Top Rated Beers: Kansas (US)

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Top Rated Beers: Kansas (US)
    Score Ratings
1Old Backus Barleywine4.21253
2Big RICC4.15320
4Owd Mac's Imperial Stout4.1654
5Fuzzy Knuckles4.1175
6No. 06 Oatmeal Stout4.1538
7Buffalo Sweat - Vanilla Bean3.93757
8Zombie Monkie3.93607
9Yakimaniac IPA3.9866
10No. 50 Liberty Stout4.1718
11Valleyview Vanilla Porter4.0531
12Stormwatch Ale4.0825
13King Buffalo3.92101
14Post Rock Pilsner4.1316
15Galaxy IPA4.2810
16Buffalo Sweat3.881,455
17Josiah Miller IPA4.0424
18Seal Team 6 Black IPA4.0521
19V.6 IPA3.9143
20The Quad417
21Catherine III4.0211
23Buffalo Sweat - Bourbon Barrel-Aged With Vanilla Beans And Cinnamon3.83240
24Stampede Stout3.9911
25Raspberry Jam3.83157
26Red Cicada Gose3.9811
28Wizard Of Hops3.9711
29Thrasher Session India Pale Ale3.8377
30Twisted Logik3.9411
31Buffalo Sweat - Bourbon Barrel-Aged3.81252
32Invigorator Doppelbock3.9111
33Rumor Has It3.9110
35Java Porter3.8326
36Stormchaser IPA3.8127
37Songbird Saison3.873
38Dirty Kanza 2003.8223
39Copperhead Pale Ale3.79256
40Key Lime Pie3.79106
41Blueberry Jam3.7955
42The Bitter Professor IPA3.7927
43Oatmeal Stout3.78256
45Frost Flower3.7916
46Mass Hysteria Rye3.7815
47Tiger Paw Porter3.7713
48Happy Feet3.7713
49Warbeard Irish Red3.7724
50Gutch English Style Mild Ale3.7755
51Top Rope IPA3.77174
52Velvet Rooster3.77524
53Coffee Porter3.7614
54V12 Imperial IPA3.7512
55Buffalo Sweat - German Chocolate Cake3.7634
56Half Pipe3.7680
57Cloud Hopper Imperial IPA3.7697
58Top Gun IPA3.7527
59Backpacker Brown3.7534
608-Bit Pale Ale3.761,192
62Raw Wheat3.710
63Flyin' Hawaiian3.7455
64Holy Grail Pale Ale3.714
65Time Portal Breakfast Brown3.7118
66Hop Jack Ale3.6711
67Idaho 7 Hops3.7124
68HighBeam IPA3.6921
69Crimson Phog3.732
70Cuvée De René3.6211
71Half-Wit Wheat3.6515
72Tiger Bite IPA3.6827
73Lemongrass Rye3.6314
74Willy Nilly3.6934
75Flying Monkey Four Finger Stout3.746
76John Brown Ale3.6725
77Brown Ale3.5710
785:02 Amber3.6419
79Bison Brown Ale3.6318
80Old Town Brown3.6321
81No. 24 IPA (India Pale Ale)3.5210
82What Winter? Ale3.5110
83Garden Party3.6428
84No. 55 Fort Fletcher American IPA3.5313
85Sweet Tooth3.6652
86The Grizz3.6894
87Wave The Wheat Ale3.5113
88XX Black Angus Stout3.5719
89Ironman Imperial Stout3.67119
90Ad Astra Ale3.68282
91Wind Wagon3.5726
92Prairie Pale Ale3.5421
93Rock Chalk Raspberry Wheat3.3610
94Harvester Wheat3.4514
96Tornado Alley IPA3.5529
97No. 09 American Hefeweizen3.4617
98Thunder Blonde3.3411
99No. 03 Amber Ale3.3312
100No. 08 Lemon Ale3.2711