Top Rated Beers: Montana (US)

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Top Rated Beers: Montana (US)
    Score Ratings
1Ivan The Terrible Imperial Stout - Barrel-Aged4.25867
2Tumbleweed IPA4.21137
3Single Malt IPA4.1656
4Olde Bluehair Barley Wine4.01356
5Ivan The Terrible Imperial Stout3.99560
6De-Railed IPA4.2624
7Cold Smoke Scotch Ale3.97268
8Scepter IPA4.138
9Prickly Pear Pale Ale4.0258
10Teddy Roosevelt American Badass4.2319
11Last Cast Black IPA4.1326
12The Imperial IPA4.0539
13Pack Train4.0151
14Hat Trick Hop IPA3.9588
15Hopzone IPA3.94101
16Big Belt Weizenbock4.312
17Buzz Kill Java Stout4.1319
18Shake A Day3.9392
19Ghost Train IPA4.1317
20Mountain Man Strong Ale3.9554
21Bozone Plum St. Porter3.9743
22Bayern Doppelbock3.9279
23Old Stache4.2810
24Bitter Root IPA4.1216
25Pulaski Porter4.1514
26Broken Nail Double IPA3.9832
27Old Bongwater Hemp Porter4.0320
28Rye Sally Rye P.A.421
29Single Hop Northwest Pale Ale (Columbus)3.9628
30Bayern Bakken Bock4.0119
31Gwin Du Oatmeal Stout4.0912
32Bourbon Barrel Stout4.1410
33Huckleberry Honey Ale3.8949
34Tartanic Scottish Ale416
35Black Ghost Oatmeal Stout3.8945
36Boxcar Brown Ale4.0214
37Dropper IPA4.0412
39Custer’s Last Stout3.9223
40Vanilla Bourbon Stout4.0310
41Sharptail Pale Ale3.9121
42Blue Collar Bitter4.0110
43Bobo's Robust Porter3.82236
44Single Hop APA (CTZ)3.9613
45Black Magic Porter3.9512
46Switchback Stout3.8725
47Bayern Face Plant Doppel Weizen3.8363
48Painted Rock Porter3.9312
49Red Dread Imperial Red Ale3.8624
50Pigs Ass Porter3.81131
51Beltian White3.8265
52Snow Ghost Winter Lager3.8718
53Heavy Horse Scotch Ale3.8254
54MacKenzie River Driftboat Amber3.912
55The Big Mountain Tea Pale Ale3.9210
56Ole Gus3.8715
57ICONIC Pale Ale3.8813
58Dos Goatees Doppelbock3.8812
59Big Sky IPA3.791,182
60The Centennial IPA3.8142
61Highlander Devil's Hump Red Ale3.8810
62Good Medicine Strong Red Ale3.846
63Copper John Scotch Ale3.7992
64Red Headed IPA3.8511
65Badlands Extra Pale Ale3.8411
66Big Sky Rye Ale3.7947
67Blacksmith Cutthroat IPA3.8212
68Moose Juice3.8115
69Beartooth Pale Ale3.8114
70Tramway Rye PA3.8111
71Fresh Bongwater Hemp Ale3.7828
72Winter Ale3.7914
73Bent Nail IPA3.77156
74Hop Juice Double IPA3.7767
75Nut Brown Ale3.7740
76Loch And Lode3.7713
77Oktoberfest Lager3.7614
78Elevator Imperial IPA3.7640
79Bayern Dump Truck3.7668
80Bodacious Bock3.7411
81Guy On A Buffalo Coffee Stout3.7412
82Bayern Groomer3.7533
83Quill Pig3.7310
84Street Fight3.7314
85Biere De Noël3.7578
86River Gold (Organic Pale Ale)3.7213
87Whitetail Wheat3.7321
88406 Saison3.7111
89Fat Belly Amber3.7322
90Wild Mile Wheat3.710
91Clothing Optional3.715
92Yellowstone Golden Ale3.7120
93Cowboy Coffee Porter3.74231
94Sip And Go Naked Apricot Ale3.6916
95Highlander Mount Jumbo IPA3.6510
96Paddlefish Stout3.6919
97Bufflehead Brown Ale3.728
98Montana Helles Lager3.6617
99Slurry Bomber Stout3.6515
100Going To The Sun IPA3.72130