Top Rated Beers: South Carolina (US)

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Top Rated Beers: South Carolina (US)
    Score Ratings
1Mexican Cake4.42,866
2Mexican Coffee Cake4.44291
3Mexican Cake - Tequila Barrel-Aged (2014)4.41284
4Boy King Double IPA4.28535
5Key Lime Pie Gose4.25433
7Siberian Black Magic Panther4.22210
94th Anniversary - Bourbon Barrel-Aged (CocoNaughty Edition)4.5731
10Margarita Gose4.3469
11Two Claw4.2213
147th Anniversary Chocolate & Sea Salt Imperial Stout4.2952
15Shane's Big DIPA4.1391
16Mr. Chipper4.12196
17Mini Growler4.1317
18Bulls Bay Oyster Stout4.2162
19Rye Knot Brown4.1691
21Mexican Cake - Calvados Barrel-Aged4.5916
22Weisse Weisse Baby - Lemon Coconut4.11135
23Dead Arm Pale Ale4.1158
24India Pale Ale4.051,513
25Rinse / Repeat - Galaxy4.3231
26Mexican Cake - Willett Barrel-Aged (2017)4.5615
27Event Horizon Cascadian Dark Ale4.1283
28Yeast Wrangler4.1466
29Blackbeerd Imperial Stout4.04355
30Weisse Weisse Baby4.06154
31Single Hop Series: All Cascade Pale Ale4.1644
32Carnie Fire4.0979
34Mexican Cake - Port Barrel-Aged4.4216
35Peanut Butter & Jelly4.1639
36Rinse / Repeat - Double Dry-Hopped Motueka and Wakatu4.1833
37One Claw3.991,106
38ALTerior Motive4.0678
39Viridi Rex4.3417
40Brand New Eyes4.1829
41Single Hop Series: All Simcoe Pale Ale4.2224
42The Finisher4.2620
43Rinse / Repeat - Mosaic4.1727
44Mars Express4.316
46Udderly Milk Stout3.98275
47Paper Airplanes4.2816
48Three Claw4.1428
49HopArt IPA3.96689
50Whiskey Sour4.411
51Year One4.4410
52Red Legs Scotch Ale4.1327
53Milk Stout4.132
54Weisse Weisse Baby - Blueberry4.219
55Rustic Sunday Rye Saison4.1326
56World Court Mocha Blonde Stout4.0835
57Mexican Cupcake4.1423
58Angry Mash Oatmeal Stout4.1819
59Porter, Smoked4.1126
60Kaldi Imperial Coffee Stout3.98104
61Funkmaster Brett IPA4.0439
62New South Bourbon Barrel Aged Lily The Great Imperial Stout4.2313
64Palmetto Trail Pale Ale4.1516
65Single Hop Series: All Chinook Pale Ale4.0724
67Overly Friendly IPA3.94140
68New Rye Pale Ale4.1118
69Mojito Gose4.1316
70Mexican Cake - Highland Scotch Barrel-Aged4.0919
71Rinse / Repeat - Simcoe and Amarillo4.0231
72September Saison4.0327
74¡Ándale! Pale Ale4.0719
75Aiken Thoroughbred Red4.0520
76Weisse Weisse Baby - Key Lime Pie4.1711
77Saison Du Fus429
78Half Calf3.9932
79Chocolate Rye Porter3.9741
80Thomas Creek Trifecta IPA3.92122
81Thomas Creek Coffee Oatmeal Stout3.92110
82Pecan Dream3.9549
83Lord Proprietor's Mild4.1411
84Smoked Rye Pale Ale424
85Rumblefish Hoppy Saison4.0220
86Wadmalaw Sunset4.0714
87Alpha Crucis4.0813
88Passion Fruit Tart4.0316
89Lily The Great4.0117
90Barrel-Aged Collision Stout4.0811
91Rinse / Repeat - Amarillo, Citra, El Dorado3.9724
92Shreddin' Wheat3.9434
93Life Of Don417
94Ashley Farmhouse Ale3.992
96Oyster Stout3.9337
97Galaxy Quest Pale Ale416
98Craver Peanut Butter Porter3.9238
99Pink Squirt4.0212
100Lefty Loosey3.9718