Top Rated Beers: Minnesota (US)

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Top Rated Beers: Minnesota (US)
    Score Ratings
1Abrasive Ale4.54,643
3Barrel-Aged Silhouette4.52461
4Todd The Axe Man India Pale Ale4.462,588
5Barrel Aged Double Shot Double Black4.48286
6Darkness - Bourbon Barrel-Aged4.5143
7Three Hour Tour4.42301
8Russian Roulette4.49100
9Masala Mama India Pale Ale4.321,384
10Twisted Trace4.4173
11Czar Jack Imperial Stout4.34427
12Rum King4.33504
15Dark Knight4.36184
16Before The Dawn4.35202
17Cacao Bender4.29493
18Rain Drops4.4484
19Sticker Fight4.36125
20Stupid Good4.5646
21Mango Mama4.29282
22Ol' Jack Frost Imperial Stout4.4563
23Six Hour Tour4.6531
26Shooter McGavin4.4552
27Chocolate Milk Stout4.26201
28Fresh Hop Mosaic IPA4.3390
29Star Of The North: Berlin Style Wheat Beer4.24226
30Blissful Ignorance4.29103
32War And Peace4.2381
34Cold Press Black Ale4.19408
35Project 31064.3656
36Darkness - Bourbon Barrel-Aged With Vanilla Beans4.6324
38Coffee Bender4.152,704
39Darkness - Woodford Reserve Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged - 20174.3945
40Spirit Foul4.3944
41Pentagram Aged In Rye Whiskey Barrels4.3355
42Hop Forest4.22119
43Black Lotus4.3446
44300 Mosaic India Pale Ale4.15325
45Rain Drops - Double Dry-Hopped With Citra And Vic Secret4.4629
46Vanilla Cold Press Black4.434
47The Magic Man4.3934
48Haywire Double Black American Ale4.18131
49Peanut Butter Porter4.17151
50Size 114.14267
51Sherpa's Survival Kit4.2949
52Worthy Adversary4.12422
53Let It Ride4.12406
54Size 74.11646
56Java Oats4.2947
57Twisted Reality Barleywine4.2752
58Manhattan Barrel4.2177
59Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout4.4326
60Mirror Universe Hazy IPA4.2171
61Big Boat Oatmeal Stout4.15126
63Summit Keller Pils4.16107
65Key Sublime4.2940
66Raining 3S4.3630
67Overrated West Coast Style IPA4.081,699
68E.T. Wee4.4423
69Thor's Smoked Hot Pepper Imperial Porter4.2547
73Rum Barrel Aged Ten4.3131
74On One4.4122
75Pudding Dribbles4.6114
76India Pale Ale4.12121
77El Nino IPA4.11141
78Citra Pale Ale4.3923
79Dorothy Mantooth4.3229
81Noble Star Collection: Framboise Du Nord4.09185
82Boat Shoes4.2536
83Straight Hash Homie4.2831
84Irish Coffee Stout4.08195
85Furious Black4.1292
86Damn Good4.5215
87Thread Count4.4617
88Black H2O Oatmeal Stout4.07225
89Harness IPA4.08170
90Buffalo Bock4.1283
91Whiskey Queen4.2336
92Dawn Juan4.4118
931800 Old English IPA4.09108
942 Gingers Barrel Aged Libertine4.3819
95George Hunter4.1180
96Chazz Michael Michaels4.324
97Summit Oatmeal Stout4.04419
98Summit Union Series #6 Imperial Russian Stout4.2135
99Regal Hops4.4914
100Peanut Butter Bandit4.1646