Top Rated Beers: Idaho (US)

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Top Rated Beers: Idaho (US)
    Score Ratings
1Double Vision Doppelbock4.17156
2Trout Hop Black IPA4.03204
3Wake Up Call Imperial Coffee Porter4.04156
4Pursuit Of Hoppiness3.98497
55 O'clock Shadow Double Black Lager4.06120
6Sheep Eater Scotch Ale4.03104
7Black Cauldron Imperial Stout3.93616
8XX Bitch Creek3.97144
10Dagger Falls IPA3.9147
11The Dogfather3.85587
12Barrel Aged Seven Devils Imperial Stout (Brewers' Private Reserve)4.2919
13De Achste Hond (Peach Sour)3.9385
14Lost Continent Double IPA3.83468
15Saint Augustine Rye Saison3.9455
16Sour Grand Saison3.9154
17Anubis Imperial Coffee Porter3.8274
18Old Devil's Tooth Barleywine4.0624
19Devil Dog Imperial IPA3.8242
20Pure Bred: Citra APA3.8387
22Guilt Belgian Coffee Porter3.8749
23Saint Joseph4.0122
24Sneaky Pete Imperial IPA3.75741
25Saint Thomas Black Saison3.9526
26Hopnoxious DIPA4.0716
27Bitch Creek ESB (Extra Special Brown)3.73822
28Sweetgrass American Pale Ale (APA)3.73737
29Teton Range IPA3.9423
30Alpha Dog Imperial IPA3.73679
31The Dogfather (Bourbon Barrel Aged)3.73516
32Sins Of Our Fathers Imperial Stout3.8248
33Knot Tree Porter4.0810
34Hell Diver Pale Ale3.7844
36Slaughterhouse Red India Ale3.8622
37Dagger Falls IPA3.8622
38Highlands Scotch Ale3.8918
40Buzz Buzz Coffee Porter3.8620
42Rustler IPA3.71115
43Power House Porter3.7456
44Saint Stephen3.9214
45Barrel Aged Sins Of Our Fathers Imperial Stout3.8223
46Barrel Aged Guilt Belgian Porter3.9910
47Bone Warmer Imperial Amber Ale3.7179
49Pistolero Porter3.7924
51Big Sticky Red3.8913
52City Of Trees IPA3.7252
53Set ’Em Wild, Set ’Em Free - Peaches3.820
54Electric Warrior Oatmeal Stout3.8514
55Rodeo Rye Pale Ale3.7152
56Red Light3.7920
57Blood Orange Rustler IPA3.7920
58Freeheeler Rye IPA3.8216
59So Juicy3.8711
603 Picket Porter3.750
61Midnight Satin3.7719
62Syringa Pale Ale3.8511
63Wobbily Man Smoked Scotch Ale3.814
64Rustler India Pale Ale3.7717
65Idahome IPA3.7912
66Laughing Dog Rocket Dog Rye IPA3.64279
67Blackwater Imperial Stout3.7712
68Hop Notion IPA3.6744
71Mutton Buster3.6558
72Fest Bier Märzen Lager3.6638
74Payette Pale Ale3.6543
75Leaning Barn3.7410
771910 Black Lager3.6627
78Twelve Gauge Imperial Stout3.7310
79Dagger Falls IPA Mango3.7112
80Total Disorder Porter3.713
81Hippie Shake3.713
82Laughing Dog India Pale Ale3.62213
83High Lakes Session IPA3.6620
84Silhouette Dark Ale3.6813
85Mighty Bison Brown Ale3.6522
86Galena Gold3.6427
87Cozy Up Milk Stout3.6519
88Devil's Pick IPA3.6810
89Huckleberry Chapel Witbier3.6330
90Devious Intent Imperial Stout3.6613
91Snowboarder Porter3.6514
92Lucky Peak Pilsner3.6512
93Fresh Hop Pale3.6510
94Vindicator IPA3.6143
95Trainwreck Red3.6220
96'71 Pale Ale3.6311
97Augustus Winter Seasonal3.6212
98In The Morning Mild (w/ DOMA Coffee)3.6111
99Initial Point IPA3.627
100Hip Check IPA3.613