Top Rated Beers: Virginia (US)

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Top Rated Beers: Virginia (US)
    Score Ratings
1Master Of Karate4.47359
3Double Orange Starfish4.51210
4Kentucky Christmas Morning4.46360
5Orange Starfish4.47279
7Mind The Hop4.43231
8Bourbon GBS (Gingerbread Stout)4.36709
9Crucial Taunt4.38313
11Christmas Morning4.36357
12Stellar Parallax4.42148
13Gingerbread Stout4.31,432
14Dirt Nap4.38193
15Resolute Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial Stout4.33384
16Café Royale4.29762
17Apple Brandy GBS4.35179
18We Ded Mon4.4117
19Talking Backwards Triple IPA4.4875
21Master Of Oranges4.38124
22Bourbon Barrel Porter (BBP)4.27612
23Astro Zombie4.37123
24Johann The Mango Thief4.4289
25Dunley Place4.4287
27Johann And The Giant Peach4.3799
28Never Never Forever Forever4.4662
29Laser Raptors4.34115
31Crucial Crucial Taunt Taunt4.3982
32Bitter Valentine4.23551
33Master Shredder4.27210
34Broz Night Out4.32118
35Rum Barrel GBS4.31127
36Double Dry Hopped Dunley Place4.3975
37Never Never Again Again4.5639
38Double Dry Hopped Neutrino4.3398
39Master Master Shredder Shredder4.29132
40Triple Orange Starfish4.4259
41Bringing Sexy Back4.28129
42A Small Town In Ontario4.28124
43Supreme Leader4.27136
44Hard In The Paint4.3572
46Nectar And Knife DIPA4.3668
47Orange Whip IPA4.24168
48We We Ded Ded4.4446
49Step Dad Chaperone4.3373
52Pumpkin Ale4.17530
53Double Dry Hopped Master of Karate4.5135
54Cocoa Mapalm4.3951
55Johann Buys A Broat4.3174
56Fruitbasket IPA4.21161
57Champion Of The Sun4.25103
59Dark Hollow Reserve: Concealed Darkness4.4439
60Eternal Eternal Shredder Shredder4.3750
61Grand Larceny4.2594
62Secret Admirer4.24101
63Double Dry Hopped Orange Starfish4.4536
64Crucial Crucial Aunt Aunt4.2587
65Eternal Shredder4.2871
66Berliner Weisse With Passion Fruit And Mango4.3256
67Personvl Spvce4.2860
68Mouth Hug4.2380
70Broz Broz Night Night4.3444
71Fake Love4.2761
72Lord Lord Shredder Shredder4.2377
74Crucial Aunt4.351
75Single Brothers4.2856
76Battle Creek4.3638
77Sleeping Forever4.2368
78Batchelors Delight4.2178
79Heir Apparent4.14156
80The Passion Of Johann4.2462
81Exesus Sanctum4.281
82The Implication4.2849
83Extra Credit (Triple Dry Hopped)4.3241
84Petty Larceny4.2652
85Green Dreams4.3535
86Bourbon-Barrel Aged Imperial Pumpkin Ale4.4625
873 Scoops: Passionfruit, Lemonade, Mango4.4327
88Dark Hollow4.2649
89Lord Shredder4.2649
90Bourbon Barrel Biggie S'Mores4.2165
93Double Tapped Double IPA4.7913
94Hug The Despot4.2354
95Dirt Brothers4.2744
96Lover's Greed4.12140
97Awaken The Despot4.2254
98Clever Girl4.1869
99Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Hallow4.1496
100Choosy Mother Peanut Butter Oatmeal Porter4.1773