Top Rated Beers: Oregon (US)

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Top Rated Beers: Oregon (US)
    Score Ratings
1Nectarine Premiere4.65310
2Notorious Triple IPA4.55824
3The Broken Truck4.62247
4The Peach4.6212
5The Abyss4.477,308
6Double Stack4.53393
7Adam From The Wood4.47993
8Mother Of All Storms4.452,041
9Sang Noir4.451,785
10Peche 'n Brett4.441,397
12Hop Venom Double IPA4.43982
13Imperial Raz Bu4.54139
14The Lily4.52147
15Cascade Noyaux4.39965
16Imperial Stone Bu4.52133
17Cascade Sang Royal4.38925
18Juice Box4.45187
21The Lucy4.47143
22Apricot Ale4.341,770
23Berry Bu4.43178
25Blueberry Muffin4.44153
26RPM IPA4.33905
27Cherry Adam From The Wood4.33859
28Sticky Hands4.35428
29Special Rouge4.4194
30Turbulent Consequence: Peche4.46112
31Special Herbs (Seasonal)4.39193
32The Archer4.41158
33Boysenberry Bu4.43124
34Golden Canary4.42122
35Juice Jr.4.4140
36Seizoen Bretta4.281,527
37Peach Bu4.35201
39Cascade Vlad The Imp Aler4.27733
40Fresh Squeezed IPA4.255,245
41Imperial Blu Bu4.39114
42Pallet Jack IPA4.31238
43Mirror Mirror4.251,815
45Cascade Bourbonic Plague4.26604
46Manhattan NW4.27349
48The Boysenberry4.4568
49Armored Fist Double CDA4.29222
50Cascade Sang Rouge4.26363
51Oak Aged Bretta4.25469
52Cascade Kriek Ale4.231,170
53Imperial Berry Bu4.35113
54Fred From The Wood4.24547
55Double Chocolate Stout4.221,776
56[BANISHED] Tough Love4.26314
57Four Play4.29194
58The Beer Formerly Known As (TBFKA) La Tache4.27260
59The Abyss (Brandy Barrel-Aged)4.28214
60Blend Love4.26269
61Super Nebula4.27218
62Obsidian Stout4.23,967
63Cascade The Vine4.21898
64Ripe IPA4.33104
65The Dissident4.21,447
66Suge Knite4.28160
68Petit Desay4.23318
69Intergalactic Hop Shop4.4456
70Cran Bu4.29129
71Black Butte Porter4.186,288
72Lee Kriek4.3392
73Half Hitch4.2498
75The Truffle4.4746
76The Abyss (Tequila Barrel-Aged)4.3291
77The Duo4.4351
79Otto From The Wood4.22237
80Ching Ching4.22222
81Workhorse IPA4.18656
82Laurelwood Megafauna4.28109
83Ace Of Spades4.2297
85Tank Slapper DIPA4.4151
86Mosaic Pale Ale4.2899
87Chocolate Stout4.154,241
88Special Violet4.3950
89Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout4.143,488
90Breakside IPA4.16516
91Doggie Claws4.141,204
92Hop Henge4.132,551
93Honey Ginger Lime4.19185
94Diesel Imperial Stout4.3261
95Sticky Hands- Tropical Slam4.4536
96Bu Weisse4.15367
97Cascade Blueberry Ale4.13914
98El Cuatro4.21122
99Szech 'n Brett4.18178
100Forklift DIPA4.3159