Top Rated Beers: Utah (US)

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Top Rated Beers: Utah (US)
    Score Ratings
1Big Bad Baptista4.41613
2Triple Barrel Big Bad Baptist4.43348
3Big Bad Baptist4.363,877
4Double Barrel Big Bad Baptist4.36336
5Crooked Line: Labyrinth Black Ale4.231,142
6Son Of A Baptist4.16451
8Squatters Outer Darkness4.07596
9Hop Nosh IPA4.024,336
10Elder Brett4.04452
11Squatters Fifth Element4.1765
12Sour Brainless On Peaches4.07118
13Cockeyed Cooper3.94976
14Squatters 5294.0861
15Oak And Orchard - Blueberry, Boysenberry, Cranberry, Strawberry and Plum4.2132
16Cahoots Double Rye IPA3.99133
17Santa Cruz Brown Ale3.97131
18Rise & Pine Hoppy Dark Ale3.95152
19Imperial Stout3.92251
20Red Rock Elephino3.93164
21Grapefruit Hop Nosh IPA3.9774
22Utah Sage Saison3.92142
23New England Style IPA - Citralush3.93118
24Desert Select Tripel
Moab Brewery
Tripel / 8.59% ABV
25Oak And Orchard - Blueberry, Boysenberry And Black Currant4.0341
26Smoked & Oaked3.88306
27Red Rock Paardebloem4.2218
28Sour Brainless On Pineapple4.0533
29Jacked B Nimble3.9947
30Big Bad Baptist Reserve4.2317
31Desert Select Export Stout4.0432
32Epically Strange4.0627
33Squatters Hop Rising Double IPA3.841,179
34Wasatch Winterfest3.88114
35Feeling Hazy4.3311
36Anniversary Barley Wine Ale3.83911
37Brainless IPA3.84225
38Tastes Like Citrus4.3210
39Imperial IPA3.83358
40Hopulent IPA3.82861
41Detour Double India Pale Ale3.811,568
42Imperial Pumpkin Porter3.81629
43West Coast Style IPA3.8856
44Red Rock Rêve3.9726
45Pit Stop3.9139
46Imperial Pumpkin Porter - Barrel-Aged4.0914
47Slick City Citrus4.210
48Hop Nosh Tangerine IPA3.8430
49Red Rock Le Quatre Saison3.8751
50Mama's Milk Imperial Milk Stout4.0813
51New England Style IPA - Pulp Addiction3.8295
52Tart 'n Juicy Sour IPA3.79347
53Accelerator IPA4.0413
55Copper Cone3.79142
56Baba Black Lager3.771,265
57Brainless Belgian-Style Golden Ale3.78211
58Common Interests3.9516
59RiNo Juicy APA3.920
60Funk'n Patch3.919
62Red Rock Secale Rye Barrel Aged Doppelbock3.8622
63Dortmunder Export Lager3.8917
64Squatters Takeout Rye IPA3.8138
65New England Style IPA - Lupulin Burst3.9810
66Black Raven Oatmeal Stout3.8136
67Barley Wine3.75176
68Desert Select Rye Ale3.8123
69Squatters Espresso Stout3.8614
70Random IPA3.8515
71Squatters Black Forest Schwarzbier3.7737
72Squatters Hell's Keep3.74113
73Croggy Brett Saison3.8216
74Snowbird Dunkelweizen3.8216
75Wasatch Snap Down Header India Pale Lager3.7637
76Niner Bock3.8511
77Imperial Red Ale3.73138
78Smoked Porter3.7397
79Mango Lime Pilsner3.7628
80Red Rock Griswald's Big Holiday3.814
81Wasatch Polygamy Nitro Porter3.72167
82Desert Select Scotch Ale3.7622
83Wasatch First One Down3.7354
84Wasatch Jalapeño Cream Ale3.7334
85Double Skull3.71174
86Derailleur Ale3.7333
87Wasatch White Label3.71150
88Escape To Colorado3.7599
89Squatters IPA3.7302
90Desert Select Black Imperial IPA3.7145
91Wasatch Black O'Lantern3.7230
92Extra Special Bitter Ale3.7411
93Blueski Lager3.7130
94Drioma Russian Imperial Stout3.7129
95Wit Beer3.761
96Wasatch GhostRider White IPA3.69348
97Pomme Baril3.718
98Red Rock Golden Halo3.716
99Squatters Oktoberfest3.710
100Rocket Bike American Lager (Non-4% Version)3.6912