Top Rated Beers: English Porter

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Top Rated Beers: English Porter
    Score Ratings
1Fuller's London Porter4.192,699
2Old Engine Oil Engineer's Reserve Blackest Ale4.22331
3Taddy Porter4.173,125
4Death By Coconut4.171,926
5Short's Publican Porter (Imperial London Porter)4.21311
7Mayflower Porter4.17752
8Old Engine Oil Black Ale4.141,771
9Nøgne Ø / Terrapin Imperial Rye Porter4.16211
10Pro-Am Porter4.21102
11Naval College Old Porter4.16119
12Chocolate Hazelnut Porter4.345
14Blackstone Porter4.08110
15London Porter4460
16Black Duck Porter4.01229
17General Washington's Tavern Porter (Bourbon Barrel Aged)4.0883
19Brown's Whiskey Porter4.04111
20Stranger Than Fiction4188
21Monkey Butter4.1439
22Peck's Porter4.0459
23Graveyard Fields Blueberry Coffee Porter4.0748
24Genesee Salted Caramel Chocolate Porter3.96146
25Export India Porter3.9992
26Arcadia London Porter3.91446
29Uniontown Porter3.89379
30Midnight Sun3.91161
31Chapter LXXIV: Taming The Devil's Companion3.9667
32Entire Butt English Porter3.89231
33Deep Six3.89199
34Master Thief3.9472
36Orkney Porter4.1222
37People's Porter3.86868
38Hambleton Nightmare (Extra Stout Porter)3.9277
40Blue Mountain Imperial Porter4.1319
41The Disaster At Meux4.1319
42Extra Porter (Guatemalan Coffee)4.0823
43Working Man's Porter3.9101
44Honey Porter3.9177
45Batch #1 Porter3.9452
46St. Peter's Old-Style Porter3.85614
48White Birch Our Humble Porter3.9640
49Green Man Porter3.85356
50Propeller London Style Porter3.88102
51Duke Of Winship3.86173
52...Zest Please3.9733
53Three Bandits4.2810
54Big Chimney's Porter3.9439
55General Washington's Tavern Porter3.83793
56Original Flag Porter3.84274
57Matt Porter4.2510
581872 Porter4.115
59Titanic Plum Porter3.9630
60Shipyard Longfellow Winter Ale3.84195
61Cocoa Wonderland3.9434
62Oppigårds Porter4.0716
63Bourbon Barrel Porter3.8863
64City Porter3.9923
65AMA Mora3.9923
66Rubus Black Blackberry Imperial Porter3.943
67Sly Rye Porter3.82308
68West Indies Porter3.82240
69Old Growler3.82197
70Oppigårds Starkporter4.0514
71Yorkshire Blackout4.1410
72Dark Arts3.934
73Oat Porter3.9424
74London Porter3.9522
75Long Route Peanut Butter Porter3.8840
76Busted Knuckle Ale3.82135
77White Horse Porter3.8740
79Salted Caramel Porter3.9420
80Harveys Tom Paine Original Old Porter3.8736
81Pigs Ass Porter3.81131
82Panther Hollow Vanilla Porter3.8732
83Liberty One3.9814
84Black Nun Imperial Porter3.9121
85Gilpin Black Gold3.8730
88Black Oak Porter3.9218
89Knockmealdown Porter3.8631
9010w Porter3.8349
91Blacksmith Smoked Porter3.8349
92Cygnus X-13.79212
93Bully! Porter3.781,155
94Winter Porter3.8630
96Antsy Prole3.9812
97Coffee Porter3.78617
98Shoo-Fly Pie Porter3.79157
99De-Lovely Porter3.8627
100Railway Porter3.8723