Top Rated Beers: New Jersey (US)

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Top Rated Beers: New Jersey (US)
    Score Ratings
1Sunday Brunch4.56691
2Mexican Brunch4.57453
3A Night To End All Dawns4.42577
4Cafe Y Churro4.42205
5Sneak Box American Pale Ale4.36241
6Morning Bell4.32444
10Head High4.26862
11Party Wave4.497
12077-07871 (Mosaic)4.4182
13Galaxy Head High4.478
14Regular Coffee4.23621
15Barrel Aged Morning Bell4.3691
16Third Reef4.31115
1707750 (Nelson)4.3392
18Ramstein Winter Wheat Eisbock4.3574
19A Night To End All Dawns (2016) - Aged On Freshly Roasted Organic Coconut4.6527
20Bourbon Barrel Aged Silent Nights4.4349
21All Orange Everything4.25136
22Object Permanence4.3950
23Peak Oil4.3463
24Ship Wreck Porter4.21202
25Ramstein Winter Wheat4.16307
26Maine Event4.3254
27Gravitational Waves4.3449
28Imperial Sneakbox4.3939
29SS Yirgacheffe4.19129
30Contractual Obligation4.2664
31A Night To End All Dawns (2016) - Aged On Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans4.5422
33Pocket Trick4.1992
35Evening Bell4.275
36Wind Swell4.2649
37Bourbon Barrel Aged Sunday Brunch4.7613
38Peak Of Ripeness4.3138
39Boat Beer4.081,273
40Vengeful Heart4.14124
41Exit 16 Wild Rice Double IPA4.08854
42077-07302 (Warrior)4.1970
43Solid Gold Good Times4.3727
45Imperial Cold Side4.4720
46Mosaic Punch4.5118
47Up Up & Away4.3230
48Caffé Corretto4.1668
49Mexican Morning4.3129
50St Kitts Coffee4.4718
51Brotherton IPA4.2146
52The Sea Stares Back4.3624
54Sea Change4.1294
55Silent Nights4.1124
57Vine Shine IPA4.08164
58Bourbon Barrel Aged Mexican Brunch4.5913
59Double Dry-Hopped Rock Me Dr. 'Saic4.2533
60Ramstein Double Platinum Blonde4.1374
61Port Omna Coconut4.3324
63Fall Saints4.1192
64Barrel Aged Evening Bell4.419
66077-07006 (Sorachi Ace)4.1186
67A Night To End All Dawns (2016) - Aged In Rye Barrels (Blue Wax)4.4815
70Port Omna4.07133
71Danky Kong4.2726
72Hop Lab - Wheat IPA4.1743
73First Reef4.3619
74Coffee & Cream Stout4.2528
75City To Shore4.2232
76Head High (Double Dry-Hopped W/ Citra)4.4814
77Overhead (Dry Hopped W/ Mosaic)4.4814
79A Space To Fill4.3917
80Exit 9 Hoppy Scarlet Ale4.05183
81Palo Santo Porter4.175
82Christian Patrick4.2527
83077-08204 (El Dorado)4.2428
84Irish Coffee4.05166
8507747 (Galaxy)4.2230
86Gravitational Pull4.3916
87Low Visibility4.0798
88Rock Me Dr. 'Saic4.3120
89A Night To End All Dawns (2016) - Aged On Cacao (Brown Wax)4.3617
90Drip Down4.3816
91Froot Joose4.2921
92Waimea Punch4.2127
93Hippotizing IPA4.0690
94Dune Fruit4.03140
95A Night To End All Dawns (2016) - (Black Wax)4.5310
96Double Dry-Hopped Smell Ya Later4.4811
97Drift Wood4.1145
100Double Dry-Hopped Maine Event4.317