hop Revival3.9434
45Dark Planet3.9340
46Olde Ale4.0214
47The Swamper Porter3.9430
48Cuba Libre Rye Brown Ale4.0312
49Tobacco Road3.9239
50Miss Fancy's Tripel3.8976
52Coffee And Milk Pinstripe Stout3.9814
53Gorillanaut Imperial IPA3.88114
55Intimidator Dopplebock3.9416
56Miracle Worker Tripel3.924
57Monkey's Uncle IPA3.8760
58Spring Street Saison3.86124
59Monkeynaut IPA3.85573
60Ghost Bridge Imperial Stout3.8811
61Peanut Butter Astronut Brown Ale3.8810
62Terrestri-Ale Tripel3.8710
64The Mandarin Chief3.8512
65American IPA3.8424
66Weedy's Double Knee3.8271
67Vanillaphant Porter3.82136
70Dark Hammer3.7919
71Battlefield IPA3.81133
72HopNaughty IPA3.7815
74Firefox Pale Ale3.7513
75Olde Towne Pumpkin Ale3.7831
76Pinstripe Stout3.7979
78Painted Black IPA3.7416
79Druid City Pale Ale3.7521
80Meredith Marzen3.7418
81Bourbon Barrel Aged Wee Heavy Ale3.7862
82Pachyderm Pale Wheat3.7755
83Bankston 883.7116
84Terminal Station Brown Ale3.6610
85Rocket City Red3.7220
86Strawberry Kolsch3.717
87Crimson Ale3.6814
88Wernher Von Brown Ale3.7122
89Milepost 652 ESB3.7122
90Long Branch Scottish Ale3.7331
91Brothel Brown3.6715
92Mill City White3.6513
93Lost Highway3.7445
94Cave City Lager3.7339
95Black Chaps3.5710
96Brother Joseph's Belgian Dubbel3.76165
97FiftyOne Pale Ale3.7464
98Kiwi Kölsch3.6722
100Dry Hopped Pale Ale3.737