Top Rated Beers: Nevada (US)

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Top Rated Beers: Nevada (US)
    Score Ratings
1Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial Stout4.11103
2Dr. Lupulin 3x IPA4.1858
3Morning Joe4.2441
4Disco Ninja4.1752
5Citra Rye4.02144
6Jewel Box4.2338
7Revision IPA4.1445
8What What4.1445
9412 Scytale4.5216
10The Bruff4.2425
11Revision Double IPA4.140
12Planet Lovetron4.2324
13War Dog Double IPA467
14Planetary Fog4.1727
15Sparkle Muffin4.2123
16Whole Lotta Ruckus4.2619
17Reno As Fuck4.2618
18Morning Pay Off4.1425
19Smoke & Mirrors4.219
20Daily Wages439
21Tenaya Creek Imperial Stout3.9183
22Tahoe Haze4.1122
23Citra Revenge4.1221
24Lord Lupulin4.0923
25Gimme Da Loot!4.2614
26Mosaic Revenge Double IPA4.2713
27Distance Haze4.1914
28Triple 7 Black Chip Porter3.9149
29Glitter Moon4.0125
30Black Lab Stout3.9730
31Hop Bang Boom3.9730
32Leafy Greens IPA4.0222
34Tenaya Creek Old Jackalope Barleywine3.83116
35Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout3.9431
36The Heater4.1811
37Outlaw Milk Stout3.9920
38Mayan Maybe Not4.1312
39Sucka Fish4.1511
40Red-Headed Stranger3.8551
42God Of Thunder Baltic Porter3.8739
43Hop Anatomy Revealing Pale Ale4.0314
44Tectonic Event3.9520
45I'm Out Imperial Stout3.8634
46Outlaw Oatmeal Stout3.8166
47Hoppy Times3.8440
48Oak Smoker4.0511
49Third Man3.8825
50Green Mamba4.0710
51Peace, Love, & Hoppy-ness3.8723
52Seeing Double Dopple Weizenbock411
53Xertz Inconceivable India Pale Ale3.9712
54El Heffe (Jalepeno Hefeweizen)3.839
55Bat Chit Hazy3.9212
57Black Eye PA3.8912
58Hopathon IPA3.8713
60DTB Brown Ale3.7829
61Peavine Porter3.8215
62Rye'd N Dirty3.7822
63Cerveza Chilebeso3.7917
64Dirty Dog IPA3.72110
65Desert Snow3.8112
67Holy Cow! Original Pale Ale3.7231
69Hopalong Cassidy3.7415
70Bluffing Isn't Weisse3.7314
7138 Special3.7215
72Tenaya Creek Local 7023.7116
73Blood Moon Barleywine3.7115
74Red Roadster3.717
75Triple 7 Hefeweizen3.714
76Silver Peak IPA3.6918
77Busker Brown Ale3.6916
78Tenaya Creek Hop Ride IPA3.67173
79Ace In The Hole3.6611
80American Flyer3.6511
81Rebel Red3.6412
82Tenaya Creek Red Ryder3.6524
83Bitchin' Berry3.6312
84Perfect 103.6110
85Big Dog India Pale Ale3.6317
86Bristlecone Brown Porter3.6427
87Jackpot Porter3.6112
8818 B Pale Ale3.6112
89Triple 7 Marker Pale Ale3.6441
90Double Down Stout3.612
91Tenaya Creek Monsoon IPA3.6447
92Hardway IPA3.6335
94Blueberry Vanilla Wheat3.5816
95Icky IPA3.64193
96Tenaya Creek Hauling Oats Oatmeal Stout3.6384
97Bonanza Brown Ale3.627
98Black Mountain Beer3.5112
99Red Hydrant Ale3.656
100Tenaya Creek Nut Brown Ale3.5422